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Dominator Agenda - July 2017

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Dominator Agenda
Written by Pavithra LH @

Moving out of Dominator thinking to co-creator thinking is a choice that we all have to make if we are to be free from anti life matrixes.
The imbalance of male and female is coming up to be witnessed as we look at the anti-life dominator model that has been used to control this planet for the last thousands of years. It seems to have been introduced around 5000 years ago. According to the scholars, this was the time we began to move out of being the co-creators or being partners with the mother nature and the female energy, the mother.

This seems to be a foreign concept that has gotten inside the consciousness of us and this planetary system. An unnatural way of life that is within the natural order. Unnatural way against nature. Against everything that is living.

What is dominator and dominated model?
It is where we put the others under our control; we hold power over them and control them through whatever the means. This can be through force, fear, guilt, shame, lies and other modes of manipulation to bring down or put the other below us. With this, there is a victim and a victimizer that controls the victim. They are both stuck in this mode where both are experiencing pain. Most of the time the female energy, the mother is the one that is being suppressed, controlled and dominated by the male. With this, both male and female energies are distorted as they are not experiencing their natural balance.

What about the co-creative model?
The spirit that lives within us, use another way to live by asking us to surrender and allow the spirit to express through us, with total surrender and trust. There is no impatience and there is no desire to control. There is no power over anything period. The desire to have power over another is the fear based dominator model but the co-creator seeks to co-create. It seeks to give life, give power, share power and work in a partnership where there is mutual respect and trust instead of fear. This is where we work to sustain life, illuminate life. Main idea is respect and equality with everything. As we mentioned before, the power is shared with each other. Male and female are treated equally with respect. There is no victims or victimizers. Both desire give instead of take.

Although we have been moving out of this anti life paradigm for a long time, as we grow in awareness of what has been going on, with or without our awareness. Still larger amount of the planet is under its influence and most are not aware of it.

Most can't believe it
When we talk about dominator and dominated concept and its representative archetypes on earth, some of us can't comprehend the enormity of the effect this has on the planet. Most can't believe that there is another way of living as we have been living this way for a long time. Our ancestors over the last thousands of year have lived or forced to live this way of life. So they don't know any other way of living other than be part of this distortion. But the good news is, without us knowing we have been moving out of this for a long time.

Is violence, war, causing pain and fear over others is our human nature? Or do we have the capacity to have a higher calling, a higher consciousness where we are loving caring humans? Have we been tricked or forced long time ago to learn this behaviour of domination? If we have learned then we can unlearn it too.

We see it every where
When we look, we can see this playing around and within us. This is the tyranny of the distorted male. Also, it is part of the ego. Ego always sees the other as enemy, that needs to be controlled. The desire to dominate and control, the desire to see other as enemy is every were. We see this with military, organizations, politics, within counties, races and also with us. With the dominator thinking, we hold power over others, and we take what we want. There is no give and take but only take. There is a winner and there is a loser. The resources that we take are in-equally distributed. The ones on the top of the pyramid decide who gets what. Only the ones that are favoured get the most and the rest get the crumbs. This is top down ranking and the ones above control the ones below. This is a slavery. Haves and have not's are created through the dominator model. The takers take everything from everyone and nature. They sucks the life force out of nature and this planet. We can see the effects of this already all around the world. From over worked workers to nature that is depleting.

Balance has been broken
The sacred balance between male and female has been broken and one half is being dominated and controlled by the other half. They are now playing the dominator dominated roles. Each becoming the victim and the victimizer of each other. This is going on throughout the whole planet in many different ways and levels. The divine partnership between the male and female has been effected in so many ways, now they are not even aware that they can have a relationship that hold equality.

There are both males and females that play dominator role but most of the times dominator is a male. There are many ideas and misinformation that has been fed to the male psyche over thousands of years so the male is not aware of what they are doing. They don't see the female as someone that is equal to them. Their view is to use the female as an object to be used for their needs. This age old thinking and programming is deep within the males and they are unconsciously participating with dominator roles. Also, if they can't dominate they will manipulate, sabotage and find ways to suppress the female. Most of it is unconscious.

Females too are in the same state where they think, their role is to serve the male. Over time this idea has been challenged in many levels and there is lot of progress within many of us but still, we see the dominator and dominated role we play in many areas including our intimate relationships.

Some History
The scholars are attempting to understand when and how this dominator model was introduced. Where did it come from? Was it in the planet before and then begnn to spread across or is it something foreign, alien?

It seems to be a difficult task but some of them have found some clues. The indo Europeans or the Krugans as the scholars called believed to be originated from the area near Caspian sea called kirghiz steppes what is now the soviet union or Russia. From the archaeological findings, there seems to be 3 waves of incursions to Europe and middle east. First around 4300-4200 BCE, second around 3400-3200 BCE and the last around 3000-2800 BCE. These horse riding warriors believed to be the ones that brought their dominator mentality and their war god worshipping with them. They were good with weapons and used them to destroy and dominate other cultures.

Also, they killed men and kept women for themselves as slaves or concubines; their way of life seem to keep women as subservient to them. With this, there was a hybridization that happened. This warring race also had this obsessive preoccupation with death. Instead of the life giving goddess mother principle that is part of the nature and us, now a new war loving father god that takes life away was introduced through them. The 'life giver' has being replaced by the 'taker'. As the desire to dominate and control the lesser races as they believed, the life giving mother worshipping was forcefully replaced by the death giving war like father figure. According to the research, these warriors have dominated most of the old Europe so the concept of domination might have spread through them all over the Europe, middle east and other areas.
Also with the hybridisation that happened during this time, most children that came out of this must have gotten used to the dominator thinking and way of life. Also, the archaeological findings of burial mounds of the chieftains of these invaders include children, wives, and animal as part of the burial. So it seems they wanted to 'take' all they posses to afterlife as well.  Blood lines that came from these areas will have a hard time getting rid of this model from them.

David Icke also talks about the people that came through the star gate around Caucus mountains of Russia. Even though the dominator model has been spread across the planet, the people of these areas might have more of an ancestral inheritance of dominator thinking than others as they might be the first to went through the hybridization.

The next wave of major female domination came from the Church. The "unholy" alliance of the Christian male believers with the Roman leaders that led to a creation of a new religion. Romans desire to dominate and control and the misunderstood beliefs of the Christian male believes must have been part of the addition as they edited the original teachings of Jesus to match their agendas. This religion became the official authority and the leaders used authority and force to make the non-believers believe the word of a father god. The original Christos teachings that talked about equality between male and female, partnership, love and also our connection to mother earth was all being replaced with male dominator agendas. The New Testament and the Bible that we know was created and edited continuously to match this male dominator anti-life agenda. Church begin to destroy all the scriptures and the people who knew of the original teachings of the Jesus. Read Gnostic Gospel to see how different those beliefs are to Bible and New Testament writings.

Female principle was crushed during this time as the church began to create their own way of a religion according male dominator thinking. Those females who knew of the old way of healing and who had the connection to mother earth was called witches and were burned. According to scholars, there were millions of females that were tortured and burned during this time.

The norm that man is created in God's image, we must have dominion over all of the creatures (genesis 1:26?) Is one among many disturbing yet misunderstood concepts that have been entered in to our minds for thousands of years. Instead of co-crating with all the creatures of creation, instead of supporting and sustaining life or be their guardians, we have become dominators of life. Having huge biological capabilities we must be the positive force that influence them instead of using the power to control or destroy.

This and many other concepts like women are lower than men and must be controlled or they are sinners, etc have been inserted into many religious and other socially accepted mediums. We have been tricked to believe that the dominator is our role rather than the co-creator or partner of the nature and women. Apparently, the black veil represent shame. So the Muslim females who are wearing black veil and covering their whole body with black represent shame for those females but most of us are not aware of this.

In biblical stories, we hear during the incursion of canaans by the worshippers of god. The god ordered them to slaughter all the inhabitants of the conquered cities except virgins. A religion that preaches love your neighbour, thou shall not kill and also sex is wrong have stories that is contradictory to its teachings. In this case, the god seems to have ordered to kill people and take the virgins for the men the purpose of sex.

Also, does this sound like the "prostitute" Mary Magdalene Church talk about or someone else? --- "the companion of the [Savior is] Mary Magdalene. [But Christ loved] her more than [all] the disciples, and used to kiss her [often] on her [mouth]. The rest of [the disciples were offended] . . . They said to him, "Why do you love her more than all of us?" The Savior answered and said to them, "Why do I not love you as (I love) her?" ---

There is a huge fear and hate towards the mother principle. What is so feared, misunderstood has been suppressed, destroyed, dominated by the distorted male representation. This is also the ego in action. Its fear over eternal spirit is huge; it wants to control what is living, the living life in everything.

Domination is dark and demonic and it is a sickness that has taken control of all of us. And has been destroying us for thousands of years.

We can see many religions that have taken the female or the goddess out of their religious writings. This seems to have been done purposely by the male dominated representatives of those religions. Some religions don't allow females to enter their place of worship, or they are not allowed to read the scriptures, or they are treated as sinful or unclean. Basically, the female representation was moved out. The concept of mother and father as the god and goddess was completely gone from many religions. We can only read about them on some of the old writings that were not edited after they were discovered.

Domination in action
We have to get out of being "takers" and become "givers"; be the givers of love, kindness, support etc. The dominator is a taker, it takes everything by whatever the means necessary. All those conquests and colonisations are all about forcing, controlling, dominating and taking. The adventure to find new worlds might have been the goal of sea captains but it was not just to meet and learn about cultures. What came next was the desire to conquer those worlds; take their resources and make them slaves to their kings, queens and their countries back home. Also through manipulation or by force converting them to new rules and regulations of the new owners; so they can be easily controlled. During that time, those non-believers were forced to be the believers of a new religion. All earth based healing modalities were shunned and also the mother connections were shunned or rejected and forced out of people's minds. This way of thinking and doing has destroyed most of the indigenous cultures around the world. As the way of life was distorted most of these nations are still struggling to survive and find balance.

Relationships in dominator model
As we look closely, we see both male and female energies that have been distorted and they are both struggling to bring balance to their relationships while unconsciously controlled by the dominator model. Till they realize that there is another way for their relationships to heal, they will continually blame each other for what's going on with them.

Thousands of years old ancestral programming is making a mess and they must see this or they will suffer. The divine partnership or the co-creator model that is part of the natural creation allows us to look at relationships in a more supportive way. To learn to treat each other with love and respect. Bringing in equality to the picture where there is no desire to control other, no need to have power over other person, will bring in trust, respect and mutual understanding between each other.

As the old programming and scripts being understood, witnessed and removed both can free from the distortions that they had since childhood. Understanding both dominator and co-creator model and keeping an eye on our thinking and actions, we all can work together to continue our journey of healing each other where the balance between the male and female can be restored within and with each others. For a couple, this is the restoration of the sacred marriage between the male and female.

The dominator is a taker and will continue to take without care for the repercussions. But a giver is someone who cares about the creation and everyone in it. When we move in to the space of giving, we are in the service of the spirit, service of the creation and creator. We have moved to being co-creator of the creation. If we give a little and expect more, then that is not really giving because our intention is to take. When we can't force, then we move in to take buy giving a little. This is the win lose scenario, this is part of the dominator thinking as it wants to trick the person in to giving. The true giving is simply to give out of love, care, desire to illuminate, desire to lift the other. When we do that, if the other feels like giving the same way then it becomes a win-win situation. But even if the other does not give, you are still participating with eternal spirit in service of the creation.

Ego is in support of the dominator model
Ego is the representation of darkness, which allows the ignorance, the darkness to come through us if we are not cautious enough. We must learn to see the truth, so the light shall come through us and illuminate our paths.

Ego is always in fear and seeks to control others. It does not matter to ego if you are a male or female, all it want is to have power over the other. When we allow this model of domination and dominated thinking, we also hurt the inner male and female within and brake the balance. So if the person thinks that when they are the dominator and that they have power over others, which makes them the winners. But they are not really winning; energetically the more unbalanced they are the more unstable they are within and that gets manifested in their outer world in many ways. Also the more we give in to the ego the more we lose our connection to our eternal spirit, our soul.

As we begin to relate to each other, sometimes we can see that the other does not respond to kindness, respect, quality or mutual understanding but to dominator way of relating only. This becomes a challenge in relationship as the only form of respond, communication that the other understand is the dominator form of relations. For some its always manipulation, others the guilt and crying, while for some its yelling or fear based communication or actions. This is sad to see but this is how we all have been programmed to live since our childhood and this goes for our parents and grandparents too.

It's time we see and understand the dominator model and its form of response with us and others around us. So when they do the dominator role we can see it right away without getting taken over by them. When this happens, consciously make an effort to move in to the partnership or the co-creator model of living. At the beginning it is a challenge as the other person is so adamant at controlling the relationship to their advantage.

We must understand and learn to see this anti-christic, anti-life, dominator agenda within everything. In religious teachings, fairy tales and myths, politics, countries and their foreign policies, organizations and companies we work, news and media, TV and movies, popular music, writings, books and also our relationships with each others. If we do, we can avoid being used by the dark for their dominator and hybridization agenda for us and this planet.

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Misunderstood concepts

Another look at Religion - January 2017

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Another look at Religion - January 2017
written by Pavithra LH @

When we look at anything in this world that was built by man, we see the influence of ego and the mess that it has created. This goes same for religion. This attempt is to take another look at religion to see how it is effecting us and where we have let ego manipulate us in to believe in falsehoods. We must use discernment and be the compassionate witness in these cases as there are lot of people with good intentions who are trapped in these falsehoods. Plus our attempt is to understand, witness and be the observer, not the judge.

When we look at something which is based on our cultural, social and other believes, most times this perspective or the view that we hold is incorrect; so what we understand and believe is incorrect. Then the thought forms we create are incorrect and false. This is how the outer shell of most of the religion is created; it is based on incorrect, misunderstood, distorted views, ideas, concepts, perspectives. All this is and the priesthood and the people who believe it consist the falseness, the artificiality of the religion.

This is what we see when we enter religion seeking spiritual guidance and teachings. The ego created false reality posing as the real thing is what we get with some icing on it. If there is any truth, that is buried and hidden within the artificiality. We feel the truth but it is hard to find. That is why it is difficult to find truth within religion as everywhere we turn there are questionable information or behaviours. We have to be on guard and use discernment, learn to listen to our hearts to compare notes with to see what is in alignment to us and what is not. Some find it very hard to go forward with their spiritual advancements within certain religions as the teachings does not give them proper guidance. They say it is hard to find truth in the teachings or it takes a lot of time to find it as it is covered up with distortions or so much information Meanwhile others use inner guidance and whatever they find along the way to forge a new path for them as the path already made by the religion seems to be blocked or not travelable anymore.

What is Dharma?

Dharma is the teachings of how the natural laws works in creation. One who live aligned to Dharma or teachings are protected by what they live by as they are in alignment to the natural laws and nature. Some even begin to look in to the nature to see guidance as it is living alignment to natural laws. They say nature is their religion.

He who protects/live aligned to the Dharma is protected by Dharma - Buddha

One who lives aligned to the natural creational laws are protected by the natural laws. The Dharma or teachings that are in alignment to the natural laws or explain how the natural laws work are there to support us.

When we learn and live by these Dharma or teachings then we align ourselves to the creation and its natural laws. These are the laws of one. Creational laws that are there for all beings and all thing. Things work in alignment to these laws in natural creation; these laws explain how the mechanics of creation work. We simply have forgotten what these laws are and live in disharmony of them. When we live in disharmony we cause harm to the creation as well as to ourselves.

The saying says that the ones who protects or in alignment to the Dharma are protected by Dharma. It does not say it is done by any god, deity or entity. It says the Dharma is protecting those who are in align to it. Worshipping any entity or god is not mentioned in here. How can Dharma protect anyone, it simply is a teaching, a bunch of information explaining how to live by? If we try to understand this, in this case Dharma is the explanation of how the laws, the mechanics of the creation works. When we live by them they assist us to be in alignment to the creation and its creational force. It gets us out of the way of living against the creational force and also assist us to be in alignment so the force can take care of us. The result is the creation/creator can protects its children/creation.

The purpose of the creational force is to support the creation in whatever the way it works and protects the creation and its children. That means, to protect us, support us, provide for us, basically take care of us and rest of the creation. When we live aligned to this force, we allow it to do what it meant to do. But when we are against it, then it cannot take care of us. This is when we feel like we are being abandoned, nothing's working for us and all the support seems to be going the other way. When this happens, we have to look and see how we are not living by Dharma and make an attempt to live by them. When we are against this force, the nature, then what we create is artificial, and that takes lot of effort as we are doing something against the force, against the natural flaw. Then we feel that we have to work hard to make things happen. This is the way of the mind and its false self ego. We must learn to see ego's ways and what natural ways are so we can work with natural force, making things easy for us.

It's just like a leaf, it doesn't try to go against the wind, it simply allows the wind to take it where it suppose to go. There seems to be surrender, trust and allowing. Also understanding how the cycles in creations work and how and why it takes time for certain things to change. No big effort is needed by the leaf to travel, it simply allow, by aligning to the laws, meaning be a part of the creation. If the leaf is communicating with the force then it must be asking the force to take it somewhere that is supporting whatever the purpose it suppose to be. From what we can see, there is effortlessness and a purpose to everything; that means this creational force is highly conscious and aware of everything that the creation needs. So being in alignment to it, and allow is what is being ask of us, if we want to live peacefully in this creation.

Masters and their teachings

Many religious teachings were from masters who understood these laws. They leaned and lived by these laws so the creation expressed itself through them effortlessly. With this understanding, they explained what they know to others so they too can live by these laws. Some say they perform miracles. The creation is a miracle itself; if the creation is expressing itself through these masters then they too were used to perform miracles.

These masters gave example in the forms or parables or stories to make the person understand what they meant. Some understood but others did not. These teachings are something that the person must live by and become part of, then only they can really 'know' what these teachings meant. Over time, some of the disciples wrote these teachings down in whatever the way they understood. Some of the teachings are accurate, some are not and the others are somewhat not sure what they meant to a normal person, or misunderstood by many; till they live by these teachings and really understood what the real or the hidden meaning behind them.

Religious institution

Over thousands of years some of these teachings were lost, re-written or misunderstood. Others were distorted by ego driven religious people who were hungry for power and control. They use these teachings for their advantage and built religious institutions using these teachings as part of their business expansions, so they can control people and have power over them. Over time, many begun to follow these teachings and became part of these well organized institutions who controlled countries, government and the people in the name of the god.

Thousands of years ago, they falsely claimed the ownership of god and god teachings through force and manipulation. Reaching god must be only done by these leaders who said they understood the teachings and forced or tricked people to believe them as the intermediary between god and the people. Of cause there are so many who genuinely wanted to help people and they did their best to teach them what they have learned also they did their best to keep the purity of the teachings / Dharma safe for the future generations. But the business people did not like this idea, so there were many times where these people where accused of going against god. So they manipulated governing leaders to get rid of these people who protected the purity of these teachings. As we can understand with all these ego driven desire for control and power of these people, over the thousands of years the teachings have been distorted or misunderstood. Now what we have is bits and pieces of purity within certain religion and on the others, there's too much information and misinformation the real teachings are buried within them.

Having power over others

Religious institutions do their best to keep themselves and their religion going. Some groups have genuine interest to support the teachings while others are ego driven and wanted to keep the institute going for their own negative, ego driven agendas. Those who wants to keep the teachings safe use the means of having many become monks or priest and teach them what they know. For others business must exist so they can live as a class of superior beings who have control and power over others. They too do their best to expand the religion; they use many means. This has been going on for thousands of years.

Power over people were taken thousands of years ago by force or using ignorance of people through fear tactics. Some religions, it's done through blind faith, un-questionable obedience. Words like sacred and holy are used to the maximum in these cases as some don't even raise their heads to look at a monk or a priest. It is like some hidden law that they don't understand. Some are scared of these intermediaries while others hold too much respect. Some actions they perform show this very well, for example: In Sri Lanka, when offering food for monks, food is not tasted before giving to these monks saying that is not good to give it to holy beings after consuming. There is such a level of respect, trust, belief that is placed on these priest or monks as the keepers of these teachings.

Faith and trust that blinds them

Some of these monks or priests truly care for the teachings but other are not. As the people have unquestionable faith and trust, they don't see the distortions and ego driven control agendas of some of these leaders. If what they teach is tainted people don't see it because of this blind faith. Of cause there is also fear of being ridiculed and ostracized by the society, if they see the distortions and speak against. There is a huge level of fear over seeing or witnessing something untrue in teachings and living against or not living according to these distortions. Some are scared that something might happen to them if they don't follow. Also if there is a god in that religion then they are scared to not worship them as they are scared of being punished. The word sovereignty of the person and their freedom to think as an sovereign being and live according to their truth is completely gone when it comes to religion. Also seeing this madness there are some who have broken free from these well organized businesses.

There is a belief, a strong thinking that expect the person to believe, respect and keep the institution, its teachings and the teachers or the middle men. They say all of these must be protected without seeing the distortions as that is the way to keep this going. There is a point to them but we must see the ego desire in it too. Is trust and believe and follow it no matter what the person see is useful to us? This must have been the case when the true teachings were taught, long time ago where all that was sacred, holy and was revered by all. There must have been no question to see any distortions in that philosophy, and priest that followed it at that time.

But at this moment, the ego driven institutions that wants power, expansion and money, and the priests who want ego driven life styles who have greed, anger, hatred and crave power over others and also the distorted teachings that must be followed in order to reach enlightenment? hmmm... According to some there is no other way around in reaching enlightenment, the religion must be followed. Can you do this? Can anyone follow blindly and have true sovereignty for themselves?

I don't suggest we destroy the institution or go against and harm them because we see distortion in it. Many religions still hold true teachings within them, as we have gathered truth and learned lessons, others too must have the opportunity to gather what they need while we can simply find our own path. With time, hopefully, everyone will come to see the truth and the need for these well organized business institutions will simply cease to exist as there is no need for them.

What is worshipping meant to you?

Wikipedia says:
Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity. An act of worship may be performed individually, in an informal or formal group, or by a designated leader

The word is derived from the Old English weorþscipe, meaning worship, honour shown to an object,[1] which has been etymologised as "worthiness or worth-ship"—to give, at its simplest, worth to something.

Worship means to some is to show adoration, gratitude for the teacher and their teachings while others use those moments to affirm their practice in front of their favourite deity. But there is another faction that pray to god to get something done, this is where the false gods get us. With these gods the person must worship their god to receive assistance, guidance and protection in order to ascend. But most of these gods are dead ones, phantoms or manipulative beings from other dimensions or worlds. They wants worshipping so they can have power over the person and can own the person or whatever the life force of the person for whatever the exchange that they give in return.

We are not even aware of the karmic exhaust and superimpositions they do. They put their exhaust/waste and karma upon us and expect us to clean them. Most of us have not even heard of this being done to us and yet we are all being subject to this torture, some are more than others. And the biggest disadvantage we have is we don't know what's happening upstairs when we worship them or not.

Even when we don't worship them when we are attempting to be free from their ancestral groups, they don't like it. These beings break natural laws and believe they can get away with it. So far, many have escaped it but I guess the time is catching up to them very fast where they too must obey natural laws. Laws of cause and effect is the biggest one that is catching up to them. If we are aligned to the natural laws then we can ask our teams and forces that are in alignment to natural laws to assist us to uphold specially the laws of cause and effect and these karma and exhaust be return to the rightful owners.

In Buddhist teachings, Buddha have mentioned to stop worshipping gods, yet they have turned around and are worshipping him and over time many other gods have been added to the religion as supporters or protectors of Buddhism. Buddha was simply a messenger, a representative of the natural creation who brought us those teachings/philosophies; to think about and live by in alignment to the natural laws, that is what the Dharma is all about. We can cease worshipping, giving our power away to dead beings/gods who falsely represent the true creation/creator/creational force. The creation and the creational force is what we need to pay attention to and work with.

How do you know if you are working or worshipping a being of light?

It is common for humans to worship external beings. Here in Asia, especially in Sri Lanka where I live at the moment, it is something that has been going on for a long time. People don't seems to understand what they are doing. They go to the temple and worship Buddha or their favourite deity according to their religious beliefs which they believe represent the light and then they go to another place and worship someone else who we can clearly see representing the dark.

They just want these beings to get something done for them, whether these entities are dark or light is not in their mind-set at that moment. The fact that worshiping dark don't seems to come to their mind or they are completely ignorant of that matter. They call these beings as gods( Deviyo); for them the dark entity who pose as a god is a good guy who gets them what they want. if someone is working for the dark, it is common sense for most of us to see this by their actions. For example if you go and pray for some god or deva and ask them to hurt someone or take something away from them or do something against the other persons will and get them done through this entity. Then this being is performing a dark deed in order to get something from this human. These are all things that we normally see as negative or dark actions. That entity is not really working for the light. Light beings do not hurt others in any manner or ask for anything be killed in their name. And the other thing is they do not possess you or jump in to your body and try to take you over.

Also they do not force you to be one of their subjects. Anyone who is terrorizing us do not deserve our worship, they are of the dark. Any entity that comes through a human, in a manner of channel, trance, possessions, or forced the human to let them in and do harm to others or channel lies to manipulate others to get them to worship them is not of the light. Normally this is common sense with humans when it comes to normal things in their life..Meaning any human that trick people, hurt people and get others to do what they want is not truly there to help them. This is the same case with any other being that come from other realms and trick us to worship them. With this simple explanation we can identify any diety, god(deviyo) or deva who is working for the dark. Also we can see the darkness within us when we go and ask a being to hurt another.


We say we want Nirvana, we want to be free from this karmic cycle, so we follow some religion that has been handed down to us by our parents or ancestors without asking questions. The notion we go with is that the religion and the deity we believe to be of the light and their teachings are of the light. If this was handed down to us then we have a choice to see if this religion teaches us something of the light or something of the dark. If any religion or their representative on earth that ask us to kill in the name of their god or clean the unbelievers from this planet might not be someone that we must blindly follow. We are intelligent beings and here is where we have a choice. Choose to follow what the others have been handed down to us or really choose a teaching that is support to us, that would truly assist us with our freedom from Samsara.

If we are so ignorant and are working with the light today and the next day worshipping the dark, where do you think we end up in. Do you think the dark beings that get us what we want is giving them to us for free. When they throw us a bone, in exchange on the other multidimensional realm they have already taken a whole lot of out of our soul or Athma or spirit. And probably have made us one of their henchmen to get their agendas fulfill on earth. We have unknowingly are supporting the dark while attempting to free from dark. Paradoxical thinking eh?

Lying to yourself

While worshipping this dark entity, telling yourself this entity is a god does not make it a light being. Also building a huge temple or having a Buddhist statue next to your Devala where you worship the dark entity does not make you a light being. It is the actions that we perform show us where our alliance is. Same goes with giving away money and other things to temples or people while making that money from dark activities. These actions are simply there to cover up the dark deed in your mind but they don't truly cover up the truth, you simply are lying to yourself and others.

If we want to be free from this trickery then we have to let go of greed, desire to manipulate others and also get rid of the desire to get things done for free from dark deities and entities that roam around trying to find someone to feed on. Make a choice to be in the light and of the light, a true representative of light. You have power, ability to manifest what you want. You came from the same source that this creation was made. You are one of the light beings. Stop giving in to your ego to get things done for free.

Another thing we also need to understand is we don't need to worship any being outside of ourselves as we all came from the same source and we are all same. So worshipping something external means you are saying to yourself that you are not part of that source you came from and you are lesser. When we make our self unworthy and let other dark entities be our masters how can we be free?

ධර්ම ධානය ලොව උතුම්ම ධානයයි

Moment to moment - December 2016

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Moment to moment - December 2016
written by Pavithra LH @

Living moment to moment, trusting moment to moment, being grateful for each moment is something that is quiet hard for us to understand, grasp or live by. But it seems to be the only way to be free from the mind made false self of ego and its continuous assault of fear and complaining. It's never satisfied with what it has and never will. Fear, lack and limitation and most of all the emptiness it holds within is too much for it to deal with. It is a empty shell, a thought at form at one point that is attempting to live through us. The feeling of separation that it holds is too much for it to deal with.

The whole ideas of us being separate from the whole creation and be a separate entity without any connection to the source that we came from is something that is hidden within us and it is the cause of the continues existence and gradual expansion of ego, the false self. Deeper we go in to being free from this false thinking, we realize that there is a hug emptiness and a core level of fear that stems from it that keep us continue to think on same patterns. Though it seems different, it all comes from survival thinking. It is a psychological trap. The only way to free from it is to face it and see it for what it is. It is a lie. A psychological trickery.

We must come to the realization and knowingness that we are one with everything. There is no separation and when aligned with creation, we are being taken care of. So the survival mentality is something foreign that is cooked up by ego and its false reality which most of us are part of. We are the creator and the creation. We came from the same place where this universe, the starts, the trees and everything else came from and there is no separation between them. Also, they seem to exist harmoniously and are being taken care of by an unseen force. Then also, we somehow other have a feeling that these things are all interconnected to a nicely woven system that we are not able to see but surely exists in many multidimensional levels and layers. The other side, the formless and this side, the form hold the same intelligence, same consciousness. All of us in the creation and the creation itself is just another form, a change of shape to experience something different.

Knowing this truth, we must find ways to change our perspective on everything. So that we are free from this psychological lie that we believe in. To do that, we have to bring in massive quantities of trust within with the knowing that we are part of this oneness and we are being taken care of by the creation itself when we align to it and its natural laws. We have to pay attention to be align to natural laws otherwise being taken care of only work when we are in alignment to it. That means there is some work needed to be done on our part to change to be part of this which is moving in to our natural state. This must come with a knowingness and a trust which is absolute. There is no other way. This must be true to us no matter how hard or dark it gets,. If it is not working ask where am I not aligning to natural laws.( I have written a bit about natural laws in previous newsletters and blogs)

This is tricky as this false self, ego keeps bringing in fear, survival thinking and so many reasons to show us why it is not the case. It is attempting to change our perspective on things to drag us down. The view it shows us is dark and desperate but if we change our perspective on things that is not the case. That is why I say this is a psychological trickery. Our minds are being poisoned with a lie and we must free from this lie.

Gratitude is the other component that must be there. What it does is, it teaches us to be grateful for what we have, even the tiniest things we have. This is tricky, the ego asks us 'What is there to be grateful of, there is nothing that is pleasing and supporting? and the future seems so hopeless ' I was watching Karate kid IV recently and I remember the old guy saying 'Sun is shining and grass is green'. That is what exactly we have to go with. Here we are born to a creation, and we are breathing, we have a body and there is life. And you are in it and you are it. This, we must be grateful for. Grateful for who we are and our creation. Remember it is the perspective that get us here, so pay attention. You can say 'What you have is not enough and what is there to be grateful of?, there is nothing'. YES that might be true from one perspective, mostly egos distorted perspective but how are you going to face this ego that is fighting you continually and dragging you down with a false reality, a false perspective. Always check to see who is talking in your head? You or ego and who is in charge?

We are being controlled and manipulated with so many false short-lived pleasures, desires, false promises and a false reality from a wrong perspective. It says you are not happy or prosperous with this way of living, so do this or that. The more you believe this lie, the more it becomes your reality. We have already been on that road so many times and it never ends. Every times we give in, false self ego gets bigger and we get smaller. This is the phantom, the false god, its within us. Why worship it and give in to it when we know we are the gods. We are the creation and the creator, so why give in to something false?, something mind made? when we can align to our true self and attract what's naturally ours.

We have to go to the basics and find who we are. What is important to the natural creation? not the distorted illusion that we call my reality, my world. I am talking about the natural creation. We bloomed from it and we must see the beauty of it and also understand the laws and the mechanics of how it runs so we can re-aligned to it. Remember the truth, remember who we are, remember the oneness. So the basics are sun is shining grass is green and you are breathing or whatever that is true to you that is in alignment to natural creation. The natural creation is satisfied with what it has created and is content with it. Though it continually grows it is content with what it has created and is not complaining. Why are we complaining? Why can't we be content with what we have, at least the basics we have? That is the reason ego is in control. There is always something lacking for it but for us we are the creation and everything it is part of us, so nothing must lack unless we are not aligned to realize it. If we can be grateful for what we have then there is content within. From that point we can grow, improve and expend. That seems to be how nature does.

Most times, things don't go the way we want, this is the time we have to pay extra attention to being grateful for everything. And also forgive ourselves for experiencing whatever it is at that moment. Forgive ourselves and everyone else that is part of the life situation we are in. We must let go of victim-hood. We have to be truly grateful that we are breathing, we are alive and there is life force running through our bodies etc. Then look around us, there probably is a some form of shelter, a place to live, some stuff that is needed to take care of us; however minuscule that may be to our mind and ego, there is something here at this moment that is taking care of us. These are the things that we must first be grateful of at this moment. Then, we can expand this thinking to everything that we are grateful for. This action builds gratitude within for what we have that was given to us from the creation. Then we can add trust to know that we are being somehow or other taken care of at that moment. Our perspective, how we look at things are extremely important as ego will do its best to show us a different view, to hold a different perspective. But if we are to be free, we must change this perspective and continue to hang to this newly built trust, never letting it go. Moment to moment.

So, at this moment, there is something that is taking care of us, that we must trust and be grateful of. We also must know that what is taking care of is the creation itself, the creational force which we are all part of which is supporting us. The false self, ego is not letting us have what is rightfully ours by fooling us to look away from this truth. It wants our perspective changed to go after short lived pleasures instead of the real ones. The real ones are what we want, they bring us true freedom. False, short lived ones are there today gone tomorrow. And we have no control over them and they are impermanent. With them, we always live with a fear that they might leave us or be taken away by somebody of something.

At first, when we hold this trust, we can do it for this moment only as ego will show us the past and the future and tell us there is no future for us and also we made so many mistakes and look at the past. It's all a mess so do what it says so you can be free. Can you see? This is your false god. It wants you to believe in it and follow it. It gives you escape routes. But those routes are booby trapped as what it wants you to do is fall. Fall from who you are. So it can trap you to be its slave for the rest of your life. Why give in to the false god. Most of the escape routes that it gives you, are there to get you to continue to go after short lived life pleasures without real freedom: there you become a slave to those desires and to your ego. If you really look you can see. It is greedy, cunning, masterful and tactful. And will use anything and anyone to get what it wants, including you. It does not matter what or who it is. It uses everyone and everything to get what it wants. Your pain or someone else's pain is not a problem as it has its goals set on big stuff. Big, fluffy fantasy stuff that never comes true and even if they do they don't last long. Also we must understand, pain and fear are ego emotions not of our true self but ego has convinced us when there is pain it is our pain. So we work so hard to get rid of it, we will do anything ego wants us to do to be in this fantasy world, to be happy. But happiness is a state of mind that means we can change our mind state, our perspective and be happy.

We have to find ways and things that make us happy each moment. We must change our perspective. This is crucial. Our perspective is the key. Most of the times these things that we are grateful of and are happy for are simple things that are freely available to us. Seeing the sun rise, walking on a beach, listening to the sound of waves rushing to the shore, feeling the breeze, playing with animal friends, being alive, having true relationships, a smile etc; are the natural things that we must learn to derive joy from. Those little things and moments are priceless and those are the ones that we must use in every moment to bring us joy, peace and be content with. This is how we change our perspective. When we slow down to experience them, there is joy rising within us that is what we can use as a buffer for egos misery and continues dragging and unhappiness. Egos view on things are not pleasant however bigger the place we are in. That is why I keep reminding myself and to us all, the perspective is what we need to pay attention to and change by moment to moment.

The moment to moment trust give us the confidence to trust this moment and to know that we are being taken care of at this moment and when the next moment arrives something will unfold and we are being taken care of at the moment. This is a big change for us from competitive me against the world, controlling life styles to trusting the creation, spirit, god whatever the label we use. Basically trusting ourselves and what made us. Remember, we must do our best to align to natural laws in order for the laws to take care of us. This way the fear of not being able to be where we want to be and the survival fear are slowly released from our minds as we are attempting to always focus on the now moment and trusting it.

If we are in a place where we don't clearly see how things are going to be for us in the future and our perspective is clouded with fear or we don't like where we are. Remember, one thing is for sure, ego is on the driver seat driving us mad asking us to abandon all hope and wants us to do what it says. It wants us to give our power to it, the false god. We must be extra careful on these moments to live by moment to moment: be present in the now. Bring in massive amounts of trust and trusting the creation and creational force, the spirit right here and right now. If we really look at it. At this moment we have a place to live and food to eat etc. And there is a reason we are here at this moment in time, trust that! This is good enough for you at this moment. Trust this moment. With that trust you can feel and you are safe and alive in this moment. We must learn to trust our guidance and understand the purpose of our existence which is we are here to spiritually evolve. Trust this moment. When the next moment arrives that too will be okay, likewise when the future arrives whatever that need happening will happen at that moment. Look within and seek guidance to know why you are here and what lessons you need to learn to move on. See why you feel the way you feel. If you really feel stuck and there is nothing else to do then be okay with it and simply be.

We must trust this inner knowing and live with it, if we are to be truly free from ego. Otherwise it will give us a list of things that is not good enough in our lives and get us to change our perspective to bring in fear, lack and limitations. If we believe this fallacy then we are trapped in Egos web of lies and have changed our perspective on life situations. Then we feel stuck, unhappy and limited. We feel victimized by an outside force and we have no power in this way of thinking. So we say we must take control, take actions to correct this situation. So we make decisions to do what ego wants. This is how it derails us from our true path to a false path fills with ego driven short lived pleasures and materialistic bliss. This is how ego blinds us and take us away from spirit and its natural guidance system.

But if we can learn to be grateful and trust this natural force then we are more surrendering to life situations instead of fighting them and losing faith in who we are and what we have within and around us. We must always seek to align with natural laws and be part of this force, receiving its guidance to live a life of peace and harmony.

Then we get the question,' What about the things we can change in our life?, how about improvements?' Surrendering and living moment to moment and being grateful for what we have are all there to support us to be align to natural creation at this moment. When we are aligned to the creation and its laws, it will teach us where or what we can improve in our life style, life situation without falling for ego traps. There is always a wiser way to do things by being patient, trusting and allowing the creational force to work through us. Also there is a way to give in to fear and ego and lose patience, and fall for its traps. Choice is ours. There is a cause and effect to every actions we take.

Those who want to plan things ahead and have huge expectations of those plans being fulfilled exactly as they were planed and are not willing to waver from those plans have a hard time with this concept. As they are dead set in achieving what they want and are most of the time controlled by their ego and its desires. They say let me take control of this situation and do as I want. These people are not letting the natural force guide them to a more fulfilling destination as they are not patient enough to listen, yield and be aligned to natural laws. They want things easy way. They are impatient, ego driven and are not willing to pay the price to achieve what they want. There is always a price to pay, meaning there are some things we need to learn and some things we must do to get what we want but ego is impatient and are not willing to wait for the natural creation to happen. It wants to force things and make things happen the way it wants. But nature is patient and has its own plans and lessons. We must learn this if we are to be free of ego traps. You might say, you are crazy this trusting and being patient is not working for me, let's take control of the situation and live the way we want. But who is controlling and forcing the way it wants? Is it you or the ego? Also, if we really look at it, we can't control anything. Its lie we tell ourselves.

There are ups, downs and even sometimes stopping or taking us side ways to teach us life lessons that we need to learn as we take this journey. If we are patient and trusting, ultimately this force take us to our true destination while allowing us to fulfil our purpose here on earth. Those who are not willing to yield to natural force and don't have this understanding and knowing gets hits hard with the rocks of life situations and wonder why this happened to them.

We must understand that we create our own world, our reality from the state of consciousness we are in. If we have a perception of negative view then that is the world we create with separation, fear and survival. But if we have changed our perception to a positive view of the world then that is what we create.

If we are willing, we can be patient and see why we are here at this moment facing certain life situation. Then that way we can learn why we are there and fulfill that purpose or lesson we are there to learn or fulfill, however hard or time consuming that may be. There is always a reason to life situations that we face; we just have to find them and trust and surrender. When we are needed to take actions we are guided, shown what to do and how to do that as well. This way there is an ebb and flow to our journey and we simply become with lots of patient of cause trusting travellers of life's journey.

Even though we have future plans, we must be willing to adjust them so that we can take a true journey with the natural forces. But if we are impatient and controlling then we face a forced, hit hard, painful journey with ego where the destination is not what we want but what it wants. And our purpose in life is not fulfilled. We must learn to understand and align to natural creational force that is within all of us and this creation. To do that we must move in to the space of trusting and living moment to moment.


No Newsletter for September

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Due to family reasons, I have move to Sri Lanka for some time. With too many things happening there won't be a news letter for some time.  Sorry. Pavithra

Roles we play - August 2016

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Roles we play - August 2016
Written by Pavithra LH @

Learning to play roles is one among many things we have learned since we were children. We play roles according to our family, culture, society, creeds that we belong to, the work we do and in many other areas of our life. The amount of roles varies as we grow up; some we drop or grow out of while embracing another then the others we tend to hang on to till we die. Some of them are assigned to us as we grow up, like a child, a student, a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, etc. These roles are there to make things easy for a society to run, a label of a sort to identify our part within the group we are part of.

Ego manipulation in roles

The problem with them is that they are based on societal, cultural and other distorted ways of thinking that have been accumulating throughout the ages. The source for these distortions come from ego and its desire to manipulate things for its advantage. And also, egos desire to identify with things to make it feel it is part of something, that it exists. This makes playing these roles extra difficult as well as painful to us as they are not there to support us and our greater self but to drag us down as we play them without our awareness. Living in this way, we invite more ego distortions to us as these roles create a separation between us and our true self. The other problem that these roles make is that they have somewhat defined rules and boundaries based on so many variables.

Distortion in roles
For example, roles that are defined for a female can be based on culture, society, religion, country, ancestry and family line, etc. Much rules, boundaries, religious super-impositions and MUST DO's are attached to these roles. It says this is how the role must be played. Can a role that was defined in a distorted belief system be aligned to the highest good for that woman in that part of the world, or that country? Most probably not. Especially in countries where patriotism or religious influence do not treat women well. Then those roles become a hindrance to the expression of the female instead of a support.

We can extend this to talk about the females that are forced to wear black clothing and are not allowed to enter their place of worship. Their roles are defined by their culture and religion. They say the women must wear black and their role is to be married and have children and possibly share their husbands with many other females. This is forced onto females in some cultures. Then in other cultures the females are married when they are a very young age and their role again is to be a wife, a mother. If a female is not married or does not have children it is considered shameful. These are all roles that are forced upon them by the culture or the religion that they are part of. Unless you have the ability to break free from them you are a slave to those roles.

If we live a sheltered life we might not understand the pain and difficulty these females go through and the amount of courage that is needed to break free from them. As they are strongly engraved in their psyche and feels like walls. On top of that there is abandonment, shame and guilt and many other mental fear patterns that are all attached to those roles. We have hurt ourselves and our children so much with these distorted roles that has been handed down for centuries. Some might say they are there for the protection of their race, religion or culture, but they are not. They are a form of control against all of us humans wherever they are. It is a form of fear that drags our spirit down. We must bring this awareness to our lives and actions so we can free ourselves from these hidden ego control mechanisms.

We have so many roles like that in this society and most people are scared to step out of them so they are forced to live them while others are eager to play them so that they feel valued and accepted by others. One of the main reasons for this is that they are unaware that they are just playing a role. Many think this is their life. All of these roles have so much garbage attached to them and the women and the men that play these roles do not understand that they have a choice.

“I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become.
If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.”
 – Oprah Winfrey 

Filters that separate us
Roles, identities, sub-personalities, many patterns, programs and belief systems that we have created for ourselves are creating a separation between us and our true self as we embrace these distortions as real. We think they are us. This is like stacked filters that we place in front of our eyes which distort our ability to see clearly. In the same way these roles and other things are a distortion to our mind which inhibit our natural ability to think and express who we are in this matrix.

We are connected to our biological families and their ancestry, the culture and county etc mainly through Incarnate identity and Incarnate matrix. This matrix is the first place most of the distortions come from. On top of that, as we have mentioned above, we have created many other distortions with ego participation since we were born. These roles we play throughout our lifetime is the reason for some of these sub-personalities to arise within us and without us knowing we believe these roles to be who we are. When we do that, they are no longer just temporary things, they become real. They get energy from us and become stronger and begin to have a life of their own within us. They are demanding and manipulating us to do what they want based on the programming that they have. Ego is using all of these to expand itself within us, so it can exist and take control. We can look at all of these things as part of incarnate identity distortions.

As we have mentioned before, we get assigned these roles or we pick them up as we go along and without us knowing we have become these roles. We believe these roles are us, we say this is us and live it, so we get trapped in them and their distortions. The damage that comes from this unconscious living and believing is that without us knowing there are sub-personalities, identities and many other negative things that get created within our multi-dimensional bodies. After a while, we are no longer in control of them. Instead, they are in control of us. They run the show; they are alive to a degree and have taken possession of our bodies and mind.

Group entities
The other danger we face with them is that they are also connected to group fields. They can be connected to family, ancestry, country and planetary collective consciousness fields. These are somewhat like entities with limited conscious awareness based on the distortions of our thinking. There can be family entities, ancestral entities and so on. And on the bigger levels each of them can be connected to planetary level fields and entities. There are also archetypes that have been there for thousands of years that get plugged in to some of these roles at planetary levels. This is where it all gets tricky as now a whole lot of collective fields have an influence on that one role, personality, and identity.

A person might want to drop that role and move on but now what's within them have as a backup; they are connected to the macro of themselves and are receiving downloads and support. This is the reason sometimes people have a hard time letting go of some of the roles and their belief systems that they hold. As these things do not want to be removed and they somehow have an life of their own. These are negative energy fields and entities that don't want to die. So they rebel, they fight back as they are somewhat connected to the main one and through that get support.

Collective effect in the family
An easy example of a collective effect that is so close to us is seeing how our families behave. Sometimes, when we attempt to break free from a pattern or a role, all of a sudden we see one or more of the family members become agitated, defensive and are somehow working to stop what we are doing. They have a legitimate reason for what they are doing, or so they think, but behind the scene they are being used. They have gone unconscious and are being used by their ego and ego fears to do something to thaw our plans. If we persist, they might begin to not like us and act against us. If we are unaware of these effects, we might wonder what is going on?

Self sabotage
At other times we see this happening within us in a form of a self sabotage. There are identities, sub-personalities, and entities within you that are now working to get you to stop what you are doing. So they take you over momentary and get you to think in favour of them, to do something that sabotages your work. Sometimes you wonder what happened? How did what you were doing get blown up like that? Guess what, you have a saboteur in you.

Some of these things can be complex scenarios to understand with so much psychological trickery in between but having an overall understanding of these things can be very helpful to us as we go about dismantling them. Also remembering not to get so overwhelmed and be scared of them is a big thing. As we don't want to give them too much energy or power by believing them to be something bigger than what they are. We just have to be aware of them without paying too much attention to them. They are simply mind-created stuff and by understanding, witnessing and not giving in to them we can be free of them. Awareness of them is the key. What was hidden now is being revealed. As long as they are hidden from our awareness they have power over us but as we begin to be aware of them, as we bring the light through, they begin to fade away.

Ancestral work
If you are working on ancestral clearing or on genetic path cutting work then you can really feel the effects of family and ancestral collective entities at work. As your biological families and ancestral collectives are not going to like what you are doing and they will use the unconsciousness of the biological family members to create a lot of trouble for you. Most of the times, without their conscious awareness, your biological family member will have their own ego controlled agendas when it comes to you. Like fear of losing you, losing control over you or your love, etc. Most of them are ego fears that are hidden from their conscious awareness. These are the ones that get manipulated to create havoc in your life. If we are not aware of them then we can take these sabotaging acts quiet personally. The biological family members of course are taking everything personally as they are not aware of what's going on and their ego and ego agendas are what's running the show for them.

Many roles
As we have mentioned earlier, many of us live so many roles throughout our life; roles like, mother, father, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather and then it extents to other relationships we hold. Then we expand out to the world and play roles based on our belief systems and what we do. Like the things we do as our employment is the next big role or roles we play in our life. Also, we play other roles without us understanding; this could be the nationality, political party, religion, certain affiliations to groups and roles that comes with them etc. As we grow up, we also play roles based on our age and the activities we participate in.

Roles are temporary
If we don't understand that we are just playing a temporary role based on the task at hand instead of taking it so personally and believing that the role is who we are. Then we lock these roles into us by creating personalities and identities through them. Then they become another layer that covers our true self, our authenticity, our true nature of who we are. This hinders us from truly experiencing life as well as expressing our true self as these roles are in our way. We forget who we are inside, where we came from and what our true purpose is here when we believe these roles to be who we are. The other danger is that we unknowingly take these roles to be our purpose in life. For most people, there is nothing else to do other than to fill these roles throughout their whole life. Then whatever these roles are built upon, be it a belief system, distorted concepts and thought patterns, obligations, and societal rigidity becomes part of their life. Ego loves these roles as it can use them for its advantage, for its existence and expansion.

How we hold on to roles and how they abandon
We simultaneously play many roles, some are stronger than others and are more prominent in our minds. For example: if it is a mother or father role then the person who plays it believes it to be their life. So they will live this role till they die forgetting that at one point they need to let it go or at least partially let go of this role and let the children grow up. But the person who plays this role doesn't understand this concept at all as they have believed and lived this role to a such an extent that they think this is who they are. So they try to change and influence the life of their children even when they are at ages 30, 40 or even 50. They don't want to let this go because without this role they are lost. Some even ask, what am I to do now that all the children have left the nest? They feel that they have been somewhat abandoned by their children as they can't play the mother or the father role like they use to.

From one point of view, it is not that the children have abandoned them but the roles have abandoned them. But they are not aware of these roles as 'roles'; they believe them to be who they are. I am a mother or I am a father, they say. They would ask, How can I let go of being a mother, or father? This is who I am. But is that so?

We are simply believing in an psychological image that we have built for ourselves and we live in it giving it life and becoming it. But it is another frame on our mind that is all. Nothing more. Of course, the mind has created a sub-personality and an energy form for this image in our multi-dimensional bodies but that is not who we truly are. What we see is a temporary image built by the mind; a false image or a self.

But the person who is living this psychological lie doesn't understand this. They believe this to be true for them so they fight to keep it. There is fear. They are scared to let go or the correct expression is their ego is scared to let go, so they use what they know to keep the children with them as much as they can.

This is when they use ego manipulation tricks. Guilt tripping, blaming, doing things so the children are dependent on them or the classic poor me or victimization to get their attention. Some parents unconsciously manipulate their children so they can still be part of their life without knowing they are sabotaging their child's future.

This example is about parents who are not aware that they are just playing a role. But this is just one role we play among many. We all heard of or have experienced people who play some roles more than others. For example a person might take the role of their job as the most important thing in their life and live it. So when they come home they are still the lawyer, the teacher, the accountant, the business man etc. They act like that with their family members and treat them as such, completely forgetting who they are. In this case they have lesser priority for their other role as a parent or partner. If we are not aware that what we are doing at work is simply performing a task, filling a temporary role that has been asked of us then we take that role to be us. This is the case with the lawyer, the teacher or the business man who negotiates something with their children or partner. In some cases others around them ask them to remember who they are but what they are asking them is to remember is their other role not who they really are. Now we can see, how important for us to remember who we are and be aware of these temporary roles or we will get lost in them. At the end, all distorted roles abandon us someway or other.

Can we live without these roles?
One can ask that question. But what about the love we have for our children, we have a responsibility for them, we cannot just abandon them. We must love and take care of our children, so we must do our part, play our role as parents. This is where the love, care, responsibility and ego attachments and fears trick us. It is not that we are abandoning our children and letting go of these roles but what we are after here is to understand the distortions within these roles and the ego loop holes that create a psychological prison for our minds if we are not aware that these are simply temporary roles we play. Also, the love we have for our children is not gone but with it, a conscious awareness of who we truly are comes to us. With that we are no longer letting ego fears, possessive attachments and distortions to get us through these distorted roles. Instead, from behind these temporary roles, we allow our true self to come through and express itself. In this way, our true self is in the driver's seat, not a distorted role. So we can love more and express more in what we do.

Roles separate us from who we are

Through ego identities and these roles that we play, we alienate ourselves from the world around us and we don't stop there either, we alienate ourselves from our true self as well. This is another way we separate ourselves from oneness. We feel this alienation with everyone. We don't feel at home with anyone or any place. We long to be home; there is a feeling of loneliness and emptiness with it. This is due in part to our role playing as we have forgotten who we are and live through these roles.

When we don't know who we are, don't know where we came from and what our true purpose here on this planet is then we become lost in the world. We feel the alienation, the lost feeling with everything and everyone. So we strive to live more roles, accumulate things to make us feel more whole and without knowing we create more alienation for ourselves. We believe the purpose of our life is to fulfill the purposes of the roles that we play without knowing our true purpose.

As the life unfolds, cycles come and go, everything has its time and when it is done it is gone. So are the roles, they come and go. We forget or don't understand these facts, so we hang on to them thinking they are our life. Ultimately these roles abandon us. A person who feels alienated from themselves and others feels a deep pain within and are reluctant to live their life fully. The reason for depression and many other psychological problems might be that we have forgotten who we are as we no longer have an anchor to our true self, our authentic self.

Freedom through spiritual awareness
In some of the Asian cultures, when a person gets older they begin to seek spiritual awareness and alignment through whatever methods they have. Some read, some do meditations, while others go to the temple. Whatever it is, it is somewhat a practice which has been going on for generations. Now that they don't have lot of responsibilities and have more time they begin to seek a stronger connection with their spirit. Through these practices, they begin to understand the nature and facts of life. With that, some understand the bondage of roles and begin to slowly let them go allowing their true self to come out. They now have a new purpose in life.

But others who do not have these kinds of spiritual awareness suffer a lot as they grow older as most of the roles that they have played have abandoned them. They feel useless. The parent role they played is no longer needed, so is the role that they played at the job and many other roles that they had are no longer there. So they feel abandoned in many ways. To their egos, this is a difficult thing to deal with so it looks for ways to keep the roles or seeks new ways to create ones. This can be another reason why some of the people when they get older become bitter and depressed.

Of course, we cannot ask anyone who is not aware of this to let go of the roles they are playing. Especially our parents and family members. Most fight to keep these roles as they are what makes them; so asking them to let them go or loosening the bond to these roles is like asking them to remove a limb. They will not understand. What we have written is for someone who is awakened and is wanting to free themselves of ego and its grip on them can only consider letting go of these roles or lessening their attachment to them.

As we look at these facts, we can really understand why how detrimental it is to our spiritual evolution to not take roles so seriously, and to be aware that they are simply temporary roles we play from time to time. This way we are no longer letting those distortions enter our fields as well as be free of another trap of ego. We can define what we want to do with these roles that are expected of us from society while allowing our true self to take part in them. We can be bring our true self into the driver's seat as we perform the tasks that are expected of us.

Ego and ego identities - July 2016

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Ego and ego identities - July 2016
Written by Pavithra L H @
We go through many different levels of dimensions as we down-step into human form. With that, there are different levels of our matrix like avatar, over-soul, soul and the final one being the incarnate self and its matrix. This incarnate matrix and the incarnate self that is created with it seems to be the one that is heavily affected by our experience in the material world, or the form existence. What I mean by this is that the incarnate self is the one that has gotten itself attached more with form and trapped in the material world.

When we look around us, we can understand why this is so easy for us as when we are born into this world, we learn from our environment and the people around us and they are all expressing some form of ego and attachments to form. So through our experience, and with the influence of ego, we get on with creating more ego identities without even realizing what we are doing it. How this may have happened initially for the first humans that were born to this planet is another story.

Ego creates identities
When we begin to understand ego, we can see why creating multiple selves or identities, masks, thought form and many other filters seems to be the way to go about for it to exist. Every time we go overboard with anything, any form of extreme attachment to anything, be it an object, person or experience we are somehow creating an identity of some sort within us. It could be just a filter, a thought form, a mask, a holding pattern, a body and a self; it all depends on how much of an interest and attachment we have with it and what kind of perception we hold with it. We really don't understand this at all as we go about our life we continually create these within us. There can be many of these selves within us as we have been creating them since our childhood. In a way, they are all filters, ego filters that we have created to see the world through ego perceptions. Some have triggers, memories, time-frames, events, people etc and they only come online when those things get triggered, others continue to be active till we die.

It's not the end of ego
If we think, when we die that is the end of these ego identities we might be wrong on that. When we dig deep, we can begin to see that when we die some of the patterns have gotten attached to our other matrixes as well. This does not end with one lifetime, we accumulate these things and store them in our matrixes. They are in our matrixes, DNA, and memories etc.. For example, when we dig deep to clear ourselves, we notice ancient memories in the form of soul memories, cellular memories, DNA, ancestry and distorted patterns that need clearing, and correcting which come up for us. These are those ego created patterns and memories that we have stored with us in our matrixes.

Walk the middle path
In Buddhist teaching, there is a suggestion from Buddha that we should 'walk the middle path'. This saying was understood by many in so many ways and one of the things that we understood was that we need to move out of good and bad, or the light and dark polarized thinking and move into the natural state where we are neutral toward everything. But with the understanding of ego identities or ego selves, I begin to realize that there can be other layers to 'walk the middle path'. Of course, this is my interpretation and this might be true for you or not. It seems that when we are ego driven and go to extremes with anything, without us knowing a self or something similar to a self, gets created within us to hold that, to drive that extremeness. The more we give in to ego demands the stronger this thought form or the self, becomes. This way, we have created many selves or identities within our lifetimes. And we think and behave as if we are that self and continue to achieve and walk the path with ego self as our master without being fully aware of this situation that we have gotten ourselves into.

But when we are on the middle path then we don't go after things with extremes, there is no polarized thinking, there is a neutral thinking. We simply participate with things through our eternal self. This way, our motives are not ego driven and we don't create a self, a filter to drive us. Even if there is an ego influence the effects are minimal and we don't have another ego identity that possesses and drives us mad to achieve what ego wants. This seems to be the only way to not create more ego selves and filters and not give in to ego demands that much. The more we do this the easier for us to be truly aligned to our eternal-self that comes through our form. This way our perception of reality becomes as clean as it can be and there are no translators or middlemen (in this case the ego selves) to control our experience in form. We are fully one with the oneness and expressing our self, the eternal self through the form. The less ego within us the easier for us to navigate our human experience. This seems a bit difficult to understand all at once but when we are ready it is something we all begin to understand and slowly experience in time.

Can there be ego selves with our spiritual journey?
Recent experiences have shown us that even as we go through our spiritual evolution or ascension journey without us knowing we may have created one or more ego selves within us. It seems really paradoxical to say this or experience this, how come we have ego selves when we are on our spiritual awakening path? The reason for this is without us knowing, at least some of us have made ascension a goal, a must, an agenda of some sort. We say we must be free from this, we have to get there, there is no other way, etc. All these things in a way are somewhat extreme and without us knowing we have created ego identities, and these identities will not stop for anything and will throw out anything or anyone that is in its way to achieving what it wants. In a way, it will sacrifice everything to get there. This behavior seems correct from one point of view as we are doing what we want but there is an ego self that is doing it, that is the problem. As long as there is a self we cannot really move to the self-less state. This is why I say this seems paradoxical yet this is the case. We might not be able to see this or understand this till this self begins to cry, moan and complain and go into victim states continually and is not willing to give up. It will not give up and surrender to what is. Without surrender to what is, we are still going against life and what life has to offer for us to experience, to learn. At least this has been my experience. There is ego behind this and even though ego does not want to get destroyed through spiritual awakening it has come back through the back door and has got me(I) through this way. Funny to see and realize this. There might be more levels to this but this seems to be the case at this moment and to observe that there can be ego attachments to ascension experience is something to watch out for.

Three states
There seems to be 3 states of awareness that we go through with the realization of ego and ego identities or selves. There might be more states that you might go through, if so, then that is okay as well; the number does not really matter what matters is that you understand this and be mindful of where you are with it.

State 1. - We are not aware that ego self is running the show, we complain and resist the event, person or situation. We are unconscious of what is going on. And most of the time we are in the victim state and say that life is not treating us fair.

State 2. - We complain and resist while going through the experience, sometimes feeling victimized of the situation or person other times simply expressing emotions. But we are aware that we are doing it and allow ourselves to feel it while noticing and also witnessing what we are doing. From this state, with this awareness, we begin to grow awareness more and more. And through that ego selves begin to lose their control over us also this allows us to move into the next state of awareness.

State 3. - We witness the event without any resistance with the understanding that whatever is happening and the experience that we are having is not us but a self, an identity within us. You as an eternal being do not feel or think this way and you are just an observer, witnessing what is going on without any reactions. At this state, you feel you are outside of this identity connected to your eternal spirit.

Depending on our awareness of what is going on at any moment, we might be in any of these states. But most of us tend to stick to one state and then go back and forth with the next one. Say if you are in state 1, then you will be resisting and complaining then all of a sudden, you get a glimpse of the second state and then you realize what is going on. This realization might last for a bit and then you are back in the ego-self, complaining. We go back and forth from unconscious to conscious states for a while with the same event or any other events till we get a hold of the second state where we are conscious and aware of what we are going through. When you are aware of this state and comfortable in this awareness, you move to the next state where you know this identity, this self that is complaining is not you but an ego self and you simply witness it. This too is a going back and forth situation till you fully get into the witness state, which is state 3.

Ego still working
When you begin to be more aware of ego selves, that means ego knows you are on to it as it cannot take you over that much and pretend to be you. This is the time ego is more active and aggressive. At this state you will notice that there is a desire to be more involved with things, do things and see things, listen to things or fight for things. Basically, there is a desire to make noise and be distracted, there is a desire to look for stimulus. This is egos way of fighting back. There is also the desire to re-build more selves or, and repair them. The self-loathing, self-enhancing methods can be seen in this state as both actions can be used to create more identities or patch up parts that are being dismantled.

Also, remember, if you are aware of ego then it is losing. So it will tell you that you need to escape. There is something else that we can do instead of going through this pain, there is fun somewhere else. This is also a method to trick you in to go unconscious so it can re-build it self.  If you are aware of ego, then you are facilitating an alchemy process within you. You are going through the pain of burning ego out of you and it is painful and ego don't want to be there, so any thing to distract you from where you are will be presented to you in your mind; a fantasy is what you are being given in a form of a great opportunity which if you pay attention already has holes in it. So watch out.

Feeling not enough
Another way the ego is at work is you begin to think that there is more to do and you want it. You say, I want more from life, I feel I can do more and be more yet you are not satisfied with what you have. The underline reason for this is lack-consciousness which is part of ego thinking as ego always feels insecure. What you have is not enough!. 'NOT ENOUGH' and 'NOT SATISFIED WITH WHAT YOU HAVE' and not be content with what you have is an ego thinking. There is a self or many identities within you, wanting more feeding, wanting more to exist. Feeding any of these selves does not bring you what you are really after. As soon as you get what you want, you are wanting something else. This is ego at work and there is no end to this. The eternal self is content with what it has and does not feel lack. It is content and happy with what it has and continues to create more but without lack thinking. All these frustrations we experience are yet another escape mechanism to be away from the now moment and your true self. To create and be something can only come through being alignment with our true self not with an ego. It is something that happens automatically. At this stage going after something or fighting to get what we want does not free us from self but creates another self.

Ego in everyday life
Ego personalities, thought forms or identities are so common in our everyday life situations. We think all those resistances to the world and fighting against or for things is who we are. In truth this is not us at all, this is ego in action. Everything is an enemy to ego, there is some sort of separation thinking with all of it. When we look at our life situations, be it financial, trouble at the workplace, a relationship issue, a disease or anything else, there is an ego self, an identity resisting the situation and wanting it to be the way it wants. If it is the workplace, we say they cheat me of my benefits package, money, commissions or salary. We say they are using us for their gains and not paying us enough. I don't have a choice but to work because this is the only way I get money. This is true for most of us and we are all feeling victimized by this kind of situation. At this stage we are not aware of ego identities and how they have created these situations for us or how they are not letting us see the truth and keep us trapped in this falsehood. Also, not letting us manifest a better reality for us. In a sick way, it wants these problems, so it can resist, be against and have an identity, a self to attach these events to. If there are no events like this then there won't be an ego self, a thought form and all the negative energies associated with it, within us.

Fixing outer world does not correct inner issues
If we are conscious enough, even for a few moments then we begin to see how these patterns play out in our life while not being able to really surrender to the event and see beyond it. We still live in it, complaining and feeling victimized. We don't fully understand that we have manifested this situation for ourselves from within. Our inner reality is shown in our outer reality. Another way to say it is, our outer world, the material world, the events and people, show us what is going on with our inner world.

To fix this, we have to correct the inner reality, not the outer one. But at this stage, state 1 or 2 awareness level, we are still somewhat unconscious and resist what is, what has happened to us and we want to fix the outer reality. We say, there is not enough time or energy to correct all these problems. We feel overwhelmed by problems but we continue to resist what is; what we have created/manifested for us. The reality with most of us is, we are always after fixing our outer reality without much awareness of why these events have come into our life. Why we have created them for ourselves. We waste so much time and energy complaining and fighting against what is and attempting to fix situations. This is because we are unconscious to what is really going on, we do what most around us do, or how our parents do, we don't know any other way. Even when we do, the issue is too overwhelming to go inside and find the solution. But we must understand the reality with fixing things outside of ourselves. The thing is, when we fix one issue then another pops up, it is a never ending cycle of problems because we have not fixed our inner reality. When we fix one situation in our outer reality, aka the material world as we have not addressed the core issue within our being, it manifests another situation for us, this continues till we realize what is going on. For some this self-realization never comes, so they go on fixing one issue after another throughout their life.

Momentary awareness of ego identity in action
But if we get momentary awareness of what is going on, then there is a chance we can increase this awareness by paying attention to our feelings, our thinking. We can witness us doing this. Then we begin to understand that we are living inside a self, an identity, an energy field, a thought form that is thinking, resisting and complaining within our body. If we focus more some of us can feel this body or form and how we are within it experiencing its emotions and thinking. If we are at the state of witnessing as well as experiencing what is going on, then all of a sudden we are out of that form for a moment connected to our formless state of who we are and witnessing this negative form, this identity resisting the event. Even, if we did not get this momentary awareness of witness, out of form experience, we still begin to realize this as a form, an energy field that is within us, an ego identity that is doing this and it is not us. Not our natural form or our natural self that is doing this thinking, complaining, resisting. It is something foreign that is within us. If we can understand this, then this thought form that became an identity, energy field within us cannot stay that long. The more we witness, the more we are aware, the harder for it to take control of us and pretend to be us and play its silly game.

It is not us
The harder part of this is to understand that the person that is feeling victimized and resisting the life event, is not you. This is a thought form, an ego identity, a self that was created through ego's reaction to situations and our participating with it. The more we resist the event, the stronger these selves, identities, thought forms get within us. Also, we think if we ignore the event then it will go away. This seems to be a common mistake, resisting the event and ignoring the event has the same impact. It strengthens this self. Ignorance of the situation is another form of resistance but it is a lower level of negativity instead of getting angry. In a way, both are victim states as we are still resisting the event. When we ignore, we leave that event or situation on the side but there is an identity, a thought form that is attached to it and we are still feeding it, keeping it alive without our awareness for most of the time.

If we have the ability to face it, meaning feel it with awareness, observe it, then it can't live within us as we are now aware of its existence. These things survive in us by hiding and by pretending to be us. But if we are aware of them then they can no longer function. They can no longer take our life energy. Then they begin to wither away. At this stage, we must be vigilant to let it die and not let it re-build or repair itself with thoughts of arrogance, superiority or inferiority, victim stories or anything else. It will try its best to keep alive so it will pull few tricks on us and get us to go unconscious so it can re-built itself.

Resistance is futile
We must understand that these selves thrive on us when we feel we have no choice but to fight, but to do something, take actions, or move into fantasy states while ignoring the event. It says 'DO' something to fix the problem while resisting the event, life situation. If we are unconscious, we go and do something else, try to fix the problem and bring in a solution or ignore the event. When we are in a place of resisting and feeling victimized and wanting to do something or go into fantasy worlds. We have to ask the question. Who is within that is resisting?. This can't be the 'I', the eternal that is resisting. Eternal does not resist 'what is' it embraces the event, through that it transform it to its next level or complete the event. It does not resist anything. Then who is within me that is resisting this event and feeling victimized by this life event? That is an ego self, an identity or a thought form that is resisting the event as the event or person does not fit its agenda. All of those agendas are selfish, self-agendas.

If we understand this and witness this self and also move to the state of surrender, meaning surrender to the event. Accept the event as it is, an event that was presented to us and whatever is happening is what it is. Then we neutralize the resistance within us to the event. We move into the state of being one with it as we are not resisting it. Surrendering to an event sometimes takes a lot of effort as there can be many layers within us that are holding negative programs, patterns, and emotions. We have to go beyond all of those to surrender..and surrender some more till we no longer feel an agitation, anger towards the event but a realization that it is just what it is. From this state, we can begin to search for solutions to the event, the situation that we are in. Some even begin to notice that certain events were brought in to teach them something important and through those experiences, they have grown.

Also, there can be other components to the event if it involves many other people, then their ego and our egos do not want to let this go. They want to create negativity with this situation and hurt each other feeding their pain bodies and also take advantage of this event. There is a collective that gets created with this kind of event that wants to emotionally and otherwise make this event a bigger deal than what it is. We have to go past all of this to see what is really going on and surrender to what is, then only the life, our eternal self will begin to guide us to see solutions.

The desire to resist and fight back is something that the ego wants while the eternal self within us simply want to surrender to the event and transform it which it does by finding a solution to the event that brings peace to all parties. If we accomplish this, through this effort another part of the ego within us dies.

So how do we go about this?
We simply surrender to the event thereby neutralizing the negativity and the field of separation that we create between us and the event. Throughout this process, we continually witness the event instead of resisting it or judging it. Meanwhile, we understand and witness that what is within us that is resisting and making a drama out of this is not us but an ego self, an identity. Simply a thought form that we give life by feeding into it. This way we are able to let go of the issue. We also allow ourselves to let go and let God. Meaning we stop the fight and move into the state of BE, a beingness, witness state where the ego-self has no power over us as we are witnessing it. Through this, we begin to neutralize most of the negativity and separation meanwhile the eternal self within us can begin to show us what to DO. What actions to take without ego.

To transform, to correct or neutralize the event and ego part that is attached to it, we have to come from a point of a self-less state, a service state, without any agenda of taking advantage of anything or anyone. We have to continually observe the event and the people associated with it and be the compassionate one, the one that can bring a solution, a win-win situation for all parties as much as we can. We have to ask ourselves, what part of my thinking is egoic, selfish and has an agenda? If there is something then, we are still feeding an ego self and its agenda. We have to go back to the surrender and be the observer of ego self that has come back again showing another layer of it. The ability to take correct action comes through us moving into a 'being' state, not a 'doing' state. The being state, the observer, the witness allow us to understand and bring in most aligned action.

Through surrender, we align with the oneness as there are no resistance or filters to the event within us. With that, the natural guidance system within us activates. Which brings a solution, an action if needed towards the event where we transform or complete the event. Sometimes the surrender and witness of the event are good enough as there is no need to do anything. As the event was created by ego and when ego dies the event disappears. Also, we must understand, sometimes this takes time and continuous effort as there can be layers of the event and ego. It is a process. So bring in patience, if you are not patient then again ego is taking you over. Pay attention.

Good luck

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Happiness is a choice we make - June 2016

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Happiness is a choice we make - June 2016
Written by Pavithra LH

As we look at our life, with all its ups and downs, we notice, how much of our thought and actions are dependent on our desire to control things the way we want so we can be happy.

But however we make things work for us, we realize that they don't last that long and even if they do last for a while, we are again not happy with what we have as ego within us is tired of what it has and now wanted to get something else. More! is the word that is in our minds. That is what ego is all about, to acquire things to make an identity, a self. If we can notice this within us, then we come to realize that whatever we have acquired or achieved from whatever the outside source, be it a person, a thing or a status, would not make ego happy for a long time. So we come to the ultimate realization that nothing outside of us can really bring us permanent happiness but only us.

Then making ourselves happy becomes our choice; our responsibility. If we want to be happy then it is a choice. Our thoughts and our perceptions towards life are how we feel happy or sad. And also, how much of it is ego controlled is also a big factor.

Victims or victors
They say some people look and see a glass as half full while the others see it as half empty and even complain about it. It's us and us only that can make this life a better place for us. This is a sobering realization as we go through our life searching happiness outside. Same with wanting acceptance or wanting to feel worthy and loved. They all need to be found within or we make our life a painful existence. We blame others for not giving us love or not accepting us for who we are, but is it really they that are not accepting us? or is it us?. Why be the victim?

Sometimes all this is overwhelming and confusing for us as we have gotten used to our ways of life and patterns, and are somewhat comfortable in our comfort zone and the thought of all these new ideas seems impossible to understand or achieve. This is the case for most of us. For some pain becomes unbearable and all the entertainments, distractions and escape routes that they use as copying mechanisms seems to not work anymore. Sometimes that is the reason that made us search peace and happiness in spirituality. Which got us to take a journey of seeking happiness and joy and that deep connection with eternal.

For some even taking that journey do not bring happiness as we begin to notice it is as a state of mind. Or an attitude. We need to change our attitude towards life situations if we really want to be at peace and be happy.

Spiritual awakening is not that fun either
At the beginning of this spiritual journey, it all feels so happy and some stay in that state without really facing inner demons and living somewhat an unconscious life. But if we begin to do the real work then things are not as rosy as they are. As part of making that connection with our true-self requires a process of dismantling of ego self and its attachments to the material world. This requires deeper levels of trust and faith as most of the things that we experience are not tangible as this process goes on. Not having faith and trust also make the journey a living hell for some. Someone once told me, in order to reach Haven you must first go through hell metaphorically. It is a hell for the ego to be dismantled and die. As the process take the person through many levels of dismantling, removing things that they were attached, be it people, status or material processions. Ego exists only through creating false identities through forms. It uses people, things, situations to make an identity so it can exist. When we go through our Spiritual awakening process, these identities gets dismantled. The less we have attachments and identities the less ego we have.

This process, how hard or long that may be, ultimately connect us deeper with our true self and eternal spirit. But can we change our attitude as we go through this journey to make things better for us? Or we can go through this process kicking, screaming and complaining all the way. Whether we are on a spiritual journey or not, we can do things right now to bring us happiness by changing our attitudes towards life situations.

Re-framing our thoughts can bring us happiness
The word re-framing might be misunderstood but what that really means, in this case, is changing our thoughts and experiencing them in another way. Basically changing our perception. We see the world through whatever the perceptions we have.

From our vantage point at that time of our consciousness awareness, we might see a thing one way and then when we change our thinking, our way of looking at it by bringing some awareness to what we are viewing. We change our perception. It is like, the thing that we are viewing now has different properties. It has different effects on us. Our emotions and our mind are acting differently towards the thing that we once saw.

We must learn this way of thinking. To think with awareness and make decisions on life choices. This way we can look at life differently instead of reacting to everything that we come across in life. Ego is permanently in the separated thinking, there is no oneness and feeling of connection to others unless for its advantage. It always looks for enemies, someone to blame, make wrong or put down.

React before thinking
Most of the time we react to situations before we even notice we have reacted to them. That means we are running autopilot again. We are not aware of ourselves and have gone offline and are acting based on set rule and patterns in our mind. It's like driving a car. If we go to work every day. We have seen all the sign post and where to turn and where to stop etc; based on that we have set those rules in our mind so our mind knows where to go and where to turn. Most have the experience of coming home and realizing we don't remember anything. This is autopilot mode in action. This might seem okay in some situations but overall, the rules and patterns that we have set in us are somewhat distorted patterns stemming from past experiences and also manipulated by ego. So they distorted our view and allow mind and ego to control us. So instead of acting on conscious thinking we react and bring out those distorted patterns and make choices.

Can we stop the reactions
If we can be online most of the times, meaning be conscious and aware. Then we can make inform choices as to what to do in that moment when we are faced with a situation.

We can learn to change our way of thinking so that we stop our mind before we react. We sort of program this into our mind. Meaning we practice this continually and pay attention. This way we have allowed more awareness to come to us, to be online, consciousness and make wise choices as much as we can.

Every time a situation arise in our life, the first thing that happens is a set of pre-programmed patterns get activated and thoughts and emotions arrive based on that. But what if we can learn to stop before that and make informed wise choices. How do we do that?

Here are some steps and ideas to use so you can make a better choice and change the thinking so the ego is not in the driver seat anymore but you are and you have changed your way of thinking so that you can bring more happiness and peace. You made the choice and took actions.

1. STOP!
We can learn to stop before this pre-programmed pattern gets activated. This gives us the time to think, actually see what is going on. This is the time we notice what is going on and how can we participate in this situation. How can we make an informed decision? Also, if possible learn to witness and neutralize the situation so no more reactions at all.

2. Surrender
As we witness the event, we can take into account there are things in our life that we cannot change at that time or the choices that we have made have brought us here. Instead of reacting we can choose to surrender to this fact. That means mind will not run thousand pre-program patterns and go on a roller coaster of emotions and false realities. The past does not need to be brought in to punish ourselves or others and react. Instead, we can be at this moment as we make a choice of what to do. We surrender to the event as it is and make an informed choice.

3. Make a choice
As we let go of the reactions or the mind made roller coaster of thoughts as we surrender to the reality of where we are. We do not go into unconscious, fantasy worlds and leave this moment. Instead, we stay here and think of what we need to do in that moment. So we can make a wise choice based on the information we have at that moment.

4. Re-frame our thoughts
Our first choice at any event is to see it as what it is. Meaning, we learn and understand all events and situation are simply neutral, which is neither good or bad. But when we are faced with situations, mind and ego make the choice with all its pre-programmed patterns and scripts whether it's good or bad. If we can learn to witness events as neutral then we neutralize the whole negativity towards the event.

If we are not there yet with seeing things as neutral then we need to really work and finding ways to re-frame our thoughts. Meaning, If we see something from a point of negativity, this might not be entirely true as ego see enemies in anything, so it makes judgments. We can look at the same event and find something good in it and change our thoughts at that moment.

If it involves people, then find the good in them or the lessons of that interaction instead of judging it. Say someone did something to help you. You can just say thank you and forget about it. Most of us are so busy so we say thank you without even thinking about it. Or you can make a choice right then and there to stop, recognize and realize that this person has made an effort to support you. This is a form of love and I acknowledge it and express the love from my heart. This is re-framing your thought and seeing things with more conscious awareness point of view. We probably don't need to do anything more than simply saying thank you sometimes and other times we can do something more to acknowledge the person. But with both actions, we are aware and fully present with the event. What we have done is shift our consciousness our awareness and emotions based on that re-framing of our thoughts.

This is really important in personal relationships as this helps to build trust and love within. You can notice positive changes immediately as you are the one who is changing. The thing is we are not making any effort to change the other but we are making an effort to change us, our thinking.

The minute we do that we shift our vantage point and have raised our consciousness to another level. Our thoughts, emotions, and our body show this immediately. We feel lightness and there is more light within all of a sudden. We have shift gears and made one small change in increasing happiness in our life.

As we do this for a while, our relationships with ourselves and others become more fulfilling. Suddenly, there is a deeper connection with humans and nature and that brings more joy to us. We have changed our reality.

5. We do the best we can
This realization is critical to us at any point in our life and especially when we deal with others. We can release blame, regrets through this practice while being accountable for our thoughts and actions. When making a choice or when we say or do something or even react to something; we are doing it from the consciousness awareness we have at that moment, at that point. Including whatever the pre-programmed patterns we hold and how unconscious or offline we are; At that moment. That is important to understand as we make choices based on our awareness at that moment. If we have got distracted or unconscious and reacted to something that means we were not fully online. We were not consciously aware of that moment and was not in the now moment. So we are making a choice based on our awareness of life at that point. Meaning from our vantage point at that moment.

When we realize this, we learn to forgive ourselves for the choices we made in the past. As well as to the reaction of ours and others. We can forgive others easily and make our life better with this attitude in life. Read more on forgiveness on this blog post

Also, with this realization, we can move on with the knowing that we've made the best choice at that moment and leaving any regrets and fears behind.

6. There is a lesson in everything
Whether it's a person or an event, there is a reason it is there in our reality and life has brought that to us. We can choose what we are going to do with it. It can be a pleasant thing then we might not complain about it but at this place of our spiritual journey, we know there is a reason for anything to be in our life at this moment. Some are manifestations of our hard work, things have shifted and other times they are there to show us there is something more that needs changing, there is something that we have not seen, something that we must learn. If there is a lesson to learn we must learn it. If we look at situations as gifts, lessons that we need to learn instead of problems. We actually have the ability to shift our thinking and release what is unpleasant from out reality. We change and with it, our reality change.

7. Let go
This is something that becomes a challenge at the beginning but with time and practice, we learn to let go of things easily. The ego is the part that continually attach to things and want things to be same to feel secure and solid. But life is something that continually change and the only thing we can do is learn and let go of ego and its attachments to situations that bring us pain.

As we realize that nothing stays same and things can stay or leave us anytime and we have not much of a control as we want. We learn to have less expectation and attachments to things as we know the reality of life. Nothing stays the same and everything has cycles. Things come to our life and then they go or change form as cycles continue. As we go through our spiritual journey we learn the impermanence of nature and learn to not be so attached to things as we know it is not us who wants these attachments to feel safe but ego self. The more we are aware of ego self and its hold on us the easier it is to understand where we are with stuff in our life. With this knowing, when we are faced with a situation where we have to let go of something, we learn to let go of them with less emotional and mental trauma to our being.

8. Witness
This level of conscious awareness can be reached by learning to not judge situations in our life and also learning to let go of things easily. Witness means we are not judging the situation or the person but simply witness the event. If possible with compassion and understanding of who we are, where we are, or where they are. We hold no judgments or have any entanglements with the event or the person. We associate the event neutrally. As we know all events are natural. Like any other thing in our life at first this becomes unattainable, but with practice, we make changes to our thinking to grow this muscle of conscious participation with life.

9. Gratitude
Gratitude is something we can cultivate with every moment of our life. Keep an eye and be grateful for everything in your life. At first, you might find it hard to be grateful for anything or you might only see one or two things. Keep building this, pay extra attention. As you change your attitude towards things, as you change your thoughts and look at life differently, you become softer and begin to notice more things in life that you can be grateful for. When you do that life begins to reciprocate with giving you more to be grateful for. Acknowledge them, be grateful and you will notice more things to be grateful the next moment.

10. Feeling that you are part of something and you are serving
Whoever we are and wherever we are in our life at this point, to be happy and be at peace, we have to come to a realization that we are part of something great and there is a purpose to our existence. With that realization, we can choose to change our attitude towards life. See the goodness in life and the purpose for our existence. Learn to see the lessons in things and how we can be part of all this. As we built this awareness and begin to notice the oneness with everything, there is a peace that comes with it. If we want to feel peace and happiness, this is a place, a state that we must learn and arrive at.

As we go through practicing these and staying in the moment as much as we can. There is more of an awakening within. Also, we notice there is more love and warmth building within, towards us and the world. This slowly builds up, bringing small quantities of peace and happiness each moment. These are just a few ideas and there are more ways we can bring peace and happiness to us, but the main thing is to change our attitude towards life. It's us, we change within. We make the choice to be happy.

For Peace and Happiness!!

Letting go of Victimhood - May 2016

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Letting go of Victim-hood - May 2016

Problem started with the incarnation

It seems when we entered this universal matrix, we have picked up the distortions of it. It's some sort of a supper imposition on our divine blue print. Another false template was place on top of it distorting our incarnation on this planet. What we manifest as our DNA, blood, body and multi-dimensional body is this distortion. There are multiple distortions based on what level we look at it from. Distortions we picked up from our biological family and ancestry is a big one as it goes all the way to where the first distortion of blood and DNA happened. For some when they dig deep it goes even up to universal matrix level and beyond.

We create our own reality from within

Next thing that we come to understand is that whatever that distortion we picked up or was supper imposed on us is what we manifest around us as our reality. So our parents, our families and everything else that we have is based on that distortion. We create our own reality from within. That means what we have around us right now is what is within us. From what we have and how we think. We already know, when we think and understand differently, our reality change. If there was no distortion to our blue print then we could have manifested that reality outwards. But that is not the case for most of us in this matrix. We must come to some form of understanding of this situation to let go of all victim states that we have. As there are many levels to it. Sometimes this state is so engraved within our psyche we don't even know we are acting as victims to life situations. It has become part of our normal life. Others around us do it so it is normal to many and in fact it has become a habit.

It's a program

How many times we see victim and victimization played in our lives and people around us. We work on ourselves and say this is the last time I am letting myself be a victim. When that is done we look around and then see another situation where we have allowed ourselves to be a victim. This tells us that there are several levels to this victim state. According some spiritual teachers there are 6 or 7 levels to this state. This v/v is a complex program and is extremely vicious. If we are running this program within us on any layer then we are not really experiencing true freedom as we are trapped in some kind of a illusion and living a lie.

Understanding bit of truth

If we can understand the concept of we create our own reality then when we chose to be born to this planet and this universal matrix; we knew what we are getting in to. If we were within the matrix when this distortion happened then we were part of the process however it happened. Either way, we are here and now must understand the situation from whatever the level we can understand till we are given more information and clarity from our eternal self within.

Stop the blame

Learning to take responsibility for ourselves and our reality that we have created is a must if we want to be free from v/v states and this program. When we do, then we are no longer a victim of outside influences. We are taking that power we have given to outside world. Then we become powerful beings who understand what has happened and taking actions to correct the situation whatever it is. Correct the errors within to manifest a better reality, a new outer world for ourselves. We can also bring in forgiveness to forgive ourselves and forgive others as we are no longer blaming the world for our problems. This realization brings in more clarity, peace and calmness to us as we no longer feel we are victims.

When we except this truth, we begin to be able to see and let go of those hidden fears we had for a long time as we are no longer a victim to them. With that we can start to re-build that trust we might have lost due to our false understanding of our reality. By understanding what we have outside of us is what we have within we can learn to dig deep within and heal ourselves. For example, If we have trust issues with others that means we have trust issues within...etc.

Also, If we live the life as victims at any state then there are parts of us that are living in fear and distrust. Those parts are hidden within and that means we have not fully allowed ourselves to be here and now experiencing life. We are holding something within. Because of this, there are fears, holding patterns, boundaries, shadows etc. This shows in our manifestation as relationship issues somewhere. Also this can manifest as lack and limitations or diseases. We might not be sure how this manifest but these issues do manifest somewhere.

Dig deep

Now that we understand we create our reality, we can now go back to heal our past. Our relationship with our parents and family is something that we all go back to heal. Most of our base unconscious fears and patterns came from our childhood. Whatever happened there is the foundation for rest of our lives and our relationship with ourselves and others.

If a child that was not loved well, he or she might develop fears and trust issue that could affect rest of their lives. As this is the first place that they expect love. If they did not receive the love and acceptance that they need then they go in to unconsciously think; I am not worthy, I m not lovable and also begins to hold part of themselves back due to these initial experiences. They are scared to fully love as when they first loved they were not given the love that they expected so they are scared to love again. There is a fear and many other things behind it. These things are hidden deep within us and we are not even aware of them till we really dig deep.

Thermostat effect in relationships

When in a relationship a person who have these fears might reach a level where they are scared to commit to that relationship fully due to this hidden fear. They may not be even aware of this and they will give any excuse they can to get out of the relationship instead of feeling this fear again. This hidden fear might not come up when they start the relationship but comes up later when they are being asked to commit more. This fear acts like a thermostat. When the heating system reached a level of heat thermostat switches off the system. It is just like that with these individuals. When they are in a relationship however long it is, all of a sudden they reach a level where they need to give more love or are given more love. This is when their inner thermostat kicks in or that fear comes out and shuts down their heat. They get scared. They want to escape the relationship.

Victimized in a relationship

They will begin to see problems that were not there before because they are now looking for ways to get out. All of a sudden they feel victimized by the person they are with. People who are in these kind of situations, always find escape paths. For them grass is always green on the other side. Creating a fantasy within their mind and living it or using it as a escape goat is big for them. They will find people who are sympathetic to their cause to support them, to encourage them to escape. They might say they love freedom so much and they don't want to be tight down to a relationship. Or even any kind of commitment to life situations.


They wonder around life jumping from one relationship to another or one situation to another seeking freedom but not really finding what they are looking for. They are looking outside of themselves for happiness and freedom. As they are scared to fully open up and let themselves out to experience that freedom. They have hidden fears that are stopping them from experiencing life. They feel victimized. As we go through this journey we understand, there is no freedom outside of us; it is all within. When we are free within, whatever happens outside of ourselves does not effects us that much.

It can affect many areas

As I mentioned above these kinds of fears that are hidden deep within can affect any area of our life not just relationships. It can effects our jobs, finances, where we live, what we do, how we do and what we want to be. They all can be effected without us knowing. So if we are in a situation where we feel like a victim, its best to dig deep to see what is hidden that is causing us this pain.

With the understanding that we create our reality, we can stop looking outside of us to blame. Also stop trying to fix things and people outside of us to correct our problems and to mach our expectations instead we can look within. If we can do this, we will be surprised how much of things within us that are holding us back from experiencing life.

Gratitude and Grace

Gratitude can be a way to bring us peace. When a person is feeling victimized, they can use gratitude to see good things in life instead of seeing only problems. There are so many things we can be grateful about but our minds don't let us see these as it find it hard to believe that there is anything outside that support us. It keeps wanting to see things that are bad and wants to escape from where we are in. This makes the fear more stronger. But gratitude can lessons the effects of fear and pain. If we work on this and continue to work with recognizing good things in life things begins to change for us. This way we open a way for grace to enter our life as we are beginning to align to life and nature.

Victim to ourselves

There are places where we cannot change much outside of us or inside of us by taking any actions but we can change our minds. This is where changing out attitude towards life situation comes to play. Changing our perception or the way we look at life can be the best solution to many situations as we are the ones who make things worse by thinking the worst of them.
When we are faced with a situation, those automatic patterns comes up. We judge and allow the emotional and mental body to take control and those programs run our life. Some of these actions we take does not come with our conscious awareness but from a state of reaction to what is. Pre-programmed patterns are so common within us. They are unconscious, subconscious and whatever that is hidden within which are controlling us. But; Are we aware of any of this? Most of the time, No! So we become victim to our selves, victim to bunch of pre-programmed patterns.

Groups choosing to be victims

When we begin to understand v/v program and its effects on us. We see this program running throughout this planet. It is not just individuals that run this program in their psyche but there are families, groups, towns, races and countries run this program. It's like whole lines of ancestry for thousands of years are trapped in this program and are participating in this way of thinking and living.

When we look at a country or race of people with issues like, civil war, poverty, religious problems etc. We ask, Why is it? Why are they allowing this to happen to them? or Why are they being treated like that? Part of it is this victim program. It is running within their psyche for a long time. So they all get together in their unconscious levels as a whole and participate in this program and create a situation for them.

Even when someone comes to power and solve the problem for them they still want to feel this victim state and the pain unconsciously. They have being living in this way for so long; now it has become a pattern for them and they are not aware of it and don't know how to be free from being a victim. Their emotional body is craving for this pain. So unconsciously they somehow other create another scenario that would allow them to feel victimized. This all happens unconsciously.

We see this over and over again around the world. Sometime, people are brave enough to chose a leader that would free them from that level of pain they were in. Then they live that freedom for a while in peace. Majority of the people cannot live for long time without this victim state and pain. So together as a country they go in to attract what is needed to break that new freedom they have. Either through a foreign influence or some way or form a puppet leader is brought up and whatever the needed lies and false promises are given. Then they go and chose that puppet for their leader. Now a puppet is in power with puppeteers running the country. All of a sudden there are problems in the country. Some sort of civil war is starting again or something major that effects the whole. Either religious, racial, or whatever the problem is, they have a problem now and they blame others for victimizing them. In reality they have created the problem for themselves.

Individuals choosing to be victims

If we go back to individual levels.. We must be vigilant and be the gate keepers to our mind and emotional body. This is becoming so true and prevalent to us as we go through our spiritual journey. When we understand the importance of this we extend this to our physical and all other multidimensional bodies.

What do I mean by be the gate keeper to our mind and emotional body. That means... do not allow unwanted thoughts, words, concepts, emotional states to our being. Be aware and keep a watch all the time with all our interactions with people and media. The amount of poison that comes out of these are a lot these days. There are so many dark concepts, programs and thought forms in media that we simply dismiss or don't pay attention to. And keep participating..Without us knowing we have poisoned our selves.

Then again we are faced with another level of poisons when we interact with people. Every relationship we have, must be to enhance and support us in this journey. Yet when we interact with certain people, we get to hear about stuff. Some are important information but others are rumors; private affairs of others and who said what about others. We have to be vigilant with all of these to not allow poison spreader to spread poison to our minds. In a situation like this we can chose to not participate with it and be the gatekeeper to our self.

Our other job is if we heard something that is harmful then drop it from our mind and not share it again with another. There is a saying in Sri Lanka, "If what you heard is not good. Then what you heard from one ear let it go out of other ear without participating."


Some of the things we write hear are common sense to us. We know we shouldn't do certain things. Yet we do it. While writing this, the thought of why do you need to write this? they all know this. You are wasting your time came to mind. But then the realization of deeper ramification of this and the cost we all pay with this habit made sense for me to write this. As Gossiping can be a form of victimization.

I am not sure if we use the word gossip any more as it has blended with part of normal day today chit chat to some. But telling rumors or talk about other persons private lives and how bad it is for them has become a normal thing among us. And also a entertainment around dinner table, or when we meet others. People think it is courteous to talk about private affairs of others and join the rumor mill. They think it is a good way to bond with the other. Some even thinks it is rude not to participate with their stories and complains.

Others enjoy doing this as there is nothing more to talk about unless they talk about others. Hearing and talking about others suffering make them feel better about themselves. This is a ego mechanism. "I am better than others and my life is better than theirs" is something the ego wants to feel as it feels small and unworthy. So it covers its fears and pains by putting someone else down. Gossiping is one way ego use to put others down.

Anyways, through gossip we spread poison and hurt each others. We don't see the enormity of what we are doing or participating till we hurt someone who is emotionally unbalanced. It is a sad thing to see someone who cannot control their emotional bodies suffer due to a gossip that was spread about them. At those times we wonder how cruel we can be to others.
Gossiping and spreading rumors can be a form of victimization. These things hurt people and yet we enjoy gossiping. If we are gossiping, it's time to ask, Why do we do it? Why are you participating in victimizing someone else?

We have a choice

Whether it is a country, group of people or individuals. We are all faced with the same question. Do you want to be a victim? It is easy to write or talk these things but to really face and not be a victim is a hard thing to do as at that point all we see are things that are against us. But we must somehow other learn to see beyond the pain and hardships. Understand that we have allowed the situation or the person to have control over us. We have given the power to outside situation or person by believing we are victims.

We can be victimize by others but we can chose to not be victims. We always have a choice. Like the person who have the choice not to listen to gossip or participate with them. Or the group or country that chose to not allow another civil war. If we see nothing that we can do about the situation then we still have a choice..We can chose to change our mind, change our attitude. Go inside and change ourselves. Like Viktor Frankl. Remember his famous quote "When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." Viktor Frankl who was a Holocaust survivor wrote about his experiences in death camps and how he saw freedom. In one story he wrote, he said, he felt there is more freedom with him than the people who worked on those camps. We too can chose to not be a victim and change ourselves.


What's underneath the system? - April 2016

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What's underneath the system? - April 2016

Most of us are comfortable with where we are in our life situations. Even when there is a bit of pain with whatever the situation is; we will ignore it and move on with life as we know, it is more work to change. In a nutshell, we don't like change. Yet, change is the only constant in our lives. But most don't understand it or don't want to believe this to be true in their life. For them, change means leaving behind the comfort that they are in. So they fight against change whenever they can until they are forced to change.

We have a system
From childhood, we learn to accept many parts of the system which include educational, medical, pharmaceutical, work, food, entertainment, religion etc.. as part of us. Being part of the system is a normal way of life for us and most of us use these systems daily without questioning. Why? Because we grew up with it and our families and others around us are part of it. So for us it is okay; we somewhat trust the system and live with it. Use it, when we need it. It has become part of our life.

We have created it
Whatever the external influences it had. Basically, generations upon generations of people have worked hard to create these systems and improve them to be part of our support system. Many have created these systems with good intentions to help us; to better our lives and be the support system that we need in many areas of our lives. Among who helped to create the system, there are people with good intentions and then there are others who created them for their gain. But overall our understanding is that it is there to support us. So it must work and do what it is intended to do. So why? ask questions and try to do more than we can or do it ourselves when there is a support system. We trust the system and the people in it to do their best. And most do their best as well.

It seems ego is running the show
What some of us notice or have not seen is that effects of the ego in it. This includes each and every person who participated in creating these systems and the ones working in it. The sum of all, the collective ego of these people have inserted their ego fangs to this system making it intolerable to the human spirit. The ego fears, greed, competition and its manipulation of things and people for its advantage has gotten into these systems. So underneath these systems, there is a need for control, to manipulate and use people for the advantage of ego. To the advantage of collective ego agendas. Ego wants to use the system to make us depend on it in the name of support. This support is in a way to the advantage of ego, whatever motives that allow it to exist among us. If it is educational system then the children are shaped to be followers without asking questions. So they can be the worker force for the whole. A slave force, working without asking questions; do what they were told.

Through ego and darkness within each that participated, a system was created to serve the purpose of the collective ego and darkness. Without the care for the humanness, the spirit that lives within us.

For medical situations, we go to a doctor and take advise with trust; without asking much questions if there is another way to this or that medication. Because we believe this is the way to go abut and these people there must know more than us and they are there to take care of us. Through this thinking, we have somewhat begun to be ignorant to see beyond things. The thing is, most humans within the system care and they want to help us but there is one problem that some of us don't want to see and understand. The system does not have solutions for all of our problems. Because it is built with the influence of ego which does not support the humans but wants to control humans. A system that wants to use and control us does not give us solutions to our problems; It only gives what it wants so we think it is helping. It wants to keep us trapped so we depend on it. This way it has control over people.

A doctor who was trained in the system can only do so much to assist. He or she will attempt to give us the best medicine that can support us with least side effects. But medicine that was created in a system with ego influence might solve one problem then again it might give many other side effects that needed other medicine to cure them. We all have seen even the doctors who had the best intentions can only do so much as they only know what they are being taught and can give medicine that is available to them through the system.

There are parts of the system which ego control so the drugs that can be supportive might not be supportive. Where there is ego there is greed, desire to control, manipulate and take advantage. If ego influenced the people then the product that they created is not fully supportive to humans. This is the case with many systems.

There is spirit within the system too
Then there is the compassionate, caring, loving nature of the human spirit within that system too. It wants to find ways to make things work for us; to help us, to take care of us. We cannot simply throw a system away saying it is poisoned by ego. We participated in creating these systems so there is human spirit within all of these systems. We feel it. That is another reason why we still use these systems even with all these distortions. With more spirit awakening within us, can the system be flushed of ego and be a true supportive system?

There are loving, caring and brilliant people among us that participate with the system as well as outside of the system. We might have met or heard of them. Teachers, scientist, healers, writers, all types of artist and musicians etc.. They are all around us making a difference; changing the way we think and participate. They are all part of the eternal spirit, a spiritual force expressing itself and changing the world. When we look deeper at the system with this awareness we can see, many things are changing for the better.

What happens to us when we access components of this system?
When we go to school, we learn things and that becomes part of us and most of us don't question it. Same with the work world. We dream of becoming someone when we grow up and some get there with a lot of effort and sacrifices.

After sometimes at least some of us become tired of what we so desired and became. Our jobs become a means to an end. That passion we had slowly begin to diminish. Most begin to feel the rigidity of the system and the inability to be what they really want to be. There are restrictions, boundaries, and expectations. Greed and control do not allow us to be who we want to be. To truly express ourselves, our spirit. Then the work becomes boring and meaningless. We go there just to make money to live. Some even get so addicted to work. They live to work.

Over time, both attitudes become hard for our body and our inner being. When this happens, we begin to break down within. The body and emotions begin to show this through diseases, emotional outbreaks, tiredness, inability focus, relationship issues and distaste in work and life altogether. We begin to experience pain. When the pain is a bit much to handle then we look for ways to cover it up; ways to escape or find bandage solutions to get rid of this pain.

This seems to be the case with everything in our life; till we feel the pain we don't pay attention. When we notice the pain, the first attempt from most of us is to find a way to cover it up; put a band-aid over it. Then the pain goes away for a while so we get back to what we were doing. But over time pain comes back. This time, a bit more than before then we try another attempt at band-aiding it. This cycle continues till the pain is too much to handle. Then only we really look and see what is going on and look for ways to solve the problem.

Isn't this the case with most of us? If I asked this question, most will give a YES. This is how most of us are used to dealing with situations in our life. We are like jugglers in a circus; we juggle so many things daily. When one or few balls drop only we pay attention to see what we need to do with it or how to pick it up while juggling rest of the balls. It seems time and time we all need a fire under our bottoms to get us moving. To get us to stop and think. The stronger the fire the faster we stop and look for ways to take the fire off our bottoms.

When we are absolutely tired with life situations and also are tired of looking for answers that do not bring solid solutions which should bring us happiness, peace, and joy. Then only we will look for spiritual solutions or ways outside the box. In most cases this is where we find solutions. We cannot find solutions to something with the same mindset that created the problem. We have to expand our awareness, our consciousness to see beyond the boundaries we have created for ourselves to find solutions. That is the reason most of the solutions that our politicians or lawmakers that are bringing to the table in this world does not bring true solutions to our problems. Because that is the same mindset that created the problem; that mindset cannot find a solution. We must reach a higher consciousness, different mindset to reach answers to problems that we have created for ourselves.

Anyways, what I am getting at is, when we find ourselves facing a situation where most of the normal things that we use to do do not work. That means we have to reach a new level of awareness; look outside the box. Most look outside the box only when the support system that they have is not providing for them what they needed. The support system, in this case, is the system that they are part of or the system that they accessed or participated in learning and became who they are now.

We are all part of the system
Some way or other we are all part of the system. We are all part of that artificial reality or the world that was created with the influence of ego. Many things that we access or was part of over time was influenced and have restricted the humanness within. Using our ignorance, ego within us allowed this to happen as it knows this is the way for its survival. It wants us to be part of the system. Not just that, it wants us to depend on it or if possible be addicted to it. We were influenced by ego, to create a false reality and be addicted to ego driven lifestyles and be part of the system.

Pain is an awakening tool

When we dig deep, we know the cause for many of our problems are stemming from ego self and its influence on our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Also, we know, this realization mostly come to us when we have experienced deep levels of pain and are overwhelmed by the desire to be free from all of this. With that realization, we see the mess that we have created for ourselves with ego and look for ways to free from it. This realization also causes a huge level of ego dismantling. With that, we feel a level of freedom, level of release from the burdens that we held. At this level, we begin to connect with our eternal spirit who begins go guide us to see the truth. This starts with glimpses of self-realization; seeing parts of truth to what is going on. For some, when we get these glimpses and feel the light within; we want to understand more, know more and be free of ego altogether. Others are so scared and confused at this stage as most that they believed or that were fed to them through outside influences are crumbling in front of them and they cannot handle this. So they look for new ways to escape.

Seeing the falseness within the system
If we are ready and want to know more and be free instead of finding new ways to escape the pain. Then we begin to understand what we believed to be true is not true anymore and there is a new truth to things. The system that fed us all this information has not helped us the way we thought it would do. When this happens, some get angry and wants to destroy the system and everything around it while the others find ways to distance themselves from it and look for alternative ways. Both parties at this stage are going through an experience that they need. We can choose to be victims of the system or we can take responsibility for ourselves and find new ways to heal and stand on our feet. Both choices take us through a journey of spiritual awakening.

Most of the times, we only see ego dominated control systems that are running this planet. This is our perception of things based on our awareness. We think this is it and there are no solutions; ego and the darkness have taken control over systems and we are doomed. This seems to be the case from the surface.

See the system in a new way
But as we go through this spiritual journey, our awareness expand and grows. Our experiences tell us that this is just one part of the situation or just what we see. The one that makes the most noise is the one that is seen and gets attention. It is the case with this as well. What we see is darkness and ego created systems flourishing and taking over the planet.

But there is something moving underneath all these falseness, artificiality and deadness. A force more powerful than ego and darkness. It is a force of the human spirit or the eternal spirit that lives within us. The spirit that is expressing life through human and other life forms. This force is far greater than anything that ego can think of or muster to understand. That force is aware of everything and has a purpose. Whatever the ego thinks, it does not matter; we are all part of this greater force and are serving its purpose, however, unconscious we are.

Faith, trust and spiritual force

If we can be aware of it; understand that there is a force far greater than we are and we are part of it. And it is within us. Then the search for it outside of us slowly cease for us as we begin to trust that force within and learn to listen to it and align to it. The realization of this force and trusting it and embracing it allow us to be one with it. When we reach that level of conscious awareness; we are shown another level of truth. With that, we begin another level of self-realization and learn to trust this force and be one with it. From my understanding, this is  entering the kingdom of God.

What we must understand is that the system we all have created has two components. One part is ego and the darkness and the other is the human spirit or eternal spirit that lives within us. Ego can control and manipulate the system to its desires and harm us but it cannot fully take control of it and destroy us...not unless it fully possess all of us. So far, from the surface it seems it has taken control of most and are running amuck on this planet but we must not forget the power of the human spirit. The greater force that lives within us and lies beneath all this deadened artificiality that ego has created.

This greater force is continually working to correct us, correct the error. So it can free us and get us online with it and its creation. It wants to bring us back to our natural state of oneness.

This benevolent force is much more powerful than ego or darkness and has the ability to influence us more than we think. If it cannot correct this error it has the power to dissolve all this and re-create the creation. Ego and darkness have no power over that. Ego and darkness have presumed power because we are not aware of who we are and also not aware of what's going on. Ignorance is our enemy. That is why we must let go of these boundaries and ego distortions within. All these are illusions to our eternal spirit as in truth they do not exist. They are distortion within the mind. Bring clarity and truth or light to them and all this will dissipate.

As we have mentioned above, the more we let go of ego the easier for us to get in touch with this force. It awakens the eternal spirit within which is our true self. Through that we begin to align more to eternal creation; the creation underneath all this deadened artificial reality.

When we begin to align with it, we experience its love, its power and its desire to express through us more and more. We feel the stillness, oneness, and timelessness that we are all part of. Also, we begin to feel it taking care of us, protecting us and assisting us. Assist us to go through a correction process to be part of it. This understanding and knowing, allows us to be more and more trusting and have faith within. This is the way home. Faith and trust in this force allow us to be part of it or in another word enter the kingdom of God.

We also must understand that without us to use and feed on, there is no more ego or darkness. It uses us to exists. Also, it uses us to control systems and manipulate others. We are the host for dark so we must learn to understand and remember who we are. And learn how not let this distortion take control of us and destroy humanity. It is our responsibility as eternal beings. Also, I have mentioned that when we are part of this force and aware that we are part of it. We can access it. We can receive its support and protection. This is the way to live on this planet and still be free. When we are accessing the system, we can ask this force underneath all of this ego distortions to take care of us, to work with us. It is within each and every human and it will take care of us and protect us as long as we are aligned with it. This is how we can be part of this planet but not be part of the distortion.

Time bound tick-tock mechanical beings to timeless eternal beings - March 2016

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Time bound tick-tock mechanical beings to timeless eternal beings - March 2016
Written by Pavithra LH @

  Most of us are comfortable with where we are in our life situations. Even when there is a bit of pain with whatever the situation is; we will ignore it and move on with life as we know, it is more work to change. In a nutshell, we don't like change. Yet, change is the only constant in our lives. But most don't understand it or don't want to believe this to be true in their life. For them, change means leaving behind the comfort that they are in. So they fight against change whenever they can until they are forced to change.
Ancient masters and teachers have mentioned this reality to be an illusion as well as time, and we are timeless beings. But to understand these concepts and be part of that timeless dimension has been a bit of a challenge for most of us as we are still bound by the mind and artificial mind control system and its matrix.

The whole mind control thingy and the mind control game is a psychological trick. It's a trap that most of us don't seem to understand. Ego identity and it's distorted or artificial mind is continually wanting us to believe that what it is telling us and showing us is true and that the eternal spirit and the eternal creation is not something that we are a part of. We are constantly being tricked into believing this lie through many means as dark knows, if we truly realize the truth of who we are, then the game is over and ego is no more nor is the dark.

False stories

So making up elaborate stories upon stories of lies and deceptions through many means for the last thousands of years has been the task of the dark, for its survival. This has succeeded to a level as some of us are so lost in the ego world and not aware of anything other than what we are told or what we are taught; some even fight to keep these lies as truths as they are scared to let go of what they believe. Their thinking is limited to self-created boundaries; they say, we were born to this so this must be the truth; without these beliefs and ideologies who we are? They are scared to ask questions or break out of their boxes that they were born into or they have created for themselves. With all these lies, deceptions and omitted truths, many are scared and fearful to step out and see the truth. So the dark and the ego are safe to live with them as light cannot enter the ignorance and closed minded thinking with all of the boundaries that they have created for themselves.


The mechanical, false thinking which is part of the ego and this distorted mind is something that we have to pay attention and work to free ourselves of. The ego part of us is really tricky as most of us think that the ego identity is who we are. For them there is no difference between the ego identity and eternal self, for them, both are the same. Once in a while, they get a glimpse of their eternal self but they think that is normal, just as ego is. They think the dark and the angel at both shoulder thingy is normal, the way they were born and that is how their whole life is going to be.

This belief is letting them down as they do not see beyond that. This is also polarity thinking. Wherever we look, this is the thinking around us and many believe this to be the truth and how things are on this planet. What if it is not, what if the ancient masters have really figured this out and got out of this polarity thinking? That means we don't need to live our lives in this polarized way either. At this moment on this planet, there are many who have already got out of this thinking and the mind control altogether. Why not us? We can change, we can shift. We can be free from ego and its mind-made fantasy world. We can lean back on our eternal self that is already within us and be part of eternal creation.

Slow down

To do that we must be able to realize what's going on with us and to do that, we have to slow down. I mean really..really... slow down. That means, first finding ways to manage our time and not be distracted by things and people that are continually asking or pulling for our attention.

Tool is using you

The distraction factor is so much these days with all the technological gadgets that we have with us. They are there to serve their purpose but we have to know when to stop using them and not use them as a way to distract ourselves from this moment we are in. For most of the people, these gadgets have become an addiction. They cannot go on without them for a few hours or they will die of boredom. That means the tool, the device is using the person.

Weakness is the user

The main weakness in any weapon, device or tool is their user...meaning us. We are the weakness of any device, not the device. Most of the devices are created to make our lives easy but instead of getting them to do their work we get them to use us. We are their slave, not their master. We are addicted to them and cannot part from them for more than a few minutes.

BE and DO

Why? Because we don't know how to 'BE'. We don't know how to control ourselves. We are distracted by these mundane devices and their promise of wonderland...their fantasy, the thrill.

The mind is so distracted and is craving for more to feed on and all we do is feed it more and more things to 'DO' instead of finding ways to be free of it. We can manage time, manage tasks at hand with conscious awareness so we are not dragged down by the mind and its continuous desire for more...

On the other hand, ego is always in its greedy mode and wants more; it wants to acquire more things to feel secure, so these two things go hand in hand. Ego wants things to acquire and the distorted mind wants things to DO. Both are part of the same distortion but when we look at it this way for some it makes sense.

Time bound life and addictions
The other thing that is part of this puzzle is time. Time is the next thing that mind uses to bind us to this whole psychological trick. When we are trapped in it, we cannot let go of time and its time bound mind or rather we are not aware of this. Watch and see how many times many around us look at their wrist watch. They cannot relax for a moment without letting go of time and time-bound mind that always thinks of the amount of things that they have to do. They are always on the go or their mind is always on the go. THIS IS AN ADDICTION OF THE MIND. Understand this and break free from it now.

This could have been picked up from family or people around or a learned habit that became an addiction. Their priorities are not straight; they are not aligned to the person's highest good but to their ego demands. They are not aware of what they are doing and thinking, or rather ego tells them things that are more important and all they do is believe them and obey the ego demands. Obey their master. One may wonder, with this thinking and habits, how can a person really relax for a moment? They are always bound to the clock and mind. Stillness, peace of mind, now moment, is just a word for them and they can never get there with this kind of thinking and mind. Remember our peace, our happiness is more important than ego demands. Letting go of ego demands must be our priority instead of letting it control us.

Roller coaster ride

This is part of a conditioning of the mind-made world we are in...We see this mostly in the west as they are in a super fast roller-coaster ride with them running to get things done. For them there is so many things to do and so little time to do them, so they get on the roller-coaster ride with others and run to get things done. Ego demands things of them and their priorities in life are mostly ego driven priorities, so they have more things to do and acquire. At the end of the day, they are wasted and it takes a whole lot of time to slow them down and their minds. That is one of the reasons they watch TV or movies, most of the time they sit there and veg in front of the TV watching but not really watching as they feel this is a way to relax. After a while, this also becomes a habit that they find hard to let go. When they need to relax or when they need to get away from something, the mind urges them to go watch something so they can get distracted from that moment and that situation. Watching TV then becomes another comfort just like food or drugs.

Have you felt the difference?

If you are a person who lived in some parts of Asia, Africa or on an island nation where there is more heart energy and less mind energy and then you get to visit North America for a while, if you are conscious, you will be surprised by the busy go-getter world that you now find yourself in. You had to get used to the clock time, the time bound schedules and time-bound mind thinking. Also, you might have noticed, how many things need to get done in a small amount of time and so on.. And also the priorities of the people and you might have wondered, do they really need what they think they need? This is the fast moving world that is time bound and mind energy is so strong and because of that so is ego; it dominates the people. If you are not careful, you'll get swept by the mind of the group field, by the machine.

Some parts of Europe is still holding heart energy so if you have arrived there, you might not feel a big difference and won't be dragged onto the machine but there are countries in Europe that are running heavy mind energies and are fast moving and are run by ego.

Have you experienced this?

Most of the people who went on vacation to a heart energy field for a while out of this mind field gets the time to slow their mind down and be part of the heart energy. They get to breathe life into them, get their body unwound and the shrinking that their whole being was in slowly gets un-shrunk; organs get to breathe and work better, the blood begins to flow better, the dis-ease of the body slowly subsides. The body begins to feel at ease, so there is less-dis-ease.

This is the gift of heart energy, the energy of spirit. In it, the timelessness begins to seep into your being, rejuvenating your life. Remember this feeling? Have you ever wonder, why you felt that way? It's because you were away from the ego and mind dominated group field and entered another world, entered the energy of the heart, energy of the mother.

You will not experience this if you took your work and the gadget to a heart energy world and forced yourself to live the same patterns there while on vacation. You just changed the scenery, not the mind-made thinking that you were holding, in that case, you will not experience what I am talking about.

When you came back from vacation and had to get back on the roller-coaster, you begin to lose this feeling and that comfort you had. You lost that vibrancy you had, the love and lightness you felt; there is a drag feeling, less energy and the body begins to shrink again and the organs are not working the way they were before. You begin to slow down in this fast phase world.

You can simply dismiss this as oh, that was the vacation and now I am back on work world so that's about it. This is how things are, but that is not that case, this happened because you have allowed yourself to enter the mind-made, artificial reality or the world of the ego.

We can still keep at least some of that vibrancy if we pay attention and are conscious of ourselves and our choices and how we are going to be free of ego and this mind-made world while in it.

We can choose to be less mind and more heart and then balance the two where the heart is guiding the mind. Spirit is using the mind as a tool, not the other way, where the mind, the tool, is using us. This way the heart, the spirit is in the driver seat and we can feel the vibrancy of nature and be calm and at peace.

How do we do that? We can begin to be conscious of our thoughts and actions. If we cannot then we can start by slowing down to understand what I am talking about. Then we can manage time wisely giving us more time to BE instead of doing. We can begin to let go of ego and through that ego driven mind. Here are some steps:

First manage time, then in time let go of it altogether

We can create space for peace of mind if we can learn to manage time. Setting time aside for checking mail or phone calls and not be continually texting or emailing back and forth for no real reason but for a mere distraction of ourselves. Set aside time for communication, set aside time for things that needed doing and pay attention not to be distracted by the gadgets and the fun that they hold. If we need fun time with the gadget set aside time for this so our mind is at peace with things. Otherwise, we will find it almost impossible to slow down and breathe as the mind is continuously planning or running many things that needed doing while we are relaxing.That means we are not really relaxing.

Remember, whatever the mind tells us does not matter. If our mind is running, the body cannot really relax. If we think sitting down or lying down while the mind is on a roller coaster is relaxing that is not true, in this state the body will not relax or rejuvenate properly.

I wanted to mention here that when we have got control over this situation, we don't need to have things like this to manage our self.. which is at this state... our mind. When we are where we are free from mind to a certain level, we will automatically know what to do and when to do it.

Become conscious of our thoughts and actions

This is quite a difficult concept for some. If we really need to take control of ego and the mind then paying attention to mind, paying attention to its thoughts and what it really thinks is important otherwise the mind, the tool will run us down, which it is already doing for most on this planet. Ego and this distorted mind are the reason for our pain and lack of peace and joy so pay attention now if you really want to be free of this pain.

Most people are not conscious of themselves. Their mind is running and they have gone offline..meaning their consciousness is off-line or they are unconscious of their thoughts and the actions that come out of it. Same as their emotional reaction to things as they have no control over it. They are unconscious and something has come out and expressed itself. When they become conscious for a brief moment, they wonder what did they say or what did they do. They are ashamed of what they have become. So become conscious now so we are not run by something else.

Watch our ego

Most of the desires we have are ego desires, the desire to dominate, control and acquire are to sustain ego. If we begin to pay attention we will see greed as the underline reason for many. Begin to see what is the motivation for our thoughts. Ego is in the driver seat for many and we are not even aware that something foreign that has taken control of us. So we must be aware of this foreign identity that got created from childhood and not let it control our lives anymore. Watch your desires and needs. What are they? What is the underline motive behind them?

If there is fear then that is ego fear, not ours

Watch in what way fear arises within us. Begin to understand the underlining reason for this. Understand that it is coming from ego, not from our true self; the eternal self of ours do not have fears, it is free of them. Ego creates fears and it also creates lack, limitations, and many other distortions. Most of these are mind made what ifs, future projections. We can understand and face this fear instead of hiding from it or giving in to it. Also, remember if we are seeking to control, that means we are in fear of something.. Read this post.. and this post.

Prioritize things

What is most important and what is least important? Think about it. You are the highest priority!, Your spiritual evolution, your freedom from ego is the highest priority in this life. Many things that we think that we want to do or have are at a higher priority in our mind but are not really a higher priority. They are superficial things that the ego craves and push for to make them the higher priority. Learn to see them for what they are and not give them that priority, they are of a lesser priority or should not be part of our life at all.

Manage your addictions

Most of the negative habits and patterns we hold have become some sort of addiction for us. Just a simple thing like text messaging. Most cannot sit down and have a conversation or meal together without texting. They are so distracted that they don't even understand what they are doing. Some are even browsing while having a conversation with the other. One can wonder, how can a person really listen and pay attention to a communion between two people when their mind is somewhere else. There are so many addictions and negative habits that we can learn to let go of if we can pay attention to ourselves. If we are conscious of ourselves, we can notice these patterns and change them.

Use nature as a guide

Nature is the best gift we have from spirit. The piece of eternal creation is still in nature and it is holding that stillness for us in most areas of this planet. So find time to be in nature. Work with nature to get rid of the density and the mind stuff that pollute your being. Allow nature to teach you to be silent, how to surrender, how to let go and be.

Time to BE

Find more and more time for yourself. Just to be, just to contemplate, just to be in nature, just to connect with the greater self that is within you. Breathe... Find time just to breathe in between all the chaos... just let go for a moment and breathe. When we reach a place of stillness and peace, we will begin to understand what the ancient masters have talked about long ago. We will know with experience how and why time is an illusion. Why most of the things are a psychological trick, then we can begin to slowly free our self from this illusion.

We can choose to be the time bound 'tick-tock' mechanical beings or the timeless eternal beings; it's our choice.

Inspiration to write this came when my partner finally purchased a cell phone this week. The next morning he begins to receive text messages, asking for his attention from others who are constant users of text messaging. We thought of how we should manage this, and as a result, how to set up boundaries became the subject of conversation. This lead to time and time bound lies that people create for themselves.


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