Different levels of spiritual evolution

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Sometimes we tend to look at a person and ask ourselves, why can't they move beyond the level they are.? Why are they just keep on staying in that same spot for years? Can't they can work on their spiritual evolution more, it seems they have stopped somehow....? hmmmm

There might be a reason for this. Of cause we might see them trapped in another ego illusion but they can get free if they wanted to, so why? It might be that they are done with their spiritual agreement for this life time. They might be just learning or acquiring merits so they can complete their evolution on another life time. This might be a strange thing to say at a time like this as there seems to be so many people and so many opportunities and also much energies coming to assist us with our evolution faster as the earth itself it moving up.

In some cases with certain people it might not be the case. There are people who have agreements and abilities, this means mostly DNA capabilities in this life time. It seems some are here only to complete their soul level, this seems to consist majority of people. There are others who can go up to over soul level of their spiritual evolution in this life time. Then there are some who can go up to Avatar level, the amount of people that are on this stage seems to be lesser than over soul level. Also there are few who have come to complete their journey as Ascended masters.

All levels of beings are around us working to complete what they came here to do and finish the work or to continue their evolution next life time. Recent events with someone close to me caused me to really look at a situation and realize why some people seems to be giving up on their work. The reason seems to be that they are done for this life and it's a matter of finishing whatever they have to finish and move on. This was sad thing to realize but we all have our own paths and destinations.


Be careful for what you ask, you might get it

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Be careful for what you ask, you might get it

Some of us are still driven by ego and its demands. Every day, it has a list of things that it wants. Unfortunately for us, we think ego is who we are and its demands are what our desires and needs are. If we are not aware of this situation, every moment our mind manipulates our emotions and we crave for these desires. Our emotions and our minds are trapped in this false fantasy reality every second of the day and are never free till we get what we think we wants. Ego self if so cunning with its trickery, we become obsessed. We are so convinced that we cannot live without them, so we do anything and everything to achieve these needs, desires.

This is the true for most of us, we live the life being tricked by ego and are working to fulfill its nefarious desires. When we believe these needs to be ours without really listening to our heart, our spirit, we give in to them. We go head over heels to convince ourselves and others around us that what we are after is the real thing and without them we cannot live. We have good excuses and reasons for why we need them and why we cannot live without them. And to us those reasons are true. So we pray to our guides, teams and God, asking to receive these needs.

Surprisingly, sometimes we get what we asked for and then after sometimes, we realize what we so happily received was not what we really want. It might give us temporary pleasure, gratification and the ego seems to be happy that it got it but all that does not last for long. Ego probably is asking for more or something else meanwhile our heart is telling us what we got was not really aligned to our highest good and in fact what we got is hurting us and effecting our spiritual evolution.

At this stage we slowly begin to realize why we got this when we asked for. It is because we needed to learn this lesson. We have been tricked by our mind, ego and its multitude of personalities. It has gotten us to crave for something that is hurting us and our spiritual journey. We might have given up things that we truly needed in order to get this superficial blahhh. Furthermore when we got this only we might have realized that this is not the real thing we needed, in fact if we listen carefully, we will know the reason why ego was using us to go after this.

Now, what we need is to change our thinking and not let ego and its desires take over us which buffers true desires of the spirit. Now is the time we see through the veil of lies and become self realized of who we are. This is not an easy task, as there are so many desires of the flesh, desires to cover up the emptiness it feels and other ego fears that are covered up as things that needed achieving etc. All this is what ego throws at us convincing that without them we cannot live. It's a well fabricated fantasy that is being woven over our minds convincing us this is what we need. But these are ego desires, fears and they are the reason we are continually trapped in this cycle. If we can see through ego desires and embrace the spiritual path and listen to our spirit then we are free of these ego traps.

Most times ego is so convincing, so we get trapped in its false fantasy of how the life should be and live our whole life trapped in a fantasy reality, trapped without knowing who we really are.

So when we ask for something, we have to be really sure of what we ask, or we might get what we have asked for and then regret for asking it. Spirit has a sense of fun so it might give us what we have asked for and let us have the pleasure of learning the lesson we needed to learn in the first place.


Going against others wishes

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When someone did something to hurt you and your family or friends, you face a challenge of going against their wishes to heal your wounds. Most hold on to what happened, they like the wound and don't want healing to happen. Whatever the event was, it threatened their ego's image that it held and it is angry, it wants revenge, it wants the other go down, hard. The empty shell that ego held had a small crack with this event and the person responsible for this must pay, it says. It made an enemy out of this event and it won't let go.

This is how ego perceive the event and the person is unaware of the inner mechanics of how this works but for them they feel threatened, they in this case is ego in the driver seat. So they are looking for ways to tarnish the image of the other person and find ways to get back at the person.

Mean while you feel the pain but understand what has happened and know that the ego within you is hurt and you not are letting ego takes the lead in your mind. In fact you are looking for ways to forgive, let go of the pain and bring peace to you. You are bringing more and more awareness to the event and stay in the moment as ego complains. You are willing to mend relationships, forgive and move on but you have a huge challenge against you. The people around you do not want you to forgive, do not want you to have a relationship with the person that apparently hurt you. In some cases this is where we are with situations and relationships. We have to face our own inner distortions and others as well. It's a challenge to go against the wishes of the people around you. They stand on your way.

They ask you, don't you have shame? How can you forgive someone like that? What's wrong with you? That person hurt you, you must ever let them in. They seems to have completely forgotten or unaware of humanness, that people make mistakes, that who we are and what's the purpose of our existence. And they want to live their lives holding grudges, hurting others and having enemies in their life. In find, they find it enjoyable to talk about the other in a negative way and hurt their image, finding faults in their character and somehow or other make the other pay for what they have done.

In all these cases the ego is the one who got hurt and it is the one that is seeking revenge but we are so unaware of this fact, we think ego personality is who we are and we are giving in to this life style unaware of the consequences it brings to us. Living a spirit driven life among these kind of personalities is a challenge. Many ask frequently, including myself, how do you deal with them?, as they are a force against spirit driven life.

But there is a another fact that we rarely see. Life brings us people and situations to make us more aligned to sprit. So these are challenges, lessons that we must face; lean the lesson and move on. This is how life works, these are facts. If we don't see it this way we get hurt. We cannot personalize the event and say that it is a good or bad event. It is just an event that was brought in by life and we are to face it and move on. Everybody gets what they need, and that's how it works. We are not victims of the event, or the life. Otherwise we get dragged in to human drama and we think we are victims of life.

We all find our own ways to deal with situations, but we must remember it is all ego. Patience, understanding where they are coming from, seeing ego traps, finding neutral communication or non threatening communication so the ego do not feel challenged by us, explanations that might make the ego feel less threatened, finding peaceful resolution among people. Best way is to not let others ego feel threaten by you and your decision. However standing for what we believe and not letting go of our ideals and believe is a must. I say for all us, whatever the neutral method we choose we must not give up our way of life what we are building with eternal spirit. Those teachings and living must be in the forefront of our lives whatever we do.

Good luck

ධර්මය රකින්නා ධර්මය විසින් අරක්ශා කරයි

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ධර්මය රකින්නා ධර්මය විසින් අරක්ශා කරයි

He who protects/live aligned to the Dharma is protected by Dharma - Buddha

One who lives aligned to the natural creational laws are protected by the natural laws. The Dharma or teachings of any religion that has teachings that are in alignment to the natural laws or explain how the natural laws work are there to support us.

When we learn and live by these Dharma or teachings then we align ourselves to the creation and its natural laws. These are the laws of one. Creational laws that are there for all beings and all thing. Things work in alignment to these laws in natural creation, the laws explain how the mechanics of creation work. We simply have forgotten what these laws are and live in disharmony of them. When we live in disharmony we cause harm to the creation as well as to ourselves.

The saying says that the ones who protects or in alignment to the Dharma are protected by the Dharma. It does not say it is done by any god, deity or entity. It says the Dharma is protecting those who are in align to it. Worshipping any entity or god is not mentioned in here. How can Dharma protect anyone, it simply is a teaching, a bunch of information explaining how to live? If we try to understand this, in this case Dharma is the explanation of how the laws, the mechanics of the creation works. When we live by them they assist us to be in alignment to the creation and its creational force. It gets us out of the way of living against the creational force and also assist us to be in alignment so the force can take care of us. So the result is the creation/creator can protects its children/creation.

The purpose of the creational force is to support the creation in whatever the way it works and protects the creation and its children. That means protects us, support us, provide for us, basically take care of us. When we live align to the force we allow it to do what it meant to do. But when we are against it, then it cannot take care of us. This is when we feel like we are being abandoned, nothing's working for us and all the support seems to be going the other way. When this happens we have to look and see how we are not living by the Dharma and make and attempt to live by them. When we are against this force, the nature, then what we create is artificial, and that takes lot of effort as we are doing something against the force, against the natural flaw. Then we feel that we have to work hard to make things happen. This is the way of the mind and its false self ego. We must learn to see ego's ways and what natural ways are so we can work with natural force, making things easy for us.

It's just like a leaf, it doesn't try to go against the wind, it simply allows the wind to take it where it suppose to go. There seems to be surrender and trust. No big effort is needed by the leaf to travel, it simply allow, by aligning to the laws, meaning be a part of the creation. If the leaf is communicating with the force then it must be asking the force to take it somewhere that is supporting whatever the purpose it suppose to be. From what we can see, there is effortlessness and a purpose to everything; that means this creational force is highly conscious and aware of everything that the creation needs. So being in alignment to it, and allow is what is being ask of us, if we want to live peacefully in this creation.

Many religious teachings were from masters who understood these laws. They leaned and lived by these laws so the creation expressed itself through them effortlessly. With this understanding, they explain what they know to others so they too can live by these laws. Some say they perform miracles, the creation is a miracle itself. If the creation is expressing itself through these masters then they too were used to perform miracles.

These masters gave example in the forms or parables or stories to make the person understand what they meant. Some understood and others did not. These teachings are something that the person must live by and become part of them, then only they can really 'know' what these teachings meant. Over time, some of the disciples wrote these teachings down in whatever the way they understood. Some of the teachings are accurate, some are not and the others are somewhat not sure what that meant to a normal person, or misunderstood by many; till they live by these teachings and really understood what the real or the hidden meaning behind them.

Over the last thousands of years some of these teachings were lost, re-written or misunderstood. Others were distorted by ego driven people who were hungry for power and control. What we have right now is a mix of everything, so our job is to figure it out and live by them, so we too can be protected by Dharma.

ධර්ම ධානය ලොව උතුම්ම ධානයයි



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Dhammapada -

For your light reading, some of the Buddhist teachings that were translated from Pali text.

    Though little he recites the Sacred Texts but acts in accordance with the teaching, forsaking lust, hatred and ignorance, truly knowing, with mind well freed, clinging to naught here and here after, he shares the fruits of the Holy life. 

     He whose senses are subdued, like steeds well trained by a charioteer, he whose pride is destroyed and is free from the corruptions, - such a steadfast one even the gods hold dear.

    Like the earth, a balanced and well-disciplined person resents not. He is comparable to an Indrakhila. Like a pool, unsullied by mud, is; to such a balanced on life's wanderings do not arise.

      Health is the highest gain. Contentment is greatest wealth. The trusty are the best kinsmen. Nibbhana is the highest bliss.

    Hunger is the greatest disease. Aggregates are the greatest ill. Knowing this as it really is (the wise realize) Nibbhana, bliss supreme.

    Just as the merchant, with a small escort and a great wealth, avoids a perilous route, just as one desiring to live avoids the poison, even so should one shun evil things.

   Calm in his mind, calm in his speech, calm in his actions, who rightly knowing , is wholly freed, perfectly peaceful and equipoised.

There is only this moment in time

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There Is Only This Moment In Time
Written by Joe Machney @ starcrystalportal.com
Everything is only a moment in time, a memory, a drop in the ocean of your life. It sounds poetic but I feel there is something to this.............

When you experience some time spent with a close friend, and you have a deep meaningful conversation where you both walk away feeling moved by the moment, it may last with you for awhile and it will in time become a happy memory that the both of you shared together. Should you meet the person again and try and repeat a similar conversation it is quite probable that it will not happen and at best the experience will feel similar, but it will never be the same as the first time. There is a reason for this.

When you look at life as a series or collection of moments than you are able to let go of attachments to them and the past. This allows for the emotional body to mature more. When a moment with a close friend, or someone whom you haven't seen for a time, is shared, it becomes a treasure for you, a special time in your life. Trying to repeat that moment with that person only leads to disappointment as there is a contract between you and that person where you are both suppose to share the time and experience together and then it will be over, the golden moment will pass and you will be asked by your spirit to move on with your life. Should you need to meet that person again and share another moment, than it will be arranged by spirit for the exchange. If not than it is important that you let that be ok.

This is a deeper and I feel more mature way of understanding friendships and the need to understand yourself better, get to know yourself more and realise that you need to be your own best friend. People will come and go in your life, but you will always have yourself. When you go to bed at night and all the noise has died down and you are alone, are you at peace with yourself? Or does the person with their arms around you give you an emotional safety net or a security that you have invested in them instead of investing in yourself?

Is it fair to ask or expect this of another human being? What if something changes? The sooner a person understands that change is the only constant in their life the sooner they will be free from bindings that they didn't even know they had. Expectations placed upon another person so that they live up to what you want them to be binds and chains both you and them, hindering growth for both parties. When one understands that there is only this moment in time then the time shared with another is always priceless because everything is given into that lone moment and you are at your very best. The people in your life are there to teach you this lesson.

This article was published in August 2016 News Advertiser paper.
Image extracted from: http://www.newsadvertiser.com/news/thisweek/index.html#9/z

Scientist and the alchemist

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Scientist and the alchemist

There is not a big difference between a scientist who performs a science experiment and a spiritual alchemist that performs an alchemical process. The only difference is that one is working in the inner realms while the other in the outer realms which can be seen as working from different points of view. One is working with the unseen, intangible, while the other with the seen and tangible.

The spiritual process that most of us go through can be looked at as an alchemical process. Just like turning lead into gold we are going through a process of alchemy. There are many levels of alchemy, some go through mind transformation while the others go through both mind and body transformation. In this case, the unseen, intangible things are the ingredients and understanding of the natural laws of the cosmos and our minds and bodies are the components where we turn ourselves into gold. This is a complex process that involves many steps, conditions and different ingredients on the way to attaining this. We will begin to see a glimmer within us once in awhile as we go along and test our theories. We experience something different every time we go through another level of alchemy. This transformation requires the understanding of spiritual laws and being in alignment with them.

Sometimes, we are placed in seclusion to perform another level of transformation. In these times, many including our egos will fight against the process as part of the transformation is neutralizing ego and it's unnecessary materialistic attachments to the world of things and thought. This is the time our friends, families, and our ego selves resist and complain that they want freedom from all these restrictions that are being forced upon them. They want this done their way; preferably not hindering with their life that they have been living so comfortably (not so). There are many barriers and resistances that we face as we go through our journey.

One of them that comes up often is that the person who goes through this process is not anymore a son, a daughter, a father, a mother, a sister or a brother of anyone who claims to have ownership of them. This is ego fears talking through them. These people are no longer anyone's, they belong to this great force that is taking them on this journey of awakening. They belong to God or in another word Eternal spirit. If we think they belong to us because they are our 'so and so' and they must do as we think, then we are going against the forces of nature. This is against a natural alchemical process and against a natural spiritual evolution that each and every one of us must go through at one point in time. It is inevitable, no one is excluded. Whether it be this lifetime or another it will come for us as it has come for them as our spirit wants us awakened to this truth. It wants all of us to be free.

But as the people close to us go through this process, we forget all of this and fear creeps in. All reasons fail to explain why they allow themselves to go through this painful process. We especially forget that this is an alchemical process and one must go through part of their spiritual evolution and also that there are some conditions that need to be met for this to work. For example planetary or cosmic alignments and the energy changes in planet grids etc.  Just like in a science experiment, it needs certain conditions and some restraint. The lab needs to be cleaned, the area needs to be secured, and no interference from others who are unaware of the process. Also, the ingredients must be gathered and placed or prepared in a certain order. Without all this how can a scientific experiment bring in the required results? If we miss the perfect condition then we have to do it again and again till we make it work. This is the same case with alchemy, everything must be in a certain order and sometimes the subjects must be isolated; certain thinking and ways of life must be lived to obtain the required results.

For ours and others ego, all this is confusing and whatever the reason we give falls on deaf ears. They demand that we give up or do it their way. This request is not truly aligned to any of their greater selves. This way is ego's way coming from fear and desire to control. Most of all they are not aware who is running the show for them with those demands. Even sometimes we are not aware of ego effects in us and so complain. It is the ego within all of us that is scared to be burned in this process. The spirit within knows the process and is guiding us through. They say we are crazy to do this as there are no tangible financial or otherwise benefits from this. That may be so from one point of view but what is the purpose of our existence?. Also, if we truly dig deep, are we happy and at peace with the life we live? We all know the answer.

If we really look at what is going on from a scientific point of view, even though the process and the results are intangible to many who are only seeing from the materialistic and tangible point of view that does not mean the process is not working. It is working in the eyes of the eternal spirit and the ones who can see the inner realms.

Science and spiritual alchemy are the same if we begin to change our perspective. Both bring forth results if we can have the patience to see, understand and go through it. Scientists believe in certain laws and believe that if they make a certain combination of ingredients and change things in a certain way then they may achieve what they hope for. There is a certain level of faith in it, both are working to prove what they believe. They believe in certain laws, some of which are universal laws. Spiritual alchemists believe in natural laws that govern the cosmos and with that they expand their understanding, change their thinking beliefs and values;, as well as change their way of life and how they live it.

All this is part of alchemy. Though we cannot measure our moral values or expanded awareness through test tubes or scales like the scientists do, there is something inside that is slowly beginning to show itself. It is the amount of freedom, peace, and humility that comes through us which are mostly inner achievements and are intangible to many. Though after some time these inner changes begin to manifest in the outer realm of the material world in the form of a changed person. The result is the peaceful, loving and calm person that is not wavering in the stormy waters while others are struggling to survive. Also, they might reach higher levels within the material realms because of their inner changes which by now have reached the level where that can be seen in the outer realms. But we must remember that this does not come automatically or by luck for these people; this needs hard work and the following of inner guidance. They have participated in a spiritual alchemical process to be who they are now.

From a certain point of view, those who go through the process of inner alchemy and transform their mind and body are no different than a scientist. They have figured out the laws and are living by them through their thoughts and life. In a way they are the experiment. At this modern age, we can call them spiritual scientists.


Interview in St. Paul Journal

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Joe's books can be found on Amazon.com

Joe on Radio

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Joe on Radio

Interview on Country 106.5 Radio on July 12th 2016:

Interview on THE SPUR 97.5 FM Radio on July  25th 2016:

VNA reporter publishes novels

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VNA reporter publishes novels
Rosanne Fortier
Copied from http://www.newsadvertiser.com/news/thisweek/index.html

Being creative can be a real asset when you’re a reporter! Vegreville News Advertiser reporter, Joe Machney is a local author from Myrnam, Alberta who took this trait of his further as he has had three novels published-The Legends of Zyrah, The Doors of Dawn and The Darkness within the Dwarves.

Joe started writing novels when he was 17 years-old. “My earliest memory of when I was first inspired to write fiction is when I read the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien when I was 12 years-old and it was my favorite book for the longest time.”

“When I first started writing fiction, I used it as a way to express myself because I was very introverted as a kid; my whole world was in my head. So, I used writing as a way to create a world for myself that I couldn’t live in the real world; I created almost an alternate reality in my head and eventually I put that on page because I didn’t feel that a lot of people understood me very well and I was bullied in school, so I needed an outlet for that and writing allowed me a vehicle to express myself in a way that I couldn’t do in my own physical reality.

“I continued to write novels because it felt like the right time as I had enough experiences in life to use the book to teach people about spirituality in the sense of finding more peace within themselves. There are parts of my first book that are from experiences in my life and some parts have been changed to make it into a story. The first story is about alchemy; in the sense the characters in the story are very raw and quite simple. There is nothing complicated about them but the path they take due to the situations they are presented with, they have to go inside themselves and figure out who they are and what they want in life and through doing that, they conquer a lot of inner-demons and perceptions they have of themselves so they can become as in alchemy, gold or an enlightened state. This is like leaving the material world for a higher sense of purpose.

“I like to write fiction because there are no boundaries to it; there is no right or wrong way to do it. It’s your world you created; every story has characters that can shape-shift for example. There’s a freedom in it. The whole series I wrote has to do with finding more freedom in your life. It’s asking people to let go of all their baggage and define inner freedom for themselves in whatever form it takes. It’s my way of expressing what my idea of a utopia society should be like; a world where everyone is accepted. There’s no judgments placed on people and everyone is unique. In my three books, I bring in what I feel are the positive attributes of each religion and their belief systems and I put them in a way in my mind that constructs a societal model that would make for a happy and fair world.

“When you write a non-fiction book, you’re limited to certain society structures, laws of physics that the world defines,” Joe explained.

Joe said he got his ideas for his stories because he studied metaphysics and multiple dimensions. He used these to add depth to the stories and situations.

To make Joe’s stories become real in the reader’s mind, he sympathizes with the characters and he thinks of them as real entities. “I want my characters to be able to grow and evolve. My attitude is we are spirits having a human experience, so with that, when we discard any man-made boundaries, structures or systems, we have spirit that moves the world and everything is part of it and my novels are about returning back to that.”

When Joe was asked how his family and friends reacted to his writing novels, he said they were all very proud of him doing this. Joe’s wife inspires him the most to write because of what he learned from her and the time he spent in Europe was also helpful.

It took Joe 20 years to write his first book and, he wrote 10, 000 words in 2004 on his second book and it took him about six months after that to finished writing it, and the third one took him a year to write. “As far as being disciplined to write, I said I would write at least 1000 words every morning and I would do that. As a writer, you allow the intuition side of yourself to come through and your analytical mind is able to use it with its systemic facilities. You get out of your own way and let the book come through you. Then to find a publisher, I went on-line to find different ways to get the books into print.” The advice Joe would give inspiring authors is to not struggle so much with it and let go of any boundaries and let it come through and don’t give up.

“Reporting and fiction writing can compliment each other but the people I encounter as a reporter are real people. Then I can use the character traits of the people I meet through reporting and mix them together with characters in my books. Reporting also gets me to use the left and right side of my brain and this skill helps me write my books as well. “Being able to cultivate creativity is one of the best gifts in life and you will never be bored if you can write fiction; you will always entertain yourself this way,” Joe said as a final statement of why it is so good to write for a living. To get more information or to purchase Joe Machney’s novels go to Amazon.com or Amazon.ca and type in The Legend of Zyrah.

Caption: VNA reporter: Vegreville News Advertiser’s reporter, Joe Machney holds up the three novels he wrote and had published: The Legends of Zyrah, The Doors of Dawn and The Darkness within the Dwarves. (Rosanne Fortier/photo)

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