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The Doors of Dawn by Joseph Machney is book two in The Legend of Zyrah Series. It is a fantasy tale that contains deeper meaning and resonances depending on the reader. Every person brings different experiences and in turn gains distinctive insights from reading.

The story opens with the youngsters in the village planning a special place. There is some underlying excitement about the participants and the families, but the play is much more than it seems to be on the surface. Brendan, the main character and actor, finds wisdom form a chance met stranger who explains to him about the harnessing the power of the chakras and the universality of the natural world. His guide also has the ability to shape shift. His guide isn’t the only one who can shape shift.

The adults in the story aren’t open to the mysticism that the children willingly accept, similar to the concept that the uncomplicated nature of children can see and hear things that adults ignore. To say much more does get into spoilers. Suffice to say there is a danger threatening the village, part of it is due to ignoring their surroundings and spiritual states,
for the practical everyday elements.

Author Joseph Machney’s tale has the feel of a fable. It is easy for anyone to read, but like a fable, it lingers in the mind, bringing more awareness with time. There is also an organic flow and tranquility to the prose. People of all ages could benefit from reading The Doors of the Dawn. It would serve as an excellent vehicle for a book discussion group too.

- Silver fox http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/AE1PH6HLFU3TV/ref=cm_cr_dp_pdp

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