Connecting the dots in your life
 Things happen for a reason. This is a statement that many people say these days and there is a lot of freedom with it, but also there needs to be a level of responsibility that goes with it as well. You cannot live a life of recklessness and carefree abandon, at least not all the time. You have been given a path, a life to live. This is supposed to be God's life experiencing what life is about through you.

This is not to add stress or put the dreaded word responsibility onto your shoulders, which means the ability to respond. No, it is about understanding why things have happened in your life. When you look through your lens of perception how often is it clouded by past experiences? These clouds block your truth, the truth of why you were told to go left and not right at any particular time. If you feel you have done something wrong in your life, ask yourself how you felt when you were doing that thing. The chances are good that the guidance was there to not do that thing at that time. This was your intuition guiding you.

What I've noticed through my experiences is that nobody is so far off the track of their life that they cannot return to it and make an amazing contribution and worthwhile life for themselves. Everything is a lesson, it really is, and you are in a classroom from the day the doctor smacks you on your bottom to send you on your way into your life. There is a peace with this and the best part about it all is that there is never any judgement thrust upon you at the end of it all. You only judge yourself, and this you are taught to do. Read that again, this you are taught to do. Now think about the freedom in that. You have a choice in everything.

This connecting the dots is most personal and it is because God is personal through your unique expression. The dots are what God wants to express through you. It is not really a matter of not having free will, but rather letting God take the wheel of your life so that you can just enjoy the ride and not let the rough roads of the ego jerk you around. Be kind to yourself and don't let fear crept in where love ought to be. There is a reason things happen and no matter what happened, it was a dot, a signpost on your travels, of being the person that you are. Joe