My partner was telling me about some of her challenges in respects to friendships the other night and I offered her some guidance that I felt I would like to share here. She spoke about a friend that she considered a sister and the times that she spent with her were most special to her and she missed this person. I offered her the idea that what she missed were those times that she spent with her. This analogy led to a deeper conversation about the nature of relationships and friendships and how they are all moments in time and cannot be held onto and carried over into the present time.

This is very similar to a music piece that her and I heard on a vacation at a beach resort where the atmosphere and ambiance created was a beautiful memory for us. It was a moment in time and I feel that it needs to be seen as that only, because if it isn't then it will keep us in the past and not allow us to move forward with our life.

Nothing stays the same and the memories that she shared with people or situations need to remain at those times and are actually building blocks for her and that person and for a time the both of them together. It is part of their spiritual journey and as it is seen in this light, then there is no longer an attachment to her friend which is emotionally draining for the both of them.

Especially when it comes to spiritual work that we came here to do which needs our full time and attention; so most of the time there is no time to spend on nurturing the relationships as we all have our own parts to play and do in fulfilling the piece of our puzzle in this cosmic work.

The emotional body does not understand this fact and seeks the comfort that comes from the relationship. This is something that the person needs to work at to heal the emotional body so it does not seek outside comfort.   Joe

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