Hauntings from My Past

One’s past is who they use to be, or as most people think of it, it is what they did that makes them who they are today. With everything you always have a choice and your truth is just that, YOURS. There is never any time but now so that means that the past never happened, and it would do me so much healing to look at it from this point of view. My experiences were moments in time that left more of an impact than others did, because they were meant as lessons for me to learn. If I see them as lessons and nothing more than that then I lose the emotional attachment to them and most importantly, I lose the judgement upon myself.

If I have wronged someone say ten years ago and I meet that person, it is natural for that last moment with them to be the first thing that comes to mind at the reunion, but forgiving myself and in so doing this I am asking for forgiveness from the other person, I can move forward in the relationship, should I feel that is the direction that I wish to go with this person. The past can haunt me only as long as I choose to let it, and if the person feels that they need to remind me of what I did and hang that over my head forever, than that is their choice, I do not need to participate with that guilt pattern. My past can be healed by me and my future will be as bright as I choose it to be.

One’s past is only echoes and in time they fade like sound waves bouncing around in a cave. It is I who adds fire to them and keeps them alive. Should the people continually remind me of what I have done, then I can choose to not be in their company any longer. I am my own master and my spirit cannot move me forward with one foot in the past. This is the importance of forgiving me.

I am here to complete a 26,000 year cycle and must remain focused on my goal of ascension. I have been alive for thousands of years in many different bodies as many different people. My lifetimes number in the thousands and this needs to be my driving force forward every morning, noon and night. The haunting from my past are of no use to me in my present moment and they will only distort my reality and my future. All the people in my life past and present are teachers for me, each bringing a lesson of love and forgiveness, and it is my job to get my emotional body to understand this and not let it weigh me down with the past. Live and love now and my past and future will change around me, in this moment. This now moment, of which is the only time there is.

Talk about a self-motivation speech!