Mystical Writings From A Spiritual Journey New E-book

We just received the cover page for new e-book, Mystical Writings from a Spiritual Journey, and we are so excited about it!

The cover page was done by my niece Ashani in Sri Lanka, who is a Graphic Designer. She is in the process of building her site and going in to business. She is an amazing artist, and I was blown away by the different copies she to us so that we could select a cover for this e-book. I was always enchanted by the fantasy art work and really enjoyed their gift of imagination. What a wonderful gift these beings are to the world. If you are interested in logos, banners, cover pages or any other related services, please contact us and we are happy to introduce her to you and bring that imagination to enhance your business. Her website is still under construction, but I'll post the URL for you:

I am posting a copy of the cover page for you to see, it's amazing. The e-Book is almost done, we just have to re-read and publish it, and will be up and running in a few days.