Past Lives are the Changing Seasons on Your Journey Home
Reincarnation is the continuation of your spirit after the death of your body and is accepted as a part of the life cycle of a human being, on their way to leaving this Earth plain of existence. I feel that there is much truth to this and it is mirrored in the nature kingdoms on this planet as well. It is all about cycles and completion. The Earth goes through four seasons, spring is about birthing, summer is about blooming and growth, autumn is about maturity and wisdom as is seen in all the colors of the changing leafs on the trees, and finally comes winter, which is about sleeping and inner peace, shown by the quietness of a cold winter's day, and the chill of the night. As the weather warms, it welcomes spring again, and the cycle continues anew. It is beautiful; it is art.
Our lives are the same and the cycles are represented in our many lives as we learn and grow to the point where it is time to leave this plain and return to spirit, where we came from. Like a slow-moving river, so do the days and lifetimes of our lives continue on and on, over rock and under tree, slowly but surely making its way to the vast ocean of consciousness that is part of everything.

The people that come and go in your life are but streams coming into the river and then changing course as you continue on, some staying awhile and adding much clarity to the clouded, murky bits of your many lives, and others only come in for a short while to add a ripple of excitement to your river. Centuries go by as your life-stream meanders through the many lands, with their hills and valleys, and each time you gather experiences that become buried, but still remain, as you transition from life to life, on your way to completing your journey, your reason for being here. All the way the seasons mirror your path, a reassurance that you are being taken care of, that you are loved eternally, always.

As pebbles are thrown into your stream, you flow over them without hesitation, as death cannot hurt you any longer as you understand the truth of life, and your part in the huge ocean of consciousness. The rough waters of emotion only add to your excitement, nothing more, nothing more, as you continue on, life after life, through relationships, through lands, and houses. Through loves and losses, and jobs and schools, one thing always remains, the truth that you are the river of spirit, throughout your many lives and many seasons...always and forever.