Role-playing, exit..... stage left please

One's past is where you came from and can be a springboard to see where one is going as well. People have a choice to see life as a pathway of evolution or just a day to day existence. Letting one's job dictate their position in life is putting a box around themselves, a box that society has created. A couple generations ago a person's identity was defined by their job and social position in their life. I remember going to a funeral when I was a kid and hearing people say stuff about the deceased like "He was a good worker." What a mind blow! What was the person like? How much love to he give in his life? How many people did he touch in his life? Who cares how hard he worked!?

When one says "I am a dentist." or "I am a brick layer." they often feel that this is their identity, yet when the clock strikes 5pm they are no longer a dentist or a brick layer, are they? No, they are now a father, or husband. So actually one's roles in life change often and at the end of it you are left with all these titles of what you were during your life and you realise that none of them were actually who you really were, only masks that you wore, only costumes.

So who are you really? Who am I? As I let that question sink in for me I notice the silence that comes before my ego comes up with an 'answer'. That is who I really am and who you really are. The more you let that truth shine through your mask that you must wear throughout your life, the more authenticity will come forth and the more you will shine that light for others and their role-playing. Doing this will allow you to bring more heart and spirit into everything that you do and everyone that you meet. Then you will have a deathless name, just like the energy that is your true self.