Teaching spiritual concepts through stories... 
Have you ever noticed that, sometimes some of the spiritual concepts are hard to understand in their raw form when it is expressed or written? It's like, sometimes we cannot relate to it fully to get the idea to match our situations or circumstances. But if it was in a movie or a story we might get it as the characters are living it more of as an expression so that it may be used as a model. 

 This is the purpose of stories and parables that have been told in the ancient days.. They might not be from a real situation that has happened, but it was told in that way, in such details, so that the person who is reading it can relate to it and learn from it ...perhaps even model it. 

The purpose of our spiritual fantasy novels is to bring that sort of teaching to you in a story telling manner. So the knowledge and wisdom that we acquired from our own experiences are shown to you through characters and situations. To understand their lifestyles, their attitudes and behaviors; so you may have a glimpse of their past, upbringing and why they are there in that space and why they are doing what they do. 

 We invite you to take the journey with us on this spiritual fantasy novel series so that you can get a glimpse of that knowledge that we are learning and channeling through our God self/eternal spirit in to these novels.