Twelve Virtues  from the New book - The Darkness within the Dwarves

Here is what the old dwarf from the book had to say about twelve virtues......

He raised his stick and pointed out the paintings. "These seven virtues and their animals are how the races of the world will live in peace and harmony, with these attitudes. The lotuses you see represent beauty, purity and most importantly rebirth. When the frequencies of the seven virtues form the grid that this structure was manifested to deliver begins to transmit, the land of the island of Zyrah will cleanse the people of any impurities that the dark dwarf has set up with his seeds of darkness and the land and races will become one for all time. They will understand that the earth does not belong to the races but the races belong to the earth. The law of one teachings will begin for all the races at that moment my children."

"Seven virtues?" asked Glaneth.
He looked kindly at the young elf, "In truth there are twelve."

He asked the others to sit down in a circle with him. He looked at the four faces as they waited with anticipation, like children waiting for an enlightening story from a respected elder. They knew that what he was about to say would be wise, deep, important, and long-winded. So they made themselves comfortable.

"The twelve virtues that one must follow in life will lead them to a pure spirit and break the samsara cycle. The first is humility. It is the first and most important step in life, especially on the spiritual path. It is the opposite of pride. In terms of spirituality, if the step of humility is skipped it results in delusions of grandeur. Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues. If you brag about your generosity then it spoils the generosity."

He watched their faces to see if this was sinking in. Feeling content he continued, the second is perseverance. In spite of difficulties we must persist in our efforts which is a deeply empowering source of strength rising from within. To taste success we sometimes are forced to pick ourselves up and the gift is feeling how much life is worth living as we accomplish what we have set out to do. It is spiritual strength. The third is respect and tolerance towards all beings which includes plants, animals, stones, wind, goblins, ogres, dwarves, elves, man, imps, and all of creation. All is spirit, all is one. Nothing is separate from the great spirit."

Tanet thought back to his life with the clan and how they slaughtered the animals they hunted only for the kill. They could have used the animal for clothing, shelter, and food. "What a waste," he said softly under his breath. No one heard him. "The forth is honor. Being honorable means having strength of character by being a good person. Honor goes hand and hand with respect and many of the other virtues. To live the virtues it shows that someone has the integrity and dignity that makes up honor. Humility waters the roots of the tree of honor which then bears the fruit of love. By having honor means that one would choose the path of non-violence and compassion rather than dishonorable actions."

That one struck a chord with Randall and he smiled at the old dwarf. He smiled back and continued. "Love is the fifth. More than just compassion, love is having the flame of emotion in one’s heart. Love rules over all things. The whole universe exists because of love, it is the motive of all creation. It is not attachment because love can even be the incentive to be unattached. Love represents the balance that exists in everything. The warmth of the sun’s rays is the sun’s love for us. The ultimate love is spiritual joy which is responsible for life. Deep within each one of us and everything is this basic emotion known as spirit." Glaneth felt that for Tanet and her purity made that easy to express with her being unhindered by pain that the outside world would have shown her had she left her village earlier in her life. She was grateful to her family and community. She shed a tear as the memory of Dolhorn came to her. Tanet saw this and wrapped his arm around her. "The sixth is sacrifice. Sacrifice is giving of oneself. The fruit of love is sacrifice. In order to accomplish anything one must be able to make a sacrifice. Whether it be the small sacrifices in your daily life or major sacrifices of your lifetime, we all reap what we sow by this fundamental act. We sacrifice our time and effort every day just to get things done but on a larger spiritual scale we can give of ourselves and give back to spirit, the one in all."

Kyna looked at all the animals as they changed into lotuses of various colors. The old dwarf watched her a moment. "Truth is the seventh," he continued. "Truth is being honest about yourself and the world around you. There is ultimate truth and then there are all of our individual truths. In this world of illusion we must rely upon our inner truth to know which way to go. Through gaining an understanding of life we learn to see beyond the illusions into what is real for us. We all have our own individual perspectives, it is relying upon our own perception within the greater reality that allows us to be in truth."

He watched them to make sure that last one sunk in for each of them, knowing that each of them was a piece of the grand puzzle of spirit and as they expressed their own individual truth they would become the piece of the puzzle that they were destined to become. "The next is compassion. Doing what is right in caring for others as you would for yourself is what makes a person compassionate. One need not feel sorry for or sympathetic to anyone in order to live this virtue. In fact it is that inner strength that allows us to have the unconditional love that creates true compassion."

He paused a moment and then stood up and leaned on his stick. He pointed it at each of them as he spoke the next virtue. "When an understanding of destiny matures within the mind there is a dawning of faith within the heart. This is true courage, this is bravery, the ninth virtue. Bravery is born of the wisdom of life and death as well as one’s honor. It is not blind or reckless and can come from the very depths of our being in times of need. This open act of vulnerability despite circumstances can help us defy even the worst odds."

Randall and Kyna knew that it took bravery to do what they were doing. They both knew very well the importance and dangers that it all entailed. This point is set to be the beginning for the future and they felt honoured to be able to assist the island in this way. "The tenth is fortitude. After learning patience and inner endurance one gains the strength necessary to have fortitude. Emotional stability, being alert, and having determination can help in having this persistent integrity. This is not an inflexible force. It is a quiet, gentle voice of a Grandmother with deep faith, trust, and understanding."

"Generosity, the eleventh, is a timeless virtue residing in the heart. As our Earth Mother gives everything, we should in turn do the same. True generosity embodies love and the understanding of impermanence."

The old dwarf sat down for the final virtue. He looked into the eyes of the four that made up his audience, searching for the inner light that he hoped his virtues would turn on in their minds, their consciousness, so that it would guide them and fully grab hold of the reins of their destiny from the intellect of their egos. He smiled as he seen it pulsing brighter and brighter, like a heartbeat behind their eyes, helping them to wake up to this new reality, this new way of experiencing life that he was showing them.

"Wisdom," he said and paused, knowing how important this final virtue is. Only after one has learned about life and is able to act on all the other virtues, can one be considered wise. First we attain knowledge then we learn to apply that knowledge. Wisdom is acting on what you know. Our gift to life is wisdom as well as life’s gift to us. It is knowing the difference between truth and the illusion. One can have knowledge without wisdom but one cannot have wisdom without knowledge. Wisdom is a reward from life for persevering through all of the virtues. With wisdom comes a natural serenity and an everlasting peace in one's life."

The old dwarf looked into the eyes of each of his listeners and seen behind each pair the inner light become a flame that would burn in them for all time. They all sat silent as they took the twelve virtues in and let them sink into their consciousness. He smiled and stood up.