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Did you know that you are in a world that is mind controlled? In each moment of your life, every thought that you get, might not be yours. Since our birth we are being manipulated through a myriad of systems and methods to control our mind, and our actions to make us confused, powerless and lost in many mazes of stories. We have become a slave to our being, and a slave to the invisible Artificial Mind Control Matrix.

Most of the control systems are in-front of us to see, but we are made to believe that they are part of our life, so we don't see them for what they are.  These systems include, the Educational System, Hollywood, Religions, the Healthcare System, Memes, Belief Systems and much hidden Artificial machinery as well as a frequency fence that controls our multidimensional bodies. systems have been in place for thousands of years, and without our knowing we are believing the stories that are woven to create networks of trickery and deception which keep us apart from our true self.



LEGEND OF ZYRAH -  Spiritual fantasy novel- available on both e-book and paper back
Long ago in the year 1275 daca, Johan, a wizard of the mountain, found two of the five artifacts of the land of Zyrah, Femdon’s armor and Femdon’s cane. With these two artifacts he was the most powerful wizard in all the land of Zyrah. Once the other wizards of the mountains got word of Johan’s findings, a civil war broke out....  READ MORE ABOUT IT !! 
By the year 1325 Johan had become the most powerful wizard in all of Zyrah. No elf, dwarf, man, goblin, troll, ogre, or wizard in his right mind dared to challenge King Johan. His rule was felt throughout the lands, even in the townships that were supposedly free. Until the year 1400 daca.......

The purpose of these spiritual novels are  to bring spiritual wisdom which we have acquired through our own journeys to you in a story telling manner so the knowledge and wisdom are shown to you through characters and situations.


A Poetry Journey
Written by: Joe Machney

With the annual summer festival play nearing, the children of the little village of Houtenwoud on the Pacific Island of Zyrah have been preparing day and night for their performance. 

But the play they are about to perform is being directed not only by Angus, but by a trinity of owls that are guided by the full moon and who have their own outer-worldly reasons for the performance.

As the play is shown and abruptly ended, the days after the play and the influence of the owls begins to have far reaching consequences which call upon the aid of a wizard from the wizard's palace. 

The young and old ones must now come together to understand the importance of their sacred union relationships in order to see through the outside forces and how they are able to influence an unsuspecting island through posing as false gods.

With the help of visions, dreams, spirit guides, cosmic consciousness, a krystal river, imps with soup, and some baking, Sara, Brendan, Treva and their friends must find a way to remove the invading Wycata with their books of prophecy before they make slaves of not only the entire village, but the island and the world as well.....

The Darkness within the Dwarves - Spiritual Fantasy novel - available on both paper back and e-book

Seven sins and seven leads you back to spirit and the other chains you in repeating lifetimes...forever.

In the beginning, the races of the island of Zyrah live a life of purity and peace, but a dark clan of dwarves from the south wait in silence for their moment to awaken the seven deadly sins in the races of the island.

When Kyna and Randall, who are disheartened by the greed of their fellow dwarves, come across a cryptic painting and hear a maniacal laughter when they look upon it, they find themselves becoming time travelers who are asked to save the future by changing the past.   


 With the help of mages, elves, and dwarves, these two brave spirits are forced to look deep within themselves to fight their inner demons and find the truth which leads them and the future on the path to enlightenment.

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