The Legend of Zyrah  by Joseph Machney
First novel from the spiritual fantasy series is available on both paper back and e-book formats at Amazon

Long ago in the year 1275 daca, Johan, a wizard of the mountain, found two of the five artifacts of the land of Zyrah, Femdon’s armor and Femdon’s cane. With these two artifacts he was the most powerful wizard in all the land of Zyrah. Once the other wizards of the mountains got word of Johan’s findings, a civil war broke out....

By the year 1325 Johan had become the most powerful wizard in all of Zyrah. No elf, dwarf, man, goblin, troll, ogre, or wizard in his right mind dared to challenge King Johan. His rule was felt throughout the lands, even in the townships that were supposedly free. Until the year 1400 daca.......
With the Logan family struck by a tragedy and a century old secret revealed, they must leave their peaceful existence so that the chosen one can learn the ways of the wizard and find the remaining artifacts to defeat the tyrant Johan. While the others search for artifacts to assist young Kion, he finds his new path in life and a love to join him at his side as he travels the island of Zyrah in search of freedom for its people.

As each of the members of their fellowship embark on their journeys, the lessons and challenges that they encounter are within themselves as much as they are in the lands that they travel. The shifting that happens because of the inner transformations that they endure cause changes on the island that create ripples throughout time, and the rest of the world.

Here is the first chapter for your enjoyment!