This book is recommended for beginers !

Did you know that you are in a world that is mind controlled? In each moment of your life, every thought that you get, might not be yours. Since our birth we are being manipulated through a myriad of systems and methods to control our mind, and our actions to make us confused, powerless and lost in many mazes of stories. We have become a slave to our being, and a slave to the invisible Artificial Mind Control Matrix.

Most of the control systems are in-front of us to see, but we are made to believe that they are part of our life, so we don't see them for what they are.  These systems include, the Educational System, Hollywood, Religions, the Healthcare System, Memes, Belief Systems and much hidden Artificial machinery as well as a frequency fence that controls our eleven multidimensional bodies.

These systems have been in place for thousands of years, and without our knowing we are believing the stories that are woven to create networks of trickery and deception which keep us apart from our true self. 

In this book Pavithra and Joe talk about how the mind is being controlled and what you need to know to be free of this prison.  Join them in their exploration through the various avenues of mind control.

Topics explored include:

  •  Understanding the Holographic Illusion
  •  They Live
  •  The Multiple Dimensions of Being
  •  Understanding Religion and the Hollywood Curse
  •  Cultural Influences and Memes
  •  Peer Pressure and the Education System
  •  Know Thyself and Heal Thyself
  •  The Trap of the Work World
  •  Relationships and Looking for Love Outside of Yourself
  •  Getting through the Mind Control and the Frequency Fence
  •  Keeping and Holding what you have
  •  Games in the Artificial Mind Control Matrix
  •  Separation is Artificial
  •  Grid Wars and Light Workers
  •  Traps in New Age and UFO communities
  •  Return to Balance
  •  and a few more discussions...

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We'd like to introduce you to the book, so here are few pages from the book.