The Doors of Dawn 
by Joseph Machney

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With the annual summer festival play nearing, the children of the little village of Houtenwoud on the Pacific Island of Zyrah have been preparing day and night for their performance. But the play they are about to perform is being directed not only by Angus, but by a trinity of owls that are guided by the full moon and who have their own outer-worldly reasons for the performance.
As the play is shown and abruptly ended, the days after the play and the influence of the owls begins to have far reaching consequences which call upon the aid of a wizard from the wizard's palace. The young and old ones must now come together to understand the importance of their sacred union relationships in order to see through the outside forces and how they are able to influence an unsuspecting island through posing as false gods.

With the help of visions, dreams, spirit guides, cosmic consciousness, a krystal river, imps with soup, and some baking, Sara, Brendan, Treva and their friends must find a way to remove the invading Wycata with their books of prophecy before they make slaves of not only the entire village, but the island and the world as well.....

Here is the first chapter for your enjoyment!