Financial Freedom

There is this notion that being poor is spiritual. We don't believe this to be true.

Natural state of the spirit, the God, the universe is absolutely abundant, bountiful.. So how can we believe we are one with the universe and claim to be in poverty? Paradoxical eh?  We are also realizing that the spiritual awakening of a person and  freedom from ego is  what we need to do to be really financially free. 

So here we are creating a page to bring in related subjects and new ideas that enhance prosperity thinking..

We will be placing links to articles and blogs we write. Also there are links to chats that are going on in Google Communities and G+ posts ..If you want us to put your comments here, go to Google + or Google communities and participate.. We'll link them to here as much as possible.. Personal mails that we get, if we get the permission from the person, we will post them here as well.

You are welcome to explore this subject with us!!

Also we will write supporting articles that can be of assistance to some that are desiring to reach financial prosperity.

Here we go... have fun!