Spiritual beggar
Written by Pavithra LH @ starcyrstalportal.com
Written on July 12, 2015

Who is this fellow?, you ask... Why do spiritual seekers take on this role? Can they really reach enlightenment through the path of poverty? Are they being true to themselves? Can they be just following some old or distorted misinterpreted teaching, thinking this way of sacrificing themselves can take them to where they want to go? Am I missing the point here? I thought I would look at a few areas and see if this way of life make sense to me. Here we go......

A story I heard
Let me tell you a story I heard long time ago... First of all, do I believe this story to be the truth and make it part of my reality? NO!... I am reading this to understand that this is not my reality, this is someone else's reality or story... When I read this, if there is any wisdom that I can pick up, I will consider using it for my own spiritual growth... .

In one of the Buddhist stories they talked about how Buddha found the middle path...he seems to have experienced both sides of the polarity by following different teachers and found that most of the teachings did not lead to where he wants to be. One of the paths he explored was where the teachings explored methods of giving the body senses most pleasure to reach enlightenment and the other side of the pendulum where the teachings explored giving the least pleasure to the body, where the body was starved to see if that experience could take the being to reach enlightenment. In the story, finally Buddha decided to find his own path as both paths were not making any sense to him.

Extremes explored
If we think about these extremes; if the body is given the most pleasures, the senses get overwhelmed with desires. The ego, is most happy with this experience and it wants more and more and the person is so focused on fulfilling the desires of the ego. The more the ego grows the less the spirit side of the being is in command. Ego is so fearful and controlling of the being, the spirit does not have a chance to truly fulfill the person's true potential as a spirit having a human/form experience.

On the other side of the pendulum, lack and limitation is used to take away all the pleasures of the senses. If the body is tortured with the least amount of food, the body looses nutrients and the mind begins to slowly fade away as the body is not supplying enough blood flow to the brain. In this manner spirit cannot express itself either. Unless it came to experience how to live in a body with lack and limitation. Still spirits' natural nature is not expressed in a body that is not allowed its normal functions.

From these points, both extremes do not seem to let the spirit truly express itself. On the other hand letting the body have its proper nutrients while having a healthy body and mind allow the being to think for themselves and decide what is in alignment to their spirit. When they make a connection to their spirit they can begin to tame the ego. When the ego is not in the driver seat and the spirit is guiding the being, the person has the ability to receive guidance to achieve their true propose in this existence..

Balanced state
We also can see that both extremes of the pendulum are part of the polarity that we see on this plant. When a person is in one side or the other they are not balanced, balance is where the neutral state is, the still point of everything. To reach this the being must begin to come to the center from either side and find their center, the balance in everything in their life. At the center point, they find they are one with everything. Their mind and body does not pull them to sides and there is no resistance from outside sources, but there is tremendous power to keep the being centered and whole.

When a being is one with the universe, the creational force is working with the being to fulfill their potential as a spiritual being/God being. They know their natural true state is abundant, prosperous, happy healthy etc.... Life becomes magical for them. Then what is the point of poverty, lack and limitation to reach enlightenment or ascension? To me, the "spiritual beggar" role does not seem to make any sense at all. Again unless I am missing a point here, if so I am sure I will be guided to understand what that is as I am exploring this question these days.

Many people who follow this path talk that this is the way to do it. They say why do we need that much, we can just get by with this. Yet they cannot afford a decent meal or buy something they love for their children. Inside they are desperate to do that but some program within them tells them this way of life is fine, so they are attempting to surrender to this state of being. There is a continues conflict, resistance within them. Yet they continue this lifestyle because for them it works.
It seems that it is reasonable to ask, how can a being reach the state of oneness with the universe and claim they are part of it and not be abundant in their feeling and being, as the universe is an abundant bountiful place.

Universal principles
When we look at nature we can truly see this. When I see flowers and trees and plants, there are so many varieties, so much beauty and abundance everywhere, it is us that choose not to see it and not be a part of it. Universe is continually giving every day. It's overflowing and continuously filling the vacuums that we create; the energy continually flows through everything. There is no stagnation unless humans have caused it.

This means by choosing to be poor the person has made a choice and the universe cannot fill that vacuum and now there is an imbalance in that space. The person is going against the universal laws. The person is creating a resistance to the natural order, and the universal energies will continually attempt to correct the problem. Why do we need to create and unbalance the flow and yet claim that we can be one with the universe. When I think about it, it seems to be an impossible attempt. Yet we see many choosing this path as part of their spiritual journey.

I am not talking about the phase that many go through with their ego dismantling, where they feel they are falling in to poverty as their material possessions are taken away so fast. At this phase the ego loses its footing, the control of the person, and begins to die so the spirit part of the being can rise within them to guide them to the light.

I am talking about a place where the person, willingly chooses to be in because, somewhere in their life they pick up this thinking that it is spiritual to be poor. They are scared to choose a different path and think that this might hamper their spiritual journey and continue the suffering, sacrificing without thinking for themselves..

What are we missing here that is still making the person choose poverty?

After exploring this subject what are you feeling, what is your spirit telling you?