Joe's Poetry

As the enigma of myself slowly emerges from obscurity, illumination engulfs me.
The inner glow radiates, trying to find its way out.
Light splits the darkness, crack by crack; stitch by stitch the emotional poison is exposed for the last time, and then gone.
The final sting is almost upon me.
I await its arrival.
I am prepared.


I saw her the other day
And asked her if I may,
Walk with her awhile
Perhaps for two or three miles
Into the woods where she likes to visit
Where she feels most at home
She kindly smiled and said yes
Then took my hand as she gazed ahead
I wondered what my eyes would see
And if my mind would comprehend thee
She turned to me like she was reading my mind
And said without speaking, leave it all behind
As we stepped into the forest, I looked behind
To have one last glance at the world, unkind
Which kept me enslaved with boundaries and rules
And taught me the wrong way in college and schools
I cursed the old world and looked ahead
She understood what was going on in my head
She put her arm around me and I put mine around her
As we walked into the forest that had no burs
My eyes were overwhelmed with brightness and light
And to my surprise, they didn’t close tight
As we slowly walked, through the enchanted forest
I heard a beautiful song, although only the chorus
My mind was amazed at what my eyes showed me
Strange animals, strange trees, strange birds I did see
She didn’t seem to notice what was around her
What she seen didn’t seem to profound her
I understood why she liked to visit this place
Throughout the walk she had a smile on her face
Maybe it was the breeze, or the pretty flower
Whatever it was, I felt her spirit power
As the forest past me by, I couldn’t help but wonder
Will this journey end in a clap of thunder
Or can I live here with her forever and ever?
But should I do that, would it be very clever?

As the winds of time blow in one direction
I am swept away, high above the clouds
Looking upon my life, like an eagle searching for its prey
Looking for consistency, a pattern, a meaning for why things happened
As I begin to piece the puzzle together, certain pieces do not quite fit, yet
These pieces will fall into place as time goes on
Patience brings understanding as the puzzle builds itself
Is time it will be completed and a smile will form on my face as the puzzle simply called ‘my life’ is put together
Every piece is put in its proper place
As I look at my puzzle from a bird’s eye view I laugh in blissful ecstasy at all the odd-shaped pieces and how they fit so perfectly into place
A work of art.

A fork in the road of life has been placed before me
Uncertainty and the fear of the unknown grip me as my spirit guides my being along one of the paths
To my spirit this is all completely natural, but to my mind, my ego this is the most fearful journey I have ever embarked upon
Which one should I trust?
Which one has never betrayed me?

Drifting through life like dust in the wind
Holding onto the sensation of happiness whenever it comes my way
Embracing it, like it was the last drop of water on Earth
Trying to experience the sensation in its fullest
Not knowing when it will visit me again
A momentary sense of happiness
Chasing the dream all over the world
Looking for it in people, places and things
Crying in vain as none of them truly delivers for long
As I take a step back and look at the whole picture, I realize that it is in me
It is how I perceive this illusion that creates my happiness
All I have to do is convince myself that this is truly how life is
A momentary sense of awareness, and understanding.

As I hurdle towards conformity, frustration overwhelms me
What society wants from me, I cannot give it
I cannot fall in line
But strangely this doesn’t depress me
This is all too familiar to me
I am use to its sting
I have become numb
I have turned my back on what I have tried so hard to embrace
My face turns cold as I stare society in the eyes
I will not crack
I will not join the masses
I will never wear a mask
Never a puppet will I be
To stand in your own two feet whilst being overwhelmed by society is ...lonely
But what choice do I have?
I must be true to myself

Time passes me by like a slow moving river
Forever flowing in one direction, forever alive
As small sticks and jagged rocks try and slow it down, the water flows effortlessly through and over them
Untouched and unharmed by their futile attempts at stopping it
I sit beside the water and watch it, observe the lesson that it has to teach me about life
“We are not all that different you and I” I say with a smile
“But you seem older, wiser than I am”
As I walk away from the peaceful setting I look back at my teacher, for she has taught me much in the brief time that we spent together.
One day I will return for another lesson and enjoy the inner peace that she has brought me, once again.

To hold a moment, to keep it still
Have time freeze like a mid-winter chill
To keep that moment, to make it stay
Let past and future fall away
Feel the silence as it spreads within
The peacefulness that comes from this space
Will change your life, and its pace
But do not try to understand
Even though your mind will demand
A reason for this new found place
Just watch it as it tries to fight
To tell you what is wrong and right
Your mind is cunning and will throw in fear
But do not listen do not hear
Only watch as the mind loses its might
Now you have found peace and power
To use during your darkest hour
Remember only the liberating feeling
The peace it brought you and the healing
As you smile at this and continue your day
Be happy you’ve found another way
To be at peace with yourself and the world, everyday.

As my mind slowly drifts away
Floating on a quite breeze, on a gentle wave, on a setting sunset over the sea
I close my eyes, and follow wherever it goes
Watching it travel, curious about what it will find, what it will see
Will it find pleasure?
Will it find pain?
I smile as it shows me both, as I experience both, observing them from a peaceful place
As I let them go I am left with nothing, no thoughts, no feelings, only stillness
I slowly open my eyes, realizing I have found myself
I rise from the Earth a little lighter, and continue on my journey

I’ve come here from far away
Aware of the role I have to play
The players are moved to set the stage
Now comes my time, I turn the page
The world we see is not what it seems
Take a good look around, and you’ll see the teams
So make your choice and choose well
The time is close to ring the bell
Ask yourself honestly what is this life for?
And see if your answer helps open a door
This life I speak of is one of ascension
To meet a world that nobody mentions
There are worlds out there that you can’t see or feel
But ask yourself is it possible that they may be real?
If you feel that answer may be yes
Than an invitation you have to begin your quest
To find your way out of this mess
Once you know the truth you will not rest
So take some time to ponder these words
After all who doesn’t want to fly like a bird?