Thank you for your interest in our service work.  We feel guided to take a couple of months break. When we are ready we will update this site.

Pavithra is a spiritual healer who combines many Star technologies into a quick, yet powerful method of transformation.  She facilitates transfusions of positive high frequencies which clear / balance / upgrade the client's chakra system and recalibrates their multidimensional spiritual blueprint to greater alignment with their individual ascension path.

Her soul/oversoul retrieval work allows her to move in trans-dimensionally and bring in (soul, oversoul) fragments, aspects, healing / transformational codes and structure from multidimensional spaces to here and now so they get integrated into the person’s body system as appropriate. 

This process allows the person to lift their consciousness and connect with their higher aspects easily while clearing out old structures and patterns.

She also facilitates consiousness shifting work to remove negative patterns to support restoration of the multidimensional consciousness field.

Her mission is to embody the highest frequencies that would support the planet and human beings in reaching their higher consciousness states and greater healing in these miraculous times.
  Joe is a Galactic healer who has been activated to utilize Guardian technologies, this allows him to access the hologram multi-dimensionally and see the holographic structure of the being and remove any negative infiltration.

These infiltrations could manifest as different types of implants, cords, harnesses, weapons, mind control devices, negative structures,  suppressor parasite entities, blockages, mechanical devices and negative alien infiltrations in the being. This also includes exorcisms. He also works on DNA, clearing bloodlines and miasms.

Joe has built a new technology to clear all the dimensional bodies from 15-14-13-12 levels down.

Once this is done he builds necessary organic architectures and fills the being with frequencies to strengthen the being's hologram.

His mission is to embody balanced masculine and feminine energies within him. With this he can help heal and guide spiritual seekers in to their true path.

For hobbies he plays guitar and writes poetry. If you would like to read some of his writings click here.