Addictions Are a Waste Of Your Time
Written On August 1, 2014
Written By Joe Machney @

This is really a no-brainer, but I want to get into it a bit more to try and offer another perspective into this whole addiction matter as I hope this can open the door to a quicker recovery so that you can get back to the life you truly want to live and were meant to live.

I want to start with some simple, what people may perceive as innocent, addictions. People look outside themselves for love, and have been taught by society to do this. If they do not get this love then they look for it elsewhere, and the first place can quite often be in food. The taste that it gives you brings you comfort and takes you away from the uncomfortable feelings that you are going through. So your three bodies, physical, mental and emotional develop a pattern that associates comfort from food with love. This is filling a hole that was created from the separation from your spirit. This is the basis for all addictions, and is the key to understanding why people become addicted and is also the answer as well as the first step to taking back your life.

You are a multidimensional being and have aspects of yourself on higher plains and reality fields. In addressing addictions these higher plains could be seen as parents or Guardians for the lower plains. That being the case you can nurture and teach the three lower levels that it does not need to have the food to be happy, that it will only give it joy for a moment and is not everlasting. You could blame the chemicals and neurology and all that, but the truth is is that you can override all those patterns with your higher mind intervening and letting your spirit take the wheel and take your life back for you. You are a hologram and can change anything you want in your life, any pattern. It is your choice to believe this or not, but ask yourself, how does it serve you to not consider this and to go back to eating that cake, that last piece of pie, even though you finished the first eight pieces earlier in the day.

I feel that sex, smoking, drugs and alcohol can all be addressed in the same way as food, and it is only a fabrication of the mind and society that tells you that it should be harder than this. It doesn’t need to be and yes there are chemicals at work and some of these addictions will need more time than others, but I know that it is the same process and it all started from the feeling of being separated from your God Self, your true self.

If you use this as your compass, your way home, you will never be misguided on your journey, and you can get rid of the habits and patterns in your life that do not serve you. There is no separation between you and God. This is the biggest lie that has been told to humanity and has crippled the race in so many ways. Be patient with yourself and keep steady as the waters of addiction get rough from time to time. You can do this!

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