Being Completely Fearless

Written in May 2014

Written by Joe Machney @

Growing up I was taught by society to call a reaction to a dangerous situation or an uncomfortable emotion as Fear. As I grew older I understood that fear is all the experiences one has that are the opposite of Love. These take on many, many forms, from anger to low self-esteem, to being bullied, and still more. I feel it is important to see them all as the same and not give any experience any more respect than another. This is not a permission to be reckless, your emotions are there for a reason; to color your life. But see that as what color is good for, a painting. A beautiful work of art at an art gallery deserves recognition, but then eventually you walk away from it. Emotions should be viewed in the same manner. Always remember that you are spirit, and spirit can never, and I mean never be hurt. The fear you feel is a feeling only. Sometimes it is an important, ‘Hey, pay attention mister!” a warning, and these are important to heed. The voice that is your spirit may come across to you in a firm tone when you need to be warned of something. This is not Fear. Fear is an unnatural program designed to keep people enslaved and in servitude.

Ask yourself, how is this feeling making me feel? Is this something I want to experience? Is the source of it here to help me or to cause me to go into fear? As you step away and observe, like viewing the panting, you get a better idea of what you are going through. Manipulation is a form of fear and is often used in the many relationships that we have in our lives. Any feeling that makes you uncomfortable is a kind of fear, be it at the home with your family, at work with a co-worker, or at the market dealing with people. The Dark uses fear through the many people still asleep to promote its negative agendas. Most times the people do not even realize they are being hooked by fear, until it is too late. As you walk as your God self, it will guide you through your emotions and let you know what is fear and that in the eternal light that is you, you are fearless.

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