Galactivation in Sri Pada
Written on May 8, 2014
Written by Pavithra @

Sri Lanka has reached another level of clearing and moving ahead with its ascension process as we get to experience another clearing in Sri Pada as part of the New Buddhist Ascension time line for Asia.

For the last while the dark has used Sri Pada as part of the NRG grid network ( Nephalim reversal grid nedwork that runs reversal currents in planatry grid support of the dark, witch is feeding UK 11D stargate) to utilize phantom influence on people and the huge history and the sacredness of this mountain. Some time ago, the Guardian deva of this mountain (Sumana Saman)  was removed and a phantom god has had its influence and control over the mountain and the people. This has created phantom energies and dark pooling at the base of the mountain allowing for dark manipulation of the lands. These descending energies and its effect can be seen when we drive to this area as well as at the place. Some of the effects of this dark energy can be seen manifested as lack of prosperity on this area. With the people and the architecture of the area and people’s behaviors, like the trickster monks and others who use the people’s innocence and faith for their own use to get money.

This negative influence on this sacred mountain has been corrected with the removal of the negative aliens and their phantom god Ganapathi (Elephand god Ganesh) and Katharagama deva. As the NRG grid influence was released the phantom energies that were pooled under the mountain was removed, allowing mountain to breath. The guardian of the mountain and that sacred area (Sumana Saman Deva) was restored to its rightful place as the Galactivation was installed. This allows the mountain to be part of the Sri Lanka's ascension grid network and allow the beings who are ready for the galactic activation to receive their ascension activations and codes from this place. This is a major win for the land and the God forces as we now have a galactivation happening in Sri Lanka.

Land is being given back to the people. With the clearing and grid balancing going on, there are many beings that are ready to take part in this ascension process and their higher selves are working with the God forces to restore balance to the land more and more. These beings are becoming the anchor points for the God activation, so the grids can use them to anchor more light from the God source to clear and balance the land more and escort the land and its people through their ascension. This is a process as we have the first group of people taking their rightful place as the host of the land as this is happening the land is being slowly given back to the people.  As this is going on we are seeing the dark forces manipulating people to bring back the war path, this is the fallen time lines and people working through at work.  This will intensify till the new time line come in to full power.

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