How You Perceive is How You See
Written on July 22 2014
Written by Joe Machney @

Life is all about perception and perception is all about the experiences in your life. This is why two people digging a ditch can have two totally different perspectives of the experience. This is often how your attitude towards life is established. It begins when you are a kid, from influence from your family, and then carries on from there to your social environment, and then work, and on and on. Your circle of friends evolves as you evolve, as your outer world truly is a manifestation of your inner world. The people in your life shape your perspectives in your life to a great extend.

As you begin to awaken and start the down stepping of your multiple dimensions of yourself, your view of the world must change as well because each of the aspects of yourself in the higher realms comes into your conscious awareness, bringing with it a deeper clarity of truth. The truth that all is one and that you are a part of that oneness.

Human's were originally designed to have 12 dimensions of awareness and at the 12 dimension is the truth of that reality. As one goes about their life with the goal of seeking the truth of their reality, experiences come to them or they seek out these experience through traveling or an expanded group of like-minded peers. Both of them are the oneness working through the situations, people, or places to get you to clear and expand your perception.

If the people in your life currently no longer fit your viewpoint then they will leave in one way or another to make way for people to come into your life so that you will be able to grow and see your world in a different way. This in turn will help the new people in your life expand their perception of their world. As this goes back and forth and creates momentum the God Source manifests itself with more purity on this world plane.

Truth is clarity and God is pure light. The more you clear your dimensions of yourself, the more you become clearer in your thinking. This is how some people can look at a leaf for hours and be completely absorbed by the experience and how another can look at it for less than a second and then throw it away. It is all a matter of perception. The person who looks at the leaf for hours sees the truth that the all-oneness is in the leaf and she and the leaf are the same energy only in different forms. The person who tosses it away in a moment, is lost in their ego.

"You do not see things as they are, you see things as you are." - Anaïs Nin.

Pause and reflect on your life for a moment, hold that moment and let the silence and clarity change your perspective on your life and your world. A world of magic and wonder is waiting for you, right before your eyes.