The Demon's last stand

The darkness, thrown back into oblivion

Demons howl in defeat, as their attempts to posses my spirit are thwarted

Inch by inch they try and gain back the ground they once ruled

The new found life scars their merciless eyes

The freedom of the infinite light shatters the shackles that once held my soul

Everything is anew

I will prevail

The battle is over the war is won


Mirror mirror on the wall

As the man in the mirror stares back at me and grins, I laugh at him

For I know that the illusion before me is but a sliver of the real me

Timeless, everlasting, eternal

This is who I really am

He laughs again, an evil sinister taunt

As I walk away from him he is left alone, defeated and shattered

He is nothing without me

I am everything without him

The light in the darkness


The Journey

The journey begins, and I am thrown into the unknown

As I look back at the familiar one last time, the smiles of loved ones is all I see,

as everything else fades to black

That is all I need to see

All that matters at this moment

I turn and look ahead

Strange and adventurous days are calling me

My spiritless mind screams at me to turn back, as I continue to walk forward

Each step brings me close to myself, closer to freedom

I carry on over land and sea wayward to my destiny

As hard times befall me, my mind, body and spirit work as one to prevail

Voices and echoes from the past heed hurt and help me

Time carries on and so do I

As my body and mind rest, my spirit gives me glimpses of what will be

Unrecognizable images unconsciously guide my being on the right path

Faces I see along my journey pass their wisdom on to me

Some wisdom more profound than others

Some experiences have a longer lasting impact than others

Serenity becomes me as the beauty of the lands overwhelm me

As the sky glows red with light, so does my spirit glow

The fruits of life taste sweet, then sour, then sweet again

New faces brings new insights and growth to my spirit

Many lessons I must learn on my journey

Time carries on, and so do I

The road widens as friends help me along my way

Though brief, still have a long lasting impact

As friendships tighten, my spirit smiles

Confidence becomes me as I grow older, wiser

New perspectives on reality bring new inner peace

A new world opens up to me

As the road curves then forks, my destiny takes control

Past experiences are brought back into the dream

The time gap closes in, as years ago seem like just yesterday

The truth of time revealed

Time carries on, and so do I

My spirit takes the reins and directs my mind and body

Chance occurrences happen more often as the dream is reality

The mind struggles for control, but is denied

My spirit is strong in the closing steps

My prayer has been answered by the universe


The shackles shattered

To break free from the misery

Leave the stereotyped world behind

Where men and women are marked at social situations

Men predators, women their pray

Fueled by alcohol, the weapon of choice to destroy everything pure

Do not forget your mask before you go out

You do not want to be caught without it

Sadly I have played that game, I once walked that land

But I have found a path to new more fulfilling pastures

I have burnt the old bridge and do not intend to build another

A door has opened for me and I have walked through it

This new land has so much more to offer me

Pure honesty, no lust, just love

The coming of a new age is upon me, no more misery

I have found a place where I can fit in, where I belong

Where I can leave my past behind me

Finally I can shed my old skin and burn my false mask

I feel reborn, like I have been given a second chance at life

My ultimate has become reality

My dream has come true

Thank you


The puzzle

As the winds of time blow in one direction

I am swept away, high above the clouds

Looking upon my life, like an eagle searching for its pray

Looking for consistency, a pattern, a meaning for why things happened

As I begin to piece the puzzle together, certain pieces do not quite it, yet

These pieces will fall into place as time goes by

Patience brings understanding as the puzzle builds itself

In time it will be completed, and a smile will form on my face as the puzzle simply called my life is put together

Every piece is put in its proper place

As I look at my puzzle from my birds I view, I laugh at all the odd shaped pieces and see how they fit so perfectly into place

A work of art