Katharagama and Sella Katharagama
Written on August 8, 2014
Written by Pavithra LH @ starcrystalportal.com

We are beginning to understand that the Phantom god Ganapathi (elephant god Ganesh) is a fallen Rishi consciousness, and that there are many black sun avatars that are part of it, and one of them is the phantom god Katharagama (Kadira). Can you see the name Katharagama, it means Kathara village. When you begin to clear your being you will find a copy of the phantom kathara grid which has been created and karmically super-imposed on to the being with this demi god avatar overlay on the body. This god's domain is part of the domains that were burned and purified with the light of the god some time ago last year, 2013, by the God forces. You can read more about it in New Ascension time line for Asia

Now we are coming in to more understanding of what is going on with these beings. The Kathargama god is one of the Asura races that came to Sri Lanka and who made Katharagame his domain after the Sura-Asura war, that happened thousands of years ago. Since then he has been worshiped by many Sinhala and Tamils in Sri Lanka. We remember escorting lost armies from this war to the light in 2013 and we were surprise to see, they were still stuck in those time lines.

There is another part to this story that is coming to ahead, Sella Katharagama is the alter of this god where he is worshiping his higher ups the phantom god Ganapthi ; which is one of the boja gods
from another fallen world and these beings create warm holes to invade and parasite living worlds for food. This year 2014 August, after much work to remove this being's influence from Sri Lanka; Sella Katharagama is being taken down and is being burned and new purified Buddhist Architectures are being built in these areas energetically on higher dimensions.

Also the Wedihiti Kanda and Kelaniya Temple is being purified, there are many other areas that is being purified (including Mukirigala) as part of this new Buddhist time line.

Ganapathi(elephant god ganesh), the same phantom gods influence that was removed from Sri Pada in the beginning of this year. These gods are being used by the negative aliens for their many hybridization agendas and dominion over earth and its people. This negative alien influence was removed, including the removal of the mountain from the NRG grid system. We have another article talking about this called Galactivation of Sri Pada which was written in May 2014, please check that on articles section under asia update.

As Katharagama is a Asusra- phanotm god, any beings who have contract to heal Asura races, which include Asurayana contracts will have to work with clearing themselves from this demia gods effects and dominion from their fields. To free from this Phantom black sun avatar( Katharagama and its rishi consciousness Ganapthi has been an ongoing process for us since the beginning of this year, 2014 and have come to ahead with clearing another part of the Sri Lankan grids in Sella-Katharagama. This is done as part of the New Buddhist time line for Asia.

As we go through this process we are beginning to understand the lies that have been spun in Buddhist history to trap any being that is going up on their evolution. So far with everything we are hearing, there is a phantom aspect to it and that is the one that is being brought up to be cleared from our being.  It is painful to see these stories we heard when we were young to be lies or aspects of it has fallen. So I will not mention too much of this phantom overlay effect on Buddhism to bring it down but instead I'll let the being figure it out themselves as they move through their ascension ladder. I will only ask the being to be extra careful when they evolve and have agreements to heal their DNA through Buddhist time lines.

Remember all this is done to distort the purity of the ancient true teaching of the Buddha and stop any being from using those teachings to escaping this prison planet. There are many Buddha's from Higher dimensions that are working with God Forces to facilitate this clearing to bring in a new time line for Buddhism, and for Asia.

Following details on on religious sites copied from http://www.pitisara.com/attractions.html website for your reference.

 Kataragama Kataragama is one of the oldest and certainly the most venerated variety of religious sites of pilgrimage devoted to various deities of Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim worship in Sri Lanka. It attracts a large number of local tourists throughout the year and particularly during weekends. According to Mahawamsa, one of the first eight saplings sprung from the seeds of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree of Anuradhapura was planted in Kataragama behind the Kataragama Devale. It is said that King Mahasena who ruled Kataragama during the 3rd visit of Lord Buddha to Sri Lanka became a follower of Buddhism after meeting Lord Buddha, was worshipped as God Kataragama (Kataragama Deviyo), by the people after his death. Hindus believe that God Skanda also known as Murugan, Arumugam, Kandasami and Subrahmanya, arrived in Sri Lanka after row with his wife, Thevani, in India, who later married beautiful Valli, a daughter of a Vedda chieftain lived in the jungles of Kataragama with the help of Ganesh, God Skanda's elephant headed brother. Jealous and angry Thevani came to Kataragama and persuaded the couple to live with her. Kataragama reaches its peak from July to August and November to March. The annual festival is held in August where Kataragama Esala Perahera (Pageant) takes place and ends up with a fire-walking ceremony.

Wedihiti Kanda According to legends God Kataragama is believed to have lived on the mountain called and known as Wedihiti Kanda, sacred to both Buddhists and Hindus. A walk of 2 hours will make you reach the summit of this holy mountain. It is also said that the Veddhas were assigned to function as Kapuralas and the name of the hill that God Kataragama lived with Valli, was known as Vadda-siti-kanda which later became Wedihiti Kanda.

Sella-Kataragama Sella-Kataragama is 5km away from the Kataragama town. When Valli, a daughter of a Vedda chieftain refused to marry God Skanda, suddenly an elephant appeared out of the jungle frightening her. Valli agreed to marry God Skanda in return for rescuing her from the elephant. It is God Ganesh, the brother of God Skanda, who appeared as an elephant to make Valli marry God Skanda. A temple was erected by the side of the Menik Ganga where the incident is said to have happened at what is today known as Sella-Kataragama.

Kiri Vehera Kiri Vehera is 95 ft. in height and has a circumference of 280 feet. It is believed that King Mahasena, who ruled over Kataragama area, became a follower of Buddhism during Lord Buddha's third and final visit to Sri Lanka, who in return, built the Kiri Vehera Dageba enshrining Kesha Dathu (hair of lord Buddha), on the place where the Buddha meditated.

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