Looking Further at Addictions
Written on August 2,2014
Written by Joe Machney @ starcrystalportal.com

Gluttony and obesity can occur from overindulging in too much food, and giving into the bodies physical desires in respects to receiving pleasure from eating. This has gotten worse and worse as the generations continue and is obviously becoming a problem in the Western world, as well as other places.

To focus on the Western world, I feel that the reason for this is the needing to fight for survival mentality that is so prevalent here, and the reason it is this way is because the colonist that came here had to fight to survive in the ‘wild west ‘. But the west was not wild to the people that have lived there for 15,000 years. To them it had a natural balance and life flowed more in harmony with the nature kingdoms. There was not any gluttony during that time.

Everything has a consciousness to it, and when a country is started, like the new ones in the west back in the 1600s, an entity is birthed. The moment of its birth and the situations surrounding that birth set a template for it, which in these cases was fight for survival. So the people that started this nation started it by stealing and taking land that they never had the right to take in the first place. This act against the natural order of the world had a huge backlash upon the people. It created a hole in them, a deep dark pit that they began to fill with consuming and gluttony. This has been passed on from generation to generation for over four-hundred years, since the white man came to these soils. Understanding the root of this will untangle it to a degree, but the structure created from society that supports this consumer mentality is quite the beast to beat. Be kind to yourself as you unwind your past and heal what your ancestors have done.

To get back to modern day addictions, the pleasure of eating is in the first bite, this is why the Europeans will have small portions of food during their meals. It is because they enjoy the experience of eating, it is the taste of the food. Why do they dress up their dishes so much? It is an experience of the senses! The size of the portions in the United States is three maybe four times as big as those in Europe. Again this is the mentality from the past and has nothing to do with being hungry. You must teach your body to let go of the past and to live to enjoy the food that you are eating. It is one of the greatest pleasures of life, if you let it be.

 A habit is something that you cannot stop doing, so if you are able to stop doing it, it is no longer a habit. An addiction, be it food or anything else, is only a habit. You can either be the master of your reality, or its slave. Do you want to live a life of addictions or an addition to life?

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