Loss can be a path to the dark side
Written in June 2014

Written by Joe Machney @ Starcrystalportal.com

This is a difficult topic to discuss and it is always a sensitive one.....

But there is much truth in the title...., and with all truths there is always a freedom that comes from its understanding.

Now by understanding I mean emotionally and intellectually and in this situation the emotional understanding will lead to spiritual understanding. This is how you can steer clear of the path to the dark side.

 I’m not implying that the loss of your loved one will not be hard and deeply personal, it will be; but as the love between you and them is most strong so too is the energy that makes up that love. This energy will never die and will be transformed into new love in the near future. It will take another form for you. This could be in an unexpected way and so should not be expected or anticipated. The trust and knowing of this truth will bring comfort to you during this time, and depending on where you are at in the grieving process it will play a small part or a big part. Either way it could be used as a balm for you to begin your healing process. Having said that the grieving process needs to be respected and each step needs to be completed and healed to the fullest. Patience is the key.

 The memory of your dearly departed will always remain and will never really fade for you. This again has to do with energy, but this time with energy imprints. The imprint of who you are missing is always with you, like a rune etched in a stone or wood, it is forever. At the beginning the reminder will sting and cause you pain and you will not want to hear anything of what I am writing here, and I don’t blame you. But as time goes on you will begin to see that as the memory remains with you the pain will cease and the joy and warmth that you felt with this person while they were your companion or friend, or both, during your life will emerge for you. And you will smile; and you will cry, and you will be happy that they had a chance to spend time with you. You will see the blessing that they gave you and understand the deeper levels of the relationship.

 In these deeper levels is a deeper truth, which is that you and that person were gifts for each other and your time together a present from God Source. It was a way for God Source to experience a relationship that was unique only to you two. An arrangement had been made before you met, before you came to this plain of existence, that you would be friends, would love and learn, and would grow from each other. And as their time with you came to a close the contract that you both signed came to completion. But only on this 3D level, for as I mentioned earlier, love can never be destroyed, it only changes form. So when your own time comes for you to return to light, when the time comes for you to leave your mortal form, you will join with the love that is everywhere and in everyone, and you will find that resonance that you had with that person. You will once again join with the all oneness that is everything, and when that happens the feeling of separation will be no more. When this happens, it will be like a magnet, a warm love embrace of everlasting energy, everlasting love. But until that moment the lessons in love that you and that person shared can be brought into other people’s lives. You can use the lessons in how to care and love another human being and become the lessons in your day to day life, keeping, in a way, the light that was your friend alive in you.

 In respects to these contracts, people don’t sign contracts unless they intend to complete them, and in this case unless they truly love the person. So by seeing the whole loss of a loved one in this light, it will hopefully make it easier to keep steady and not fall off onto the path of the dark side.

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