New Ascension Timeline for Asia
Written in March 2014
Written by Pavithra LH @

 This Guardian project started in January 2011, when we were strongly guided to go to Sri Lanka. We were in Sri Lanka for 6 months at my mother’s place. We have already wrote in the Temple of Tooth post some time ago of the experiences we had. When we arrived there we didn't know what the work was. We went to many Buddhist temples and ancient sites. This was Joe's first time in Asia and in Sri Lanka. The main work started with the Temple of the Tooth, and since then the attacks were heavy to stop our travels and work.

After the moon chains (Chandra Guptha) were evacuated by the Guardians, the rest of our work involved escorting many displaced entities/souls to the light. Which were so many due to the recent civil war and secret disappearance of many young people who were of the JVP who worked against the previous governments.

We have been working on this project since then. As I was born in Sri Lanka to a Sinhala Buddhist family, this allowed the blood, genetic and grid work to be done through us for this work. Since then our work involved clearing my genetic blood line, ancestry, and ancient lineages. Many main Buddhist timeline intersection points were cleared and many beings that were part of these were escorted to the light. This include many kings, monks, beings, armies of war and even the beings like Ravana, Krishna, Badrakali, Rama went to the light as part of a creating a new time line.

Buddhist Temple Network
Most of the ancient Buddhist temples were built on sacred sites and all are interconnected through a network. The Temple of tooth(mother temple) being the main point of attention for the Guardians as it holds the sacred tooth. What the Guardians showed me was that the Tooth/Temple(Mother Temple) is transmitting currents throughout this network to all the temples and that this network was intersected and blocked by many demi-gods and moon chains that got in to the temples through lies and deception many, many centuries ago. They blocked the current reaching temples and harnessed the energies for their purposes and sent them through their networks to their masters.

Buddhist Protection
Thunsinhale ; Udarata/Maharata, Medarata, Pahatharata (upper lower and middle county) have been protected by the trinity (Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha) for a long time and the people of the land know it and believe it as well. Due to many events that took place in the last thousands of years, some of this shield fell, which lead to the dark getting a foothold on the land. Huniyam Deava (Black magic demi-god), Wesamuni (he i part of wesa gods) and many other demi-gods and devas took dominion over the land and 2D. These beings tricked the people into giving what they wanted and built their zombie armies. Some of these people don't know what they are worshipping and are allowing these beings to come through their body and take care of people’s petty needs for money, unbeknownst to them what they lose with this transaction. This spread so much during those days and many still worship these beings today and are a part of the slave army in this life and after their passing. When many of the moon chains were evacuated all their armies/slaves were released and sent to the light. But there are still many other demi-gods still being worshiped.

Notice the word Maharata, some of the Ascension lingo we hear in the west is not new to Asia. There are towns called Mahara, Maharagama, Katharagama etc. and people’s names as well . These words are common in Sri Lanka, as well as in India.

Buddhist Monad Reversal
 There were many factors to the reversal of the monad, the first being the invasion of the 2D. What we could figure out during our work is that the Guardian councils of the Asian grids were taken down using a Ray weapon by the dark (Negative alien Anunnaki who let their Negative Alien buddies and slave races to take part in the rest of the invasion) and were imprisoned and the dark took their lands (Kingdom and throne). Alien Genetic banks and the rest of the patriotic Alien enslavement data was downloaded to the grids. They also took over an Ancient Arrow network and used it to download the rest of their mind control viruses (deiyange leda). Some of the downloads were to reverse foundations, reverse the natural order of the nature concepts, as well as the have-have-nots, poverty and separation, etc. including Alien cube networks( minarets that hold alien religion).

During the work, these Ancient Arrow network is being reclaimed by the Guardians Force and God Forces. Many other reversals went on including the separation of the secs, which happened after the passing of Buddha. The first monk meeting was held and many could not agree on the teachings and the separation of the Dhamma and Sangha began with division into different secs. This continued on to many other layers that distorted and reversed the teachings.

Upon invasion of the 2D they have put their snake poison all over the grids and ran their reversal currents. Many devaic kingdoms and devic councils were taken down or turned to their will which led to the control of nature kingdoms. They entered the snake into the religion early due to these events. The story of the snake and how it’s depicted as a snake surrounding Buddha going behind him and covering his head as a protection was the biggest lie they placed. This was the invasion of 2D and the invasion of the logos with their snake poison and Negative alien technologies. During our work some of the biggest attacks came from the snake races, now we know why.

Demi-God Katharagama and his domain.
Clearing of the domian of demi-god(deviyo) katharagama and the evacuation of him and his teams from the lands had a major impact on the grids, 2D, as this was one of the main control centers for the ilandic nations with many Race morphogenetic overlays; as well as affecting the tectonic plates. These beings domain was one of the major feeding sources for the dark; thousands of people go to this place for worshiping every year. (He is known to give financial assistance, so many business men go there with their families and much money is used to keep that place running.) The whole land was purified by the blessings of God Source, it was like a phoenix rising from the ashes, everything was burned to bring true nature and prosperity for the lands and the people. This domain was a major challenge to the Maharata.

Guardian Promise
During the clearing of the Gauthama Sambuddha Sasana (Buddhist timeline and Monad) , we found that many dimensional layers were blocked and sealed off by the dark with deception and trickery. The main reason being that many Buddhist teachings and concepts were reversed at higher dimensional layers and used to trick and trap beings so they cannot move past these deceptions to reach their evolution. Many monks were found in a trance and not knowing what happened to them. These beings were released by the Guardians and god forces and the reversed technology was removed creating a true ascension pathway. Guardians, past Buddhas, and some time traveled ascended monks helped with the healing of this timeline.
The Monad was healed with the Diamond Sun and this led to the entering of the next Buddha for the world, our beloved Maitreya. Healing of the Gauthama Sambuddha Sasana and its monad was the Guardian Promise and it was fulfilled. The ownership has changed, now on Sri Lanka; the Dharmadweepa (land of dharma) was reclaimed back for God source. Maitreya is now reclaiming all that once belonged to the Sambuddha Sasana back to her and God Source. As the new timeline and it's new frequency spreads across the lands, all the countries are being awakened to a new level. There is no separation or borders in Gods light.

Part of the Grid work also involved the Guardians closing a black hole in the Pacific Basin and placing a chalice there. This black hole belonged to a Snake race called budhara. These beings had a major part in distorting Buddhism and poisoning the lands and are still working with other dark forces to stop the grid( Include reptilians, bojas, wesas, zetas, galactic federation and many other negative alien races). When we read the history, there are so many stories related to dealings with Naga race. Some of them talks about the kings and others having friendships with these beings as well as monks securing Buddhist relics that were stolen by Naga races.  We will write more as we figure out the truth behind these stories.

Sri Lanka and the rest of the Asia is going through an Awakening
With this Sri Lanka is going through a major upgrade. All the grids are working to purge the darkness that was in them and to bring balance to the land as well as balance the frequency. This can be seen in the people and the country at the moment with the political turmoil that is going on now. This process will take time to stabilize. This timeline is anchored through Temple of the Tooth Kandy as the main anchor point and then it is anchored to many other ancient temples in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and is spreading across the rest of the network.

Due to this, many demi-gods and their armies are being evacuated or are coming willingly to return to light.
One of these beings that came to assist us is goddess "Paththini", she was protecting us during our visit to her temple in Navagamuwa and many other places as much as she can. Paththini is belive to be a future Buddha (Bodhisatva). Gratitude to her and many other beautiful beings that have helped us and to the Guardians and God Forces that are orchestrating this work.

There is still much work to be done with the clearing and reclamation of the Asian Grids, but this work concludes our main grid work which ends on January 2014.  Please remember all this we are talking about is happening for this new Asian Buddhist time line, and there are other time lines that are still running reversals on this planet.

We will update you more as the time pass.

Pavithra and Joe
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