Not giving love to others
Written in June 2014
Written by Joe Machney @

You could also view this as withholding love from others. I have mentioned in my other articles that all is one and one is all, and if you take withholding love from others a step further you will see that what you are actually doing is withholding love from yourself. It feels good to give a warm smile to someone. So be loving and tolerant, you never know what another person is going through, they could be in the middle of a terrible tragedy; it is impossible to know what another person is going through. Your smile, kind gesture or words might make that person’s day. It could be just what they needed at that moment.

 If you feel it is important to watch the news, be it on the TV or the internet, you will notice that the majority of the news is negative. If there is good news, say a dog waking up its owner before they crash the car, or something heroic, or of a pleasant nature of some kind, you will notice that that story is put further along in the news broadcast. It is as if the bad news is more important. Why do they do this? Every news casting station across the world will do this. Perhaps there are one or two local ones in a faraway country who don’t, but they are extremely rare and do not have a great influence on the greater whole of the human race. I feel it is to promote a world of disharmony and fear. Imagine a world where giving love to everyone you meet is the norm. Listen to the song Imagine, by John Lennon, if you want a good idea of a loving society. Makes you question why he was shot. There are cultures in the world where the ‘Imagine’ way of life is practiced, and has been for thousands of years. Take the aboriginals from Australia, for example, or some societies in Africa. Two great movies to watch which will help you understand this better are: The green beautiful and The Gods must be crazy. They are both comical, but have very powerful lessons in them.

 In my experience when you change your attitude, you change your world. So the more of us that change our view of the world, and one way of doing this is to be careful of what we put into our mind, the better the whole world will be. I have talked about memes in other articles as well as how the all is one and one is all works on influencing the collective consciousness field, so I will not repeat it here. I will only emphasise the importance of the truth of the statement.

 It takes a bit of work to change the programming that you were exposed to when you were young and into your early adulthood, depending on your age when you read this. But as you revisit those memories and see where you have been influenced and by what organizations, you are given a choice to reprogram yourself so that you can see that differently. If you understand that your mind is a computer then you can choose to delete, add, or upgrade old programs. This is all a habit is, it is a repeating program in your mind, be it in your subconscious or conscious mind. So replacing old habits that no longer suit you with more constructive or updated programs that are better suited to what you want to be or accomplish in your life is a good place to start on your road to becoming more loving to others, and in turn becoming more loving to yourself.  Understanding the various institutions of programming, be it school, church, sports, TV, movies, music, and all other parts of culture, you can view them not as bad or good but rather in the light of, are these paradigms helping me give and receive more love? The conclusion you come to offers you the choice, do I follow them or make my own path?

 One final note on this as you choose your path of love and share it with the world. A wise woman once told me when I was in my early to mid-twenties: “What you think about me is none of my business”. The peacefulness I felt in this person’s energy was so tranquil. She very much inspired me. Thank you, Mijke J

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