Understanding the Hollywood Curse and Religion
Written in June 2014
Written by Joe Machney @ Starcrystalportal.com

These two areas of society have a huge influence on the collective human consciousness. On the surface they appear to be both very different and yet if you look closely you will see that there are more similarities than one might think. The biggest commonality between them is the fact that they both have a tremendous influence on society. How many people are part of organized religion? Christians number more than a billion, and that is just one religion, albeit the most influential one. So that is around 20% of the total population of the human race. The other religions will add to that number bringing it up past 50%, I would think would be a fair guess. These organizations are all focused on creating fear through servitude to a false God. God does not judge you at the end of your life. There have been thousands of accounts of NDEs where people meet a light being and they only review the person’s life over with them. In all the accounts there was never any mention of any judgement on the lightbeing’s part. Not one. Think about this, not one. To me that confirms the goal of religion to create fear in its followers. When one is in fear it is very hard to think clearly, this is my experience of fear. And when one cannot think clearly they are most impressionable and easily influenced.

 Hollywood and Bollywood, the movie industry in India, have a huge influence on popular culture. For the last 100 years movies have been a forever thriving industry. A summer movie in one weekend can gross over $350 million! In one weekend! Another part of this influence comes from TV shows, or programs; funny how they call it television programs. In another article, Not giving love to others, I talk about how the brain can be programmed. In TV shows they have ‘catch phrases’ which are expressions that are often humorous that a TV personality repeats often during their show which translates into mainstream society as popular culture. Some of the words even make it into the dictionary, like ‘D’oh!’ from Homer Simpson of the Simpsons, for example. It’s true, check it out; it’s mind-boggling. This is another form of mind control, but this time culturally. On the surface this is way less harmful than how I have described religion, but it achieves the same goal; controlling the thoughts of the unaware human collective. Movies have a similar influence to TV programs and the two often play off of each other, using the same or similar formulas. They also are designed to make the unaware viewer, through memes, to see their own lives as pathetic, leaving you wishing that your life was better in some way. If you notice your state of mind before you watch one of these types of movies or TV programs and then stop to watch your state of consciousness, both emotional and mental after the show, you will notice a difference and that thoughts that are not really yours are now in your head. You were calm and happy before the movie, and now you’re different, what happened? Yes you could shake it off and go on with your day, but the program is still in you, in your subconscious mind, planting an unwanted seed. This is not to create fear, only awareness. When you see a movie, you will be more aware of what you are actually seeing and then chose to view the movie with new eyes.

 A sub-section of the movie industry, or this could be considered a whole other area of programming, is the music industry. Popular music! How often have you caught yourself singing a song you heard on the radio? What are the lyrics telling you? If it is not for your highest good and over all evolution than you are most likely repeating to yourself, over and over again, a program designed to keep you a slave and unaware.

 Like celebrity news magazines, there are also music celebrity news magazines. Everyone wants to be famous and be a rock star, right? These are also memes. It is a cycling program. They glamorize these people and get you to think that they’re lives are more important than yours. Quite often they target teens and young adults because they are unsure of themselves and insecure in many areas of their lives. They want you to think, oh look at her, she’s so pretty, I wish I looked like that, or look at them, I wish my boyfriend/girlfriend was that handsome/pretty, kind, honest, funny, whatever. They are not real and the people who get stuck in this program are following a lie, a lie designed to keep people looking outside themselves for answers and validation, for love. They will never get it, because love comes from inside you; you will find it in no other place. The cycling part I mentioned is important to understand as well. It means that none of this lasts. The stars today, in thirty years, will be forgotten or ignored. The only thing that lasts is the love that is within you. This is the same with all material possessions, but I will not get into that in this article as it is bit of a side road, although there are definite similarities between all these.

Fashion can also be painted with the same brush here. It will be ‘in style’ for a decade and then be out of style. The trends of the 80s are back now; it is hip to wear blinding bright pink, again. If you wear certain brand names you’re cool and in the ‘in’ crowd. The ‘stars’ of the movies and music industries dictate what is in fashion and what is not. The whole thing is all designed to get people to look outside themselves for validation and love.

So understanding that religion, movies/TV, fashion, and music have an overwhelming influence on the collective human consciousness, one might ask why this is so? I mentioned that it hides people from the truth that everything they need is inside themselves, in the form of love. They just need to quiet their minds from the outside world and let the love show itself to them, so that their true identity can emerge.

 Love is God, your God-self. These systems of control have been set up to keep people enslaved in a system that was set up to keep people ignorant to this fact. Now, who set these systems up and why?

All of these systems have been set up to make money and have control, so it could be said that the government and groups working behind the government have set up these institutions, again, to control the mass populations. There is a branch of physics called quantum physics and this area is gaining more and more credibility among today’s science communities. It deals with the influence of other dimensions on this one. This also goes deeper into the area of the holographic universe. This is the theory that we are not our bodies, that we are in fact light. Everything in existence is this light; this light is the love I talked about earlier. Through my healing sessions and my many years of multi-dimensional study I have seen that there are 15 dimensions of consciousness that one human being can reach. By this I mean connect with. They are all aspects of yourself, like your arm is yours. Through religion we are taught, at best, that there are chakras, wheels of energy in our bodies, which when in balance bring harmony. This is great to understand this because it is a doorway to quantum physics and is very old and therefore has credibility. Reincarnation is also taught and although is in a way part of quantum physics, I will not talk about it here as I feel it is a bit of a side road. To continue about the 15 dimensions, these are the stairway to heaven. The 15th, 14th, 13th and 12th are the aspects of yourself that is your God self. The areas below that, being the 11th down to the 1st are multiple levels of bodies in which aspects of yourself reside. There are negative aliens that have used these dimensional bodies, 11th down to the 1st for their own purposes. The truth is that we are not alone in the universe and that aliens have had a tremendous influence on the human race for thousands of years. Their technology is far more advanced than ours and because we have been so dumbed down by religion, movies/TV and the others the idea of aliens and their influence on mankind seems completely impossible and is often laughed at, or it is said you got that from the sci-fi channel. If you want to know more about this please see Lisa Renee’s site, she is most adept in this area and has been a most positive influence on me and my evolution.

 As most people are aware of only the first 3 (physical, mental, emotional) maybe 4 (astral, sleep state) dimensions of their existence, that leaves the other 7 completely unprotected and ignored. Being aware of these other levels of identity is the first step to healing them, and seeing yourself as love and not letting outside influences rattle you or tell you who you are is the second step.

 It goes further than this though. As you heal aspects of yourself, you will move past or break through certain kinds of blocks and barriers. The last of which will be the 11 dimension. Each dimension has 12 what are called sub-harmonics, which are levels within the bodies or stations of consciousness. Getting back to quantum physics, each layer affects the layer below it, so what happens on the 11th will influence the, say 6th. So the influence of religion and Hollywood, which I might add includes the adult movie industry, is a huge part of this influence on the holographic universe, our multidimensional existence. In my experiences through session work I have seen that the negative aliens rely very heavily on holograms and their projections. They project these from their ‘booths’ on the 12th sub-harmonic at the 11th dimension. This ‘booth’ has also been called a frequency fence. They appear similar to how a movie is projected onto a screen. The movie on the screen is not real but for a time one is caught up in the movie. It works the same way with us in respects to not seeing the love inside us and looking outside ourselves for approval and love; the separation from God Source.

 To balance this out they bring in religion on the other side of this, in the same place, the 12th sub-harmonic of the 11th dimensional body. Its fear programs, of which I talked about earlier in this article keep the frequency fence in place in that dimensional body, again down stepping throughout all the other bodies below it. By bringing more inner love and balance into yourself you being to reclaim these areas of yourself back and the influence and hold that religion and the movies have on you becomes less. You are bringing light to the areas of yourself that were in the dark and hidden from you. This takes time to heal and one must have patience with the whole process, but the first step is to understand the bigger and then the biggest picture of the truth of your reality.

 It has been a slow process in understanding the human experience and has taken many generations. I have concluded from my own research and observations that in the early 1900s people like Neville Goddard and Wallace D Wattles had an idea of the God self and the deeper meaning of their lives. Their ‘New Thought’ contributions helped to pave the way for the hippies and their ‘love’ era of the 60s. Following that came the 70s with the awakening spirituality shown in books such as Jonathan Livingston Seagull. This continued on into the 90s with books like the Holographic Universe, the Celestine Prophecy, and the Power of Now. This continued on into today with deeper and deeper insights and spiritual awakenings.

This is proof that the light, love, is always near the dark, waiting to shine ever brighter, until one day it outshines the dark and the dark is no more. This is why there is so much work to keep people lost in reality TV, memes, religion, social groups, and everything else. It is so they do not understand the bigger picture. These celebrities and the religious leaders are all pawns in this. How can they not be, they will die and be forgotten, or be forgotten and then die. Once their use is fulfilled they are cast aside, like a dead battery. That is proof that there is a higher meaning to all this.

I hope I have brought some clarity to this topic through my own experiences and lessons. Love is all you have, love is all you need. Imagine a world where there is only love and you will be a powerful force in creating that world.

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