The power of focused attention
Written in June 2014
Written by Joe Machney @

How much time have people wasted because of the inability to concentrate or have sustained focused attention? How long has a task taken you simply because you couldn't concentrate on it? Let's look at the area of work and your job. There is a living substance in the universe that makes up everything, absolutely everything in existence. This substance is alive and it is energy. This energy is conscious and seeks to evolve and expand. The ability for the human being to express this conscious energy is God in action, for the conscious energy is God, it is our God self looking to express itself in the world. The best way for it to do this is through focused attention. One goal, one purpose of evolving and expressing God on Earth is to drive you to what you want to achieve. See yourself as a vehicle for God to drive up and down the worlds many highways and destinies, or experiences. Using this as a motivator, a focal point, and a point of reference when you feel you are becoming lazy or not wanting to do a certain task is the best way to refocus and achieve focused attention. It is important to give 100% to everything that you are doing because when you do this you are allowing your God self to flow through you.

 God wants to express itself and it can do this best through you, so when you put your whole heart, meaning your full attention in to what you are doing in the moment, you are achieving this. Staying in the moment and really feeling what you are doing in that moment, while doing that task, is a meditation. When one is in that state you are not actually ‘working’ you are expressing God. The flow of focused attention is God on Earth, in human form. Most importantly, this brings the mind into a place of inner peace. So focus on bringing yourself to fulfill that task to the best of your ability, giving it your attention while being aware of your stillness and oneness.

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