Our Journey with healing codes and soul retrieval work:

Written in June 2011

In our journey, we have personally experienced and have seen in our clients various forms of implants, entities, SPE`s and some of the strangest things. Some of these include various forms of torture devices, body armor, and weapons such as needles, swords, medical syringes, hooks, spiked belts, iron maidens, razors, axes, and crystal darts in the spine and tail bone. We have encountered spiders and their webbing, tentacles, various forms of rodents, bugs, reptiles, flesh anomalies, boiling stomach ulcers, black cancerous entities, dragons, bats, and harnessing devices cutting off energy to chakras as well as physical organs, caged organs, toxins in physical organs/chakras, blocks on organs. As well as tons of metatronic machinery and metallic (Borg) implants, architecture designed to suppress the being, goggles and other devices to hinder vision, hearing, the opening of the third eye, booby traps, curses, monitoring and tracking devices, harnesses, implants, tags, beacons, satellites, manipulative and intrusive energies, communication disruptor, scramblers, harnessed axiatonal lines, holographic inserts, and possessions. We have removed helmets blocking energies, chakra draining and siphoning devices, Nephilim reversal programs and grids, and have closed wormholes siphoning energy to black holes.  

We have been able to drain organs `flipping them` of their karma leaving them feeling freer and lighter. We have experienced removing negativity from people`s past lives allowing them to clear it so that they can feel more peace surrounding certain emotions that are triggered in their present life, allowing them to become more whole.

We also have been able to move in to different time lines (trans-dimensional) and retrieve lost or stolen aspects, codes, structures, tools and gifts for clients, helping them to become more whole.  Also we have been able to reprogram architectures using light language.

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Information on Orion Wars and healing codes:

The Orion Codes are cellular memories from the galactic timelines of the Orion wars. This is the 8th dimension. Because the Orion Solar Cross implant, which criss-crosses across the body from the right shoulder to left hip left shoulder to right hip has been removed, these healing abilities are now able to manifest within aligned males. These individuals with these memories have started to get these transmissions. The Orion Healing Codes being transmitted are from the levels of these Orion wars and what was going on in these wars. We can look at this war as a future timeline in which various humanoid races and other races such as the Draks that have to do with that realm. The 8th portal at the galactic core controls who gets in and out of here. This war was over that, it was a territorial war. It also had to do with conflicts between Elohim projects dealing with the Christ Consciousness in the humanoid form. The Orion wars had a big relationship between Elohim and Sirian races basically fighting for the future of this particular realm. The Sirian won and that’s why the Sirian’s are the gatekeepers of this creational matrix. This was a good thing, as the Sirians allowed the Indigos to incarnate here. This war was fought using frequency, meaning pyscotronic warfare, and laser bolts. During this particular time those codes were healing codes, mental projection healing codes and they were also hand healing codes. Because the war had to do with mind control, implantation, phase disruptions in energy fields and stuff of this nature, the Orion Healing codes were able to remove and/or correct these intrusions from the multi-dimensional bodies. The hand healing part has the ability to pull out implants from the bodies. This is done by placing the hand on the implant and actually pulling it out through the meridian structure by being able to grab it heal it and dissolve it and isolate it and literally take it out of another human being. This is done with physical touch with hands or at a distance via mental projections, by going into the 3rd eye and projecting a field around the implant and pulling it out through the facilitator`s own mental projection. These techniques were consciousness technologies that we understood and utilized at that particular timeline of humanity as the Orion Human. What these codes do is they give the male body the ability to sense, feel and perceive entity attacks and other suppressive types of implants. These males coming online with their Orion Healing codes is part of the male acting as the rod to help anchor frequency for what is needed to bring female frequency into the earth. It works in this way, females go to the other dimensions to do their work and in the process are covered with all sorts of implants so when they return the males are able to extract these from them. This being said the Orion Healing Codes are also effective in helping to extract implants and the like from males as well.   – By Lisa Renee 

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