Persistence is the Key to Everything
Written in June 2014

Written by Joe Machney @

  I have read many books by people whom have made something of themselves and although their stories are different in many aspects, one commonality is constant between them all, persistence. This is where failure is tested and understood as a teacher, not an obstacle.

  When you want something and your drive to achieve what you want is strong enough, the whole cosmos will assist you in getting that something. There is much truth to this statement and yes intellectually it looks good on paper and rather inspiring and hopeful, but if you can move past the mental realm of its comprehension and go further to really ‘get it’, you will see that there is so much more to it and so much peace that comes from the deeper understanding of it.

 You see when you feel something it has more meaning to you, it is as if you own it, it is yours to keep. This is where the ‘wisdom is greater than knowledge’ thing comes in. Wisdom cares, has feeling, knowledge is only facts or concepts; there is no life to it. Wisdom will always stand the test of time and last ages. This has been proven time and time again.

 The wisdom in persistence is the feeling that you get from the drive you have to accomplish what you want to have or do. When this wisdom is backed by faith than you are truly invincible and will achieve your goal, for when you have true faith you have that feeling that there is something, energy from the cosmos working with you, helping you to achieve your goal, your mission.  

 Remember that you are a spirit having a human experience and that spirit wants to express itself through you, it wants you to be all that you can be and have all that you want, because it can express itself more through you. Thanking spirit, which can be God Source, or whatever you choose to call it, will bring you closer to that energy that is assisting you on your adventure. When you have this degree of trust and faith, life is really one big adventure, and there is nothing to fear at all.

 When you truly believe this, feel this, get this, you will have conquered fear and will be freer than you could ever imagine. And this all starts; the first step on this journey is persistence. Persistence leads to feeling the drive to accomplish what you want, to having the faith that you will get there, to feeling that there are unseen energies, manifesting as people, thoughts, omens, inspirations, and others to assist you on your journey, to the little accomplishments that tell you that you are on the right path. As you near the end the tests at this point will be most challenging, but remember what you have learn't on your travels and use that warmth, that feeling that you get from it, to push you the last little bit to your goal.

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