Planting Seeds throughout Your Life
Written on August 6, 2014
Written by Joe Machney @

One’s own consciousness develops in layers and by this I mean that information is taken in say from a book at a certain time in one’s evolution cycle. How the person understands that information at that time is dependent upon the level at which the person’s thinking is operating at. If the information is something that will have a deeper meaning and purpose later on in that person’s life, than it will plant a seed for them. The higher self will decide how this is supposed to go, it is part of your spiritual evolution blueprint. Later on in the person’s life they will encounter a situation, be it a person, situation or a book again that will revisit this seed and a new awareness will come from it as higher dimensions of the person’s multi-dimensional body has down-stepped into their waking consciousness during the time from when the first seed was planted. They are operating at a higher level of awareness and so see things differently.

The seed was planted as a signpost for the person but also as a gauge for them to see how they have matured and grown in the time past since the first moment the information was taken in. Seeds can also be planted and given to others that you meet. Keeping in mind that everyone is a drop in the vast ocean of consciousness, by dropping a seed for them through whatever way the interaction plays out, the collective consciousness field of the human race is given the opportunity to become a little wiser with each seed planted.

This has occurred in the past through philosophers throughout the ages and has been renewed by future generations. What is planted in you today as a seed for your individual growth and life manifestation could serve as a catalyst for a group of people one-hundred years from now to make a positive change in the direction and evolution of mankind. This is the importance of expressing what you have to say and to not let others keep you down through projections of their own self-doubt and misery. There is only so much room in a garden, and by this I mean that the garden must be weeded. This is called thought evolution. What no longer serves you must be removed and as with a vegetable garden you must be careful what you give your attention to when you water your seeds.

The key to all this is energy resonance, and as you evolve you will be able to sense lower and higher frequency resonances with all that you come in contact with during your days. Staying calm and letting the energy come to you for interpretation is the best way to sense this. You do not strain your taste buds to taste a dish you are eating, do you? The same is true for sensing energies.

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