Purity of Buddhism Return (November 13th 2014)
Written on November 13, 2014
Written by Pavithra @ starcrystalportal.com

Since the time of when the Logos was infiltrated and the falling of the Buddhist Monad, there were so many Alien and false concepts that have been installed in to the consciousness field of the planet to corrupt and destroy the Human perception and to confuse and destroy the way of living of the people. This includes the concepts to fracture and corrupt the True teachings of Buddha. When we look at it now it looks like a one big story board connecting many concepts and stories that builds throughout time and through many time lines and then linking from one to another and building a huge crust of distortion overlaying the lands and its consciousness field, powered by people's beliefs.

Today, God Forces and Krystal Star Races facilitated another clearing on the planetary consciousness level to assist another purification to the Buddhist lands. All the concepts and ideas and beliefs that build up from the past that have fractured and harmed the teachings and belief systems and created separation in Buddhism were removed. This was like a crust expanding for 4000 miles across the continent which was the Buddhist land in the beginning.
This crust is like a overlay that is being controlled by the Negatives with support systems and control panels and command centers and all sorts of Negative technology to control the consciousness of the people to do their bidding. As this crust and its control centers crumbled down the true teaching from the past can come in to the present in true form. This is collected through from many time lines ( time space locations) as many stands of Buddhism that got separated due to atrocities of the Negative aliens are being healed and coming together as one True teaching.

This can be seen like one big quilt that is being made with all the parts of the Buddhism that is pure merging together to make one beautiful masterpiece?? This is another level of healing for the Buddhist Monad as the New Buddhist time line is spreading across the Asian continents to built its strength and Free the Lands and its people with the true teaching of the Buddha.

History of Buddhism and its Expansion
(November 13th 2014)
Since the Buddhist teachings were brought down by Gautama Buddha, his teaching were spread across all corners of Asia and slowly throughout the centuries it began to spread to other lands through the Silk Road and other Merchant routes across the Sea. Monks, travelers and merchants supported this way of living and teachings, so they brought it to wherever they traveled. This allowed the expansion of the teaching to reach to many other Countries outside of Asia.

Through the Silk Road the Buddhist teachings have touched the land of the Christ teachings and the Holly Land of Jerusalem, the birth place of Christ Consciousness. This is to say that both teachings are coming from the same source (God Source) and in its purest form there are no separation to these teachings which are Law of One teachings.
In space there is no time, if we look at it from a bigger picture; it's like the Buddha teachings were brought in and then through the silk Road it was carried to the birth place of Christ and then it was given to Christ to continue. Just like handing the baton from one person to another in a hundred meter relay race, where the Christ teachings were spread across the west as part of this handshake.

In the current state as the healing continues, there will be a handshake between the healed Buddha Consciousness and healed Christ Consciousness as the Christ-Buddha Consciousness can awaken from this.

As I have mentioned before, Buddha and Christ consciousness are part of the God consciousness fields and their teachings that were brought down by Founder Races to help and heal the human race. Most of the teachings were distorted and manipulated by the Negative aliens over the last thousands of years through various methods including the Negative Alien (black cube) religion. Now people are confused and trapped in these old belief systems as the distorted religions have become one of the main mediums that has created separation and hate between races.

Just to mention here, we are seeing hundreds of Buddha's up there that are part of the Buddha consciousness field, that are working with the God Forces to re-habilitate Buddhism to bring purity to the teachings and assist the next Buddha consciousness to be down-stepped to earth. It's a consciousness field not just a person, whoever is born to earth through work attain connection to this field and down-step it to them/embody this consciousness and become a Buddha.

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