Relationships as Mirrors
Written on July 29, 2014
Written by Joe Machney @
People begin having relationships when they are in their teen years, when adolescence sets in at around 13yrs or a bit older. This is when hormones start to kick in and brings up all kinds of feelings that only a few years ago felt light-years away and your only concern was having fun and playing with your friends. The DNA plays a huge part in the turbulence that ends up becoming the teen years. Mankind was designed to have 12 dimensions of consciousness and at certain ages of a person’s growth the other dimensions of being were suppose to down-step into the three main dimensions, being physical, emotional and mental. Due to the negative influences of the Dark beings who messed with the genetics of mankind throughout the ages, this is not the case, but the memory remains in the cells. The frustration emerges during the teen years and manifests as rebelliousness, withdrawal and many other behaviors that our teens express.

This is why it is a challenging time for them, the haunting of what happened to the race is expressed through the children, but they have no idea why, and are told it is hormones. This has an influence on this but there is always a deeper meaning, and this is the deepest meaning, or truth. This truth has been hidden from the masses.

The females of the race are often the first to become interested in the opposite sex or in the same sex. The reason for this is because they are looking for wholeness and the feeling of being complete again. It is thought, or felt deep inside that they need another to complete them. This is not correct. What is actually being communicated is that the male and female must merge to become whole again. It is an internal marriage, a sacred marriage within. This is where the longing for another to be a part of your life is from.

So how does the relationship mirror fit into this? What another person, particularly someone you are close to is showing you is what you need to look at in yourself. It is a gift to you to allow you to heal so that you can become more whole and complete within yourself. Even when someone gets you wound up; they could be showing you a soft spot in yourself. You also serve this role for them as well. Personally it makes the whole perspective of relationship and the troubling times that happen during them, a little easier to get through.

Everyone is trying to figure their own life out and you may be able to help them out with this new perspective. At best it will give you some freedom to the mysteries of relationships.

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