Sex Transmutation
Written on August 13,2014
Written by Joe Machney @

The topic of sex has always been an interesting one, whether it is positions, pro-creation, taboo, attraction, jokes, you name it, and it is never an area of discussion that will become boring and die out. This has been the case for hundreds of years and will forever be this way. Why is that?

People in the west do not hold sex to be a sacred thing, and this is proven every weekend at the clubs that young adults frequent. Looking back on it now I use to be one of those types of people and let’s just say if I met that person I was today, I would have quite the talk with myself! It is not their fault, and nor was it mine because I was following the herd back then and it was important to be popular, at least it was to me at that time. People at this age and in these social environments will have sex with someone that they only know for an hour or two. Fuelled by drugs or alcohol, they are cheered on by their mates who encourage them to score tonight. It is a really sad situation as I look back on it. There is no love, only lust. This type of lifestyle is promoted heavily through Hollywood as well as the adult film industry which focuses on making sex all about physical enjoyment, and nothing more. It is this industry that is stealing so much powerful energy from mankind. But it is not this way everywhere.

People in the east knew of the power of sexual intercourse and how it could be a pathway to heaven, and that sexual energies could be used to connect with God. To these people sex was a sacred thing, a bonding between two people, a love shared that was capable of magical accomplishments and a deeper connection that tied the two people together. The power of sex was understood, but not fully.

When a person’s hormones take hold of them and they feel ‘horny’ people are taught to express that ‘urge’ in a sexual manner, through the various avenues that they know about. This is the way things are and is not something to be ashamed of. You only know what you know. The energy that comes from these urges can be very intense, as I am sure most of the people reading this can understand. The key to understanding this is that it is energy, and energy is a tool to be used in whatever way you choose. Look at it as energy from your power outlet, how many different types of devices can be powered through that outlet? If you see where I am going with this you can now look at the energy from your sexual urges and sex drive as the same as energy from a generator.

When you have a ding-dong with the lady that you met for an evening on the dance floor, you are wasting that energy and it is being used by the Dark forces through its connection to the NRG. There is a lot to that and is not really the focus of this article so I will stop here with it. The sexual energy you are feeling can be used for creative energy in whatever you wish to create, be it a work of art, a music piece, or writing; the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. You are only given a certain amount of energy and so you should ask yourself if you are using it for useful purposes. The energy can be translated into a powerful force for spirit to work through you. Focus that attention and energy, redirect it, instead of wasting it on someone who may forget you in the morning.

You are the master of your domain and you can choose how to direct your experience. You were given sexual energies for the purpose of creating life. Really think about that, do you want to create life or throw it away?

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