Spirit Expresses Itself through Animals
Written on July 5th 2014
Written by Joe Machney @ Starcrystalportal.com

When a person is in touch with nature, and takes the time to observe the many creations that spirit has expressed itself through on this planet, you really begin to see the truth of that. There is a part of spirit in everything, both animate and inanimate, but it is quite easy to forget that as people’s lives get extremely busy with things like family, work, and pretty much life in general. But truly your life is what you make it and you have a choice as to how you choose to spend the time that you have here. Like Gandalf said in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, ‘All you have to do is decide what you want to do with the time that is given to you.’ So ask yourself, what is important to you?

Being raised on a farm outside a quite community of about 400 people, I had the chance to spend a lot of time with the different animals on the farm and get to know their personalities, particularly the cats and dog. As I grew older I continued to have animals in my life, despite me wondering around the world when I was a young adult.

Lately I have had the privilege to spend a lot of time with our two rabbits and watching how one in particular interacts with the other one and with us has led me to believe that the level at which it is conscious and has developed its personality indicates that it is spirit expressing itself through this animal. The intelligence to make independent decisions as well as its playfulness could only mean that it is spirit. From their vantage point they are aware of what is going on with us as well as the planet.

Looking back on my younger years, the same holds true for those animals as well. It gives one a new level of respect for the being. Compared to a human, it has limitations, but if given a safe and nurturing environment it will express itself freely and openly. It is a lot like a small child who has not been influenced by the outside world, society, religion, education and so on. There is such a purity to the creature and I feel that it is its true expression in this world, and there as a reminder for humanity.

Originally humans were seeded here to be the Guardians of the Earth. As part of our role here, while remembering and awakening to who we are, is to take care of these animals and their kingdom, to show them love and respect. Somehow along the way we have forgotten this and have become the hunters of these animals and their nightmares, causing such fear in them. As a race we are unaware that they too are free, just like us. We have noticed that since these animals have been living in our house as our pets we have a responsibility to become their Guardians and give them as much freedom and respect as they deserve, working with them so they no longer are confined to a tiny cage. It is our responsibility to these animals, as we brought them from their natural habitat to our house. If you take time to be patient and be respecting of their needs and their freedom, and when they realize that you truly love them and respect them, they will work with you to receive the freedom they deserve.

God Source wants to play and enjoy life, but somewhere along the way mankind forgot that, but thankfully, if one is sensitive enough and has enough patience as well as wonder, their dear pets can help them to remember a better and more nurturing way of spending the time that you were given here. Remember that you too are a spiritual being having a human experience, just like my little rabbit is a spiritual being having a rabbit experience.

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