Sri Lanka Grid work begins...with Temple of tooth (“Sri Dalada Maligawa” Kandy, Sri Lanka)
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This temple Is one of the main temples that are being awakened and upgraded with Guardian architecture to build a new time line for Sri Lanka and Asia. A golden city was built in August/September 2012 that can reach all the way to the Aurora earth.
This mother temple is one among the other ancient “Light monasteries” that is coming online this month as part of grid work in Asia (so far Burma, India and Sri Lanka).
Much of the Buddhist events, histories, light knowledge, beings and artifacts are being re-animated/rehabilitated/ hosted to be part of this work. Certain kind of Dragon gates/arches ( “Makara Thorana” - these are arches that were build at the entrance to Buddhist temples in ancient times and has two dragons curved in to the top on the gate) are being opened in certain areas for Guardians to have direct intervention, Aurora dragons from Aurora races are working in the rehabilitation of this areas. As these Buddhist Artifacts and events that we knew as sacred are being brought in to its true form, it’s amazing to see what the real meaning of these words/artifacts and events really were at that time.

With this experience we can say Buddhism was part of the Founder Race teachings  and
Guardian consciousness that was brought down to assist the humanity at that time. As part of this work “Kumara lineages” and codes are being rehabilitated and being sent to the light as well. Also we are noticing Guardians has already started working on Hindu deities, we are not sure how far this is reaching and what implication this has to Blue Oxen Grids as Sri Lanka is part of this grid system.

To give you a bit of history on this work: This work began with our visit to the temple of tooth in March 2011, it was a miracle event for us as we just went in without knowing what the Guardian plan was and everything was set up for us to do the work there without any interference and we were allowed to enter many places that were not open to the public. After that visit and the work, we felt guided to visited most of the major temples in Sri Lanka and everywhere we anchored 15D pillars ( after the main work everywhere we went, we were attacked heavily and continuously attacked and tortured by the dark).
As part of the grid work, Guardians relocated many “moon chain” beings and the human souls that were trapped under their rule were rescued and sent to Bali mother Arc for rehabilitation.
At the end of this work all the major Buddhist temples were connected to “temple of tooth” as part of a major consciousness network( temple network), temple of tooth becoming the main temple and the control center for all the energies that are being brought down.

In 2012 where were in Sri Lanka, as part of the grid work, certain snake king and his slave armies were removed from the land and that brought in much freedom to the consciousness grids. After this event Guardians worked with us to build the Golden cities in temple of tooth and mentioned Sri Lanka is becoming part of the ascending lands.

We are still learning of this work as most of the info is trickling down slowly; it seems  every things is given on need to know basis..  We only get what we need to know to perform certain actions when its done next step is given.
We will update more on this as the work transpired.

Here are few links for you if you feel like reading:

Kandy was the capital of the Sinhalese Kings from 1592 to 1815. Fortified by a terrain of mountains and the difficult approach Kandy managed to operate in independence from Dutch, Portuguese and the English till 1815.-Also the city is a world heritage site.
The Srī Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic is a temple in the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka. It was built within the royal palace complex which houses the one of the two surviving relic of the tooth of Buddha, an object of veneration for Buddhists. The other tooth relic is believed to be enshrined in a stupa called Somawathi Chethiya in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy, the temple which houses the Sacred Tooth Relic of The Buddha, is possibly the most sacred Buddhist shrine in the world. It is venerated not only by Buddhists in Sri Lanka but by Buddhists all over the world.

King Wimaladharmasuriya I (1592 - 1603), the first to select Kandy as the ruling capital, originally built a two storied temple for the Relic and brought the tooth relic from Delgamuwa near Kuruwita in Sabaragamuwa which had been hidden for protection. Remains of this temple no longer exist.

Wimaladharmasuriya II (1686 - 1706) built a three storied temple and his son King Viraparakrama Narendrasinha (1706 - 1738), the last Sinhalese king to rule the country, built a new two storied temple seeing that the old temple built by his father had decayed.

The last king of sri lanka, Srī Wickrama Rajasinghe (1797 - 1814) built the Pattirippuwa (the Octagon). Originally, the Pattirippuwa (octagon) was part of the royal palace. It was used by the king to address his fellow countrymen. Today the Pattirippuwa has become a part of the temple and houses ancient textures written in ola leaves.

The entrance to the temple complex is through the "Maha Vahalkada". There are two walls on the sides of the "Vahalkada". The outer wall is called "Walakulu Bamma" (wall of clouds). This same pattern is also used in the wall surrounding the Kandy Lake. The inner wall is called "Diyareli Bamma" (wall of water ripples). Both these walls are built with holes to place oil lanterns during the night.

After passing the "Vahalkada" and the moat, you come to a "Makara Thorana". Next is the tunnel "ambarawa". Passing this you come to the ground floor of the temple complex. The lower floor of the building called "pallemaluwa". This inner chamber is fortified with a large wooden door and decorated with bronze and ivory. The area in front of the door is called the "Hevisi Mandapaya" (Drummers Courtyard) where the daily rituals are carried out.