The Art of Conversation
Written by Joe Machney @
Written on October 14, 2014

The art of conversation is a topic that has been discussed in many different areas within the social world, and has been a part of being human since the beginnings of man. We are the only species on this planet that can communicate using words, and so an art has formed as a result of this. Art is about communicating ones ideas to another or expressing it into the world. There is beauty in art and it can be felt. It is the same with communication.

When you have a conversation with someone the words that are passed from you and the person with whom you are speaking creates an energetic geometry, a form of art, and as one gives attention to this it is feed into and further layers are built upon this geometry. Emotions color and add further shapes to these designs. To remove the geometry, stop the conversation, stop the emotional attachment to it within your mind. This is the reason why what someone said to you can linger for hours, or even days. Depending on what was said, the intensity of the words and the topic of the conversation, the geometry formed can be a poison in your mind. If you let the conversation continue on in your mind and you feed into it, as if this conversation is still continuing, adding comments to it to gratify your ego, or however you would have liked the conversation to go is a form of mind control and is a waste of your energy. Doing this also complicates the geometry making it so much more detailed and more difficult to pull yourself away from.

The words you hear from the other person are felt as an energetic thread that when you listen to them you connect with them. When you connect with it you add energy to it, and give it life. You feed your own energy signature into the words. This is why it is so important to take back all energies from all conversations that you had with people throughout your day. Everything you do and create, be it an email, a conversation, a message left on the phone, any form of expression that is given to the world has your energy signature and your intention, and so should be recovered before you sleep for the night.

The other participant of the conversation will have their own separate geometry because their own experiences will equate to different receptors and inputs within their multi-dimensional energy body as well as neuro-receptors creating a different flavour of geometry. Your past experiences define your present energy. This is why when the doors of perception are cleansed you will see things as the light, or infinite, that they truly are. When people are told to die to the past and be reborn to each new day, this is what they mean, or rather the importance of this technique. A child does not hold grudges or harbour resentment towards another, why? It is because their past is often clear and clean, or has not built up enough distorted experiences to form judgements and opinions towards other people.

You started out on this planet as light and through genetics and the human condition shades or smears have been placed on you. This continued on until adulthood and still does. Your thoughts of others, dogmas, beliefs systems all form perceptions, which add further smears to the light that is your true self. Realising this you can begin to return to the light that is your truth, your true self. So then when you have a conversation with another you will show them the respect and compassion that they deserve and when it is over the geometry that you now understand has been created can be returned to you, your part of it, and you can clear it and continue on with your day with a clean slate and be born again.

You must continue to die to each moment, for when you do that you are truly in the moment and the past, whatever happened to you, cannot harm you; it is history, and might as well have happened in 1392 AD. This is why it is said to live each day like a child, it is the return to innocence, to harmlessness. Harmlessness and innocence towards yourself and towards others. By conducting yourself in this manner you are showing the world a new way to experience their lives, just by being this way and nothing more. Your presence is a gift, and life is about giving. Then conversation is truly art and as beautiful as the most prized painting the world has ever seen.

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