The Conscious Mind Must Submit to Spirit
Written in June 2014
Written by Joe Machney @
What we tell ourselves everyday has a huge impact on our overall experience of our life. Thoughts are things and are places of consciousness. Consciousness is destined to evolve, just like a species will evolve and adapt to its environment, so too does consciousness. The thought, held with enough emotions and determination will travel out from its nest, the mind, and mix with the cosmos, the divine intelligence that is part of everything, and in time will manifest on the physical plane as matter or a situation.

As we go through life and the roads on our journey wind left and right, and eventually come to crossroads which offer choices in our paths, the feelings behind each question should I go left or should I go right is your spirit nudging you forward. If the feeling when asked if I should go right leaves one with a gloomy feeling then that is not the influence of the spirit. The opposite feeling for the path on the left will leave you feeling freer in a way that is personal to you. One could look at this as intuition, and that is exactly what spirit is about.

We have chosen paths and destines before we came to this lifetime and they have formed a template or a blueprint for us to work off of, or follow. The ego, or the conscious mind, will try and direct its life and take control. Often times this is met with resistance and if one succeeds via this route it is often a battle and in time the realisation will dawn that the triumph is short lived or not truly fulfilling.

This brings us to surrendering to the moment and letting God take the wheel. I don’t mean a being outside yourself, no, it is very much a part of who you are, your higher self. This is all about getting out of your own way, and most of the pain that people experience in their lives is self created and caused from not stepping aside, not having trust.

This is really challenging and brings up the truth of the term alchemy. Alchemy, at its deepest meaning is about transforming your being into spirit. The process of this is the most challenging thing that any human being can do. It will feel like you are going through such heat and pressure that you are positive that something has got to give, like you are going to have a break down. This is where you need to push a little harder and trust that you are spirit and that you are going to be fine.

Part of alchemy is about releasing your ego, your conscious mind. In the times of stillness try reflecting on your thoughts and ask your higher self to come in and guide your conscious mind so that it can have the influence that you want to have to manifest your perfect experience.

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