The Importance of Keeping Your Faith
Written on August 4,2014
Written by Joe Machney @
Times can be trying and it is very easy for one to lose themselves in what is going on for them and to forget what they want out of life. It is faith alone that keeps that light alive and the goal the center and focus for what you want to become in your life. Faith is all about trust as well as understanding the nature of your reality.

There is a school of thought, and I choose to agree with this school, that says that everything has already been created and so in fact what you are actually doing in your life is catching up with yourself, or who you naturally are as your God-Self being. This adds a whole other element to the ‘you create your own reality’ bit from the new age thinking. The new age bit is true but adding more depth to it brings a deeper clarity to this truth.

You could look at your life as going in reverse in the sense that you are already whole and complete and have everything that you want in your life and are already the person that you are destined to become. This is what faith is all about; trusting in what I am saying as well as trusting that you are what you want to become. This is where the power of visualization comes in and where the holographic universe needs to be accepted as your expression in this world. People have been able to do things like making a forest disappear with but a thought; have been able to float in the air; and heal people that are from Europe when they live in North America. How is this possible? It is all possible through faith and intention. We are actually beings of light and with this truth as our reality then anything is possible, as these people have proven.

This is the importance of imagination, which is your faith in action. What you see yourself as is what you will become. This is what ‘you create your own reality’ is really all about and the more that you trust this and feel it, allow it to become your life, the more it will be that for you. The reason for this is because you are a holographic computer that is being guided by your spirit which came from God spirit and as you understand this you are bringing that truth to you and with it everything you want to become, which you are already are.

Make a choice about what you want to be or do and see it as already done and it will be so, it is the law of one, the law of God in action and cannot be broken, but is held in place through your faith and trust in the law. Have faith in these words and move forward to your destiny!

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