The power of what you have to say
Written on July 29, 2014
Written by Joe Machney @
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. When I was a kid I was told this, and to be honest it sounded good to me back then, and with my limited understanding it was true in a way. As I grew older I became more sensitive to what people told me and suddenly that didn’t feel so true any longer. Why?

Words are frequency and have an energetic influence on the person that it is directed at. Everything is energy and that means everything that you interpret through your five senses is energy as well, as impulses to your brain. These impulses are frequency and frequency has personality and intention; it has a life. If you really consider that, ask yourself what are you allowing into your being through your senses? The impact of visual stimuli has been well tested and proven. Whether it is right in front of you or in front of you on the TV, your brain interprets it as real, it cannot distinguish the difference. This is one sense and it is the one that most influences your reality.

The sense of hearing is similar, and gets worse as you become more sensitive to your surroundings and everything in it. The words you speak reflect the level at which your consciousness is at, and if you understand that you are a drop in the ocean that is the all, then by inflicting pain through your words towards another person is in reality hurting you as well. If you can get past the intellectual aspects of this and set aside the multi-dimensionality of all of it then you could strip it down to what do I gain from talking stink about this person? Am I just satisfying my ego here, or is it really worth cutting this person down?

If you choose to cut the person down, project yourself into the future and see if you doing that now has had a positive effect on your life in any way at all. Likely the answer will be no. Now see how speaking kind words and warmth to that person has had a positive long term effect. You may not see the person again, but you’ll never know how your words have helped them. Also it most likely made you feel good about yourself, even though it is only an ego pat on the back kinda thing, your heart was in the right place. If your heart is in the right place then you are letting your spirit do the talking through you, understanding that you are here to give love into the world, allowing it to breathe lighter for that moment.

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