There Is Only This Moment In Time
Written on September 4, 2014
Written by Joe Machney @

Everything is only a moment in time, a memory, a drop in the ocean of your life. It sounds poetic but I feel there is something to this.............

When you experience some time spent with a close friend, and you have a deep meaningful conversation where you both walk away feeling moved by the moment, it may last with you for awhile and it will in time become a happy memory that the both of you shared together. Should you meet the person again and try and repeat a similar conversation it is quite probable that it will not happen and at best the experience will feel similar, but it will never be the same as the first time. There is a reason for this.

When you look at life as a series or collection of moments than you are able to let go of attachments to them and the past. This allows for the emotional body to mature more. When a moment with a close friend, or someone whom you haven't seen for a time, is shared, it becomes a treasure for you, a special time in your life. Trying to repeat that moment with that person only leads to disappointment as there is a contract between you and that person where you are both suppose to share the time and experience together and then it will be over, the golden moment will pass and you will be asked by your spirit to move on with your life. Should you need to meet that person again and share another moment, than it will be arranged by spirit for the exchange. If not than it is important that you let that be ok.

This is a deeper and I feel more mature way of understanding friendships and the need to understand yourself better, get to know yourself more and realise that you need to be your own best friend. People will come and go in your life, but you will always have yourself. When you go to bed at night and all the noise has died down and you are alone, are you at peace with yourself? Or does the person with their arms around you give you an emotional safety net or a security that you have invested in them instead of investing in yourself?

Is it fair to ask or expect this of another human being? What if something changes? The sooner a person understands that change is the only constant in their life the sooner they will be free from bindings that they didn't even know they had. Expectations placed upon another person so that they live up to what you want them to be binds and chains both you and them, hindering growth for both parties. When one understands that there is only this moment in time then the time shared with another is always priceless because everything is given into that lone moment and you are at your very best. The people in your life are there to teach you this lesson.

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