Understanding Gifts and Missions
Written in May 2014

Written by Joe Machney @ Starcrystalportal.com

I was told by my Mother that when I was a young boy, probably about 4 or 5, one of the first words I said was “Help you? Help you?” I didn’t realise until now how much those little questions would be my eventual destiny. This is my experience and later in life I was told that healing, a form of helping, would be a big part of my life, and looking back on my life and how it has been easy to physically heal, all told me that this would be a something that would be a good part of my life. So there have been clues to what my gifts would be when it came time for me to awaken into my service contract. I always emphasise that this is my experience, because that is my truth and is real for me.

 Being told that I am a good listener and that what I have said to people has helped them has also been good signposts for me to tell me that I am on the right track as to what I am suppose to do here, to help and heal people and the planet. Often ones family life and how your nuclear family is, their personalities and how they relate to each other tells a lightworker where he or she needs to grow. From this perspective one’s family can be seen as  teachers or mirrors to what needs to be learnt or developed in order to grow and become what your particular mission requires of you. Your gift will reflect this as well.

In respects to your gift, it is quite likely that you will receive it in stages and as you grow and heal your multidimensional selves, more of your true nature will emerge. This is your gift to the world, your light to the Earth. The “Help you? Help you?” as I mentioned in the first paragraph, was a seed that was planted when I was very young. So to was the one where the guy told me that healing is a big part of who I am. Ego can get in the way of the seed and their growth, so one must be careful where one puts the water in your garden mind. But as more of your awakening happens it will be a lot clearer which seeds need watering and which ones do not. To assist this it is a good idea to be most careful about what you place into your mind, as well as what you allow your mind to think. You are careful about what you eat and drink, right? Your mind needs to be given the same care and attention.

It is important to be patient with your gift and understand that time does not exist and it is not on your time. When you are awake and aware know that everything will happen when it is suppose to. I see all these gifts and missions of various Indigos and Starseeds as puzzle pieces, each one plays an important part in the spiritual awakening of the planet. No person’s role is better than another because without all the pieces, the picture would not be complete. I trust this and feel thankful to all the beings I have read about and met who have been integral in my own awakening in my own puzzle. All is one and one is all. I am a part of that one and so all is me and in me. This being truth that means that my experience of my puzzle must reflect the truth of the puzzle that is the collective humanity. This will give you an idea of how powerful ones thoughts and deeds are in the world. You make a difference and would not be here if your Godself did not feel that you would awaken and make an impact on the world. Your changes and growth have an influence on the greater collective consciousness. The truth of the all is one and one is all is proof of this. Nevermind all the negative stuff you read and hear about, that should not concern you and giving time and attention to it only adds to it. Again all is one and one is all. Your thoughts are part of this too. You are here to be a force of light and good in the world. It is important to understand the history of what has happened to the world so you know where it came from and have a deeper understanding of why you are here and the importance of what your mission is. Perhaps consider not being mad at what happened but use it as a motivator for being a light in the world, for completing your mission. You have a choice about how you are going to see your part of this world and of course what part (gift) you are going to play in all this. Choose well.

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