War and influence from the Negative Aliens (November 11, 2014)
By Pavithra LH @ starcrystalportal.com
Written on November 13, 2014

Puzzle continues..

As we go along figuring out the great puzzle of Buddhism and Sri Lanka. It seems that since the Buddhist Relic was brought in to Sri Lanka by Prince and Princes Hemamala and Dantha from India arrived on lanka patuna and given to the King Kithsiri Mevan, the tooth, believed to be the representation of living Buddha, caused many foreign invasion attempts to take hold of the land and the tooth.

We are figuring out during our work to clear and create a New Buddhist time line for Asia that the attacks by soli/Tamil during the King Kithsiri Mevan time was one of the first main attempts to extend the domain of Ganapathi in to Sri Lanka to put a foundation of steps. This as we realize now is the foundation for religious crusades that were masks with attempted land take over or invasions by many nations and present day Tamil Elam.

What we believe is important.....
People believing in any ideology or religions without the ability to think for themselves and see the truth or chose right from wrong, and listening to their values can be manipulated to create harm to themselves and others. When these people move in to the state of separation and hate or anger towards others based on these ideas they believe, they can be easily mind controlled and easily taken over (possessed) by the negatives to fulfill their agendas. One example of this is the communist party in JVP spreading their ideologies (we are seeing communism to be phantom manipulation) to the youths of Sri Lanka and getting them to fight a destructive government. In this case both the government and the youth were used by the Negative Aliens for their agendas, spilling blood on lands for this black magic and capturing the souls for their nefarious purposes. Many youths were killed in horrible ways and the fear was spread around the land for many years which was used by the negatives to control the masses and the land.

Religion and ideologies in use...
By believing and worshipping in Phantom gods, Tamil people are giving their power to this being and are being used as a slave race for going to race wars with the Sinhalese. But the hidden hand behind this is the influence of Negative Aliens and their Phantom god Ganapathi.

In the case of Tamil Elam, asking for a separate land, people believe this is a race war between Sinhaleas and Tamil people. Yes it has become the case, it seems to be the only case from the top, but this whole war is being manipulated by an invisible hand of the Negative Aliens (in this case Reptilian Boja ) Black sun god Ganapathi (Ganesh the elephant king). These are negative alien agendas to enslave humans through separation ideologies that create hate and blood feuds. War is a mindset that gets installed in to the consciousness field and Negative Alien created Mind control Frequency Fence and the people that have these mind sets pick this up and are being used or possessed and used as slaves for these agendas.

Colonization was a Negative Alien Agenda....
Also if we look at the history, Negative Aliens have used greedy power hungry and misinformed Tyrannical Western Empires to dominate Asia and other worlds in our history and many of them were brought to Sri Lanka as well as to dominate the lands and their people. This includes Portuguese, Dutch and English in the history and in the modern day the domination is done through many other underhand methods but still it is there. When a land is enslaved through many means and creates a separation, the outcome is the way of the people's life is taken away and the distorted ways and infiltrations are placed so that the people no longer are living in prosperity and freedom but live to survive. When a being is in survival mode whether they know this or not, they are continuously thinking of that and they don't have the ability to truly relax and think about their morals, values and spirituality. This is what has happened to Sri Lanka and many other countries that were affected by the invasion and colonization of these nations.

Wars are being manipulated by the Negative forces so the souls can be harvested for food and battery sources and the blood in the lands can be used for black magic that is then used against the land and its people. These are crimes against humanity and Earth and most people do not understand they are being used by an invisible force to fulfill dark agendas against the human race. These negative aliens ( phantom gods that gets used) do not belong on earth. They hate the human race and want to dominate and use them for their own agendas. Humans are puppets in most cases and get dragged in so many ways through religion and many other methods to fulfill the agendas of the dark.

In this case the Negative Aliens( using phantom god Ganapathi and his teachings) is using and manipulating the Tamil people to expand his phantom domain and destroy buddha's domain. The most painful thing to see is these people are not aware of this effect on them as they are so caught up in hate and mind control, that their belief and worship is being used to destroy their race and others.

Getting back to what is being done to stop the attempt at taking over the lands and expanding phantom god domain as part of the negative alien agenda: The God forces and Krystal Star Races have placed protective devices to neutralize the effects of these time line interception points in the past since the Buddhas tooth Relic was bought to Sri Lanka (King Kithsiri Mevan's time).

Goddess Paththini.....
The power of Paththini comes in to play here as she is the guardian of the land and now that the God Forces are here to support her, the balance is tipping to her side so the rest of the lands are claimed with her power and the Ganpathi (elephant god) and his large armies are evacuating the lands. We are seeing them leaving the lands as Paththini is taking over the lands back under her domain which is also the domain of Maithriya (next Buddha Consciousness that is down-stepping).
There are many demi-gods that are going to higher dimensions as this work continues and some are helping the process or as usual fighting to keep power and a feeding source.

( Buddha and Christ consciousness is part of the God consciousness fields that was brought down by founder races to help and heal the human race. Most of the teachings were distorted and manipulated by the Negative aliens over the last thousands of years through various methods and now people are confused and trapped in these old belief systems).

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