Wedahiti Kanda (Wedihiti kanda) (October 31, 2014)
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Written on October 31, 2014

This place is 5 km from Katharagama and believed to be the place where Katharagama Deviyo (demi god) stayed when he arrived in Sri Lanka. As part of creating a New Buddhist time line for Asia, the god Katharagama and his domain are being removed, which was needed as part of ridding the phantom and Negative alien effects that destroy the Buddhist teachings.
Now we begin to understand that the Wedihiti Kanda is the place that makes the connection to Boja through many wormholes that look like manholes ( like the ones we find on city streets). A few months ago we removed the control center and the mechanical entity with many arms that does all the work in manipulating the peoples fields and create the support system for the Katharagama base for phantom gods.

This month's work (October 2014) revealed another layer in Wedihiti Kanda.
In Wedihiti Kanda, there is a "Stonehenge" like architecture with many stone pillars which are called "Muchalinda Na arana" ( Domain of the snake Muchalinda, same snake that supposedly protected buddha from thunder storms). This is one of the gateways to the NagaLoka ( Sanke world), and one of the places the snake females enter Sri Lanka and the human world.

These places are not able to be seen to the human eye as they are in other dimensions. They have control over the elemental kingdoms which they have reversed and are being used for many purposes as well as controlling the earth grids.
Old Sri lankan forlklore talks about the connection with Naga Races and Sri Lankan kings and their participation in the celebration and of the beautiful Naga Females (Naga Manavika) dancing in those celebrations. They say these beings came out of the ground from certain places to enter the human world and had many connections with the ancients. Old Indian stories and Mahabarata talks about Naga races and some kings marring Naga females. It says Krishna was against the Naga races being in this world and Indra was for the Naga races. There seems to be many places in Asia ( mainly Tamilnadu and Sri Lanka) that these beings enter the human world.

One of these places that we found is in the Wedihiti kanda and this place is being closed by the God Forces as part of rehabilitating Sri Lankan (Sri Lankan Grids, Nature Kingdom and race genetics, etc..) and creating the New Buddhist time line for Asia. Also the reversed nature kingdom is healed and also there seems to be some effects from the concepts and history built around Princess Kuwani that are being released from the nature kingdom. This is to free the nature kingdom of the people's consciousness field that holds the history of a curse and other effects on the nature kingdom.

There is also many wormholes that are connected to the Phantom Boja (Reptilian worlds) from Wedihiti Kanda which look like manholes. These are being closed up and a protection from the Atawisi Buddha ( 28 buddhas, these are the past buddhas) has been placed on these places. Through these Manholes demi-god Kataragama and his group made connections to the Phantom world Boja. This temple is the throne for Boja where they have claimed their domain and ownership of Katharagama and Wedihiti Kanda and Sri Lanka and use the Boja Alter for worshipping.

This Alter looks like a Celtic rock and is extremely ancient and so holds the reversals for the elementals. The snake females are assisting with holding this reversals and feeding the reversal elementals and nature kingdoms. The Naga world and Boja has an association through this place to both work together to feed themselves. This association is being broken as both Gates to the Naga world and the Manholes to the Boja are being closed up and a protection from Atawisi Buddhas is being placed there. As this temple is the domain of Boja, all the energies from the worshipping that is done on this temple is being used to feed the Boja and Naga worlds. This temple which is the Boja domain is being dismantled as the God Forces take control of this place and the reversal elementals are being healed. This place no longer supports the Negative Alien Agendas.

Before we began this work in 2011, we were given a sign that Sri Lanka seems to be part of Leumuria and somehow got separated during the cataclysm. As we continued the work in Wedihiti Kanda, Sri Lanka made an energetic connection to Hawaii , the remains of Lamuria. The energy of the female was brought in from this connection to Hawaii. At this point we are not given much information on this but this points to say Sri Lanka now has a strong connection to Leumuria/Hawaii.
Just to mention here, we are seeing hundreds of Buddha's up there that are part of the Buddha consciousness field that are working with the God Forces to re-habilitate Buddhism to bring purity to the teachings and assist the next Buddha consciousness to be down-stepped to earth. It's a consciousness field not just a person. Whoever is born to earth through much work can attain connection to this field and down-step it for themselves and embody this consciousness and become a Buddha.

PS: In all our articles God Source means Source field where everything got manifested from, the creator; God world means thousands of worlds that got created through creation inner outer in between spaces

Following details on religious sites copied from
Kataragama is one of the oldest and certainly the most venerated variety of religious sites of pilgrimage devoted to various deities of Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim worship in Sri Lanka. It attracts a large number of local tourists throughout the year and particularly during weekends. According to Mahawamsa, one of the first eight saplings sprung from the seeds of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree of Anuradhapura was planted in Kataragama behind the Kataragama Devale. It is said that King Mahasena who ruled Kataragama during the 3rd visit of Lord Buddha to Sri Lanka became a follower of Buddhism after meeting Lord Buddha, was worshipped as God Kataragama (Kataragama Deviyo), by the people after his death. Hindus believe that God Skanda also known as Murugan, Arumugam, Kandasami and Subrahmanya, arrived in Sri Lanka after row with his wife, Thevani, in India, who later married beautiful Valli, a daughter of a Vedda chieftain lived in the jungles of Kataragama with the help of Ganesh, God Skanda's elephant headed brother. Jealous and angry Thevani came to Kataragama and persuaded the couple to live with her. Kataragama reaches its peak from July to August and November to March. The annual festival is held in August where Kataragama Esala Perahera (Pageant) takes place and ends up with a fire-walking ceremony.

Wedihiti Kanda
According to legends God Kataragama is believed to have lived on the mountain called and known as Wedihiti Kanda, sacred to both Buddhists and Hindus. A walk of 2 hours will make you reach the summit of this holy mountain. It is also said that the Veddhas were assigned to function as Kapuralas and the name of the hill that God Kataragama lived with Valli, was known as Vadda-siti-kanda which later became Wedihiti Kanda.

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