Whats so important about Sri Lanka
Written on December 12, 2014
Written by Pavithra LH @ starcrystalportal.com

The energy work we are doing is like working on a big puzzle paying attention and finding where pieces fit. As we go along, we are shown piece after piece what this is all about and the importance of this work that we are part of with many benevolent beings. This time we came to one of the most important realization and we thought we would share this with you all.

Why Sri Lanka?
Since I was a child, brought up with civil war and learning through the school the histories of bloody wars and invasion of the land by many other foreign nations, I always asked the question why is it this country? This is a small country, why so much interest in this? When I grow up, I realized the island is a in a strategic location in the Indian ocean where from there all of Asia and other countries can be accessed easily. So the manipulation of the country through many means of suppression and other ways was used by the power hungry foreign powers to get access or control of the country. But I still felt there is something more to this..

As I wrote in previous articles on our progress on the Grid work, we realize that the distortion of the Buddhist teachings was high on the Negative alien agenda so the freedom of the races can be stopped by hiding the truth or distorting it.

Since Buddha's Relics (Dathu) were brought to Sri Lanka and were given to the Sinhalese race to be the custodians of this sacred tooth and lalata Dathu(forehead bone); Negative aliens started using many methods to bring the race down to its knees to control and dominate them and the land.

One of them was starting a race warfare between the Tamils and Sinhalese which has been going on for a long time. (Last time the Tamils that came from Southern India taking control of Sri Lanka was fought by a king named DutuGamunu and defeated and the war was ended for many thousands of years but it was starred up again in this century as Sinhala Tamil Civil war. Tamils asking for a separate land (Elam) in Sri Lanka and was stopped again by current President Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2009) As we have figured out this was a negative Alien agenda through manipulation of the Tamil race through worshipping a Phantom god Ganapathy. (Elephat god Ganesh who is being worshiped by many Tamils in TamilNadu and Sri Lanka)

Importance of Buddha's Relics and Grids that run 12D
Buddha's sacred relic (Dalada or Dathu) holds the Genetic Blueprint of the 12 Dimensional Avatar (Diamond Sun), 12D DNA and much more possibilities for all of us. It also holds the 12 Dimensional Maharata avatar frequency and pure Buddha teachings from the Founder Guardian Races. This is like the Holy Grail of the Buddhist.

The Sri Dalada Temple in Kandy Sri Lanka where the tooth resides in emits 12 Dimensional Avatar Frequency and its Buddha teachings and sends it through the Sri Lankan grids and temple network that is supposed to be the sentient network that holds the purity of the Buddha teachings and its 12 Dimensional Diamond Sun Frequency for the world. This is the reason that many temple networks have been high-jacked by the Negative Aliens and many invasions and wars were fought to take control of the land and infiltrate the network.

The Tamil Sinhala race war was created for the same reasons to take control of the land. Many souls that got captured from the civil war and many other situations throughout the county for Negative alien consumption and usage were rescued by the God Forces and Founder Guardians in 2011 as part of a grid work.

I also want to point out some things in the Buddhist teachings and if we look deep we can see the truth behind them. The Bo-tree behind Buddha(Sri Maha Bodhi) which is most sacred to Buddhist, is the symbolization of the Tree of life ( 12 Tree Grid/ 12D Kathara Grid). What this means is Buddha has healed his 12 dimensional body and achieved the freedom from Samsara to emerge as a 12 D diamond sun. I have talked in another place about the snake, which symbolizes reptilian infiltration to the Buddhism even though Buddhist are unaware of this fact and worship the snake as well.

Many of the lands/planets organic life circulating grid networks have been infiltrated by the Negatives and have been overlaid with reversal and artificial currents including NRG (Nephalim Reversal Grids). These networks control the nature kingdom and planetary resources as well as transmit negative frequencies that harm humans and the nature kingdom. They also siphon the organic energies from the earth mother and people through various means. These networks are part of the Negative Alien created Artificial Frequency Fence that controls the planet and everything in it, including humans.

Much Grid work that is being facilitated by the light workers all over the world is to free the Earth Grids from these reversal and artificial grid networks.

As part of creating a New Time Line for Sri Lanka and Asia, this grid work has expanded to 4000 miles in Asia where the 12 Dimensional frequency was once running the earth grids. Our work is to heal the time line using Sri Lanka and the blood lines and the Buddhist work to rehabilitate and restore these grids back to their original state running pure organic God frequencies. Recently this includes the removal of the Belikadaman movie network (connected to bollywood /Asian cinema) which is part of the Frequency Fence which also controls and siphons the female/earth mother as well as the dismantling of the Nephalim Reversal grid network which god Ganesh is part of and many other works that are being revealed to us as we go along.

Buddha's Protection and (12 Dimensional Shield)

When the 12D Frequency emanating from the Temple of tooth is allowed to move through the proper gird network, sentinel temple network and people who are anchors for this, the whole county will have the 12D Maharata protection. This is the reason the ancient writings talk about the country having the Buddhist protection that is impenetrable. (BuddhistTrinity / Tripple Gems, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha)

What's coming up?
As we look at this network, the country cannot be separated for Tamil Elam or any other reason. It must be in one unit running 12D Frequencies. Any political party or politician working in separating the country is effecting the unity of the land and its protection. As the grid work is going on, much effort to change the presidency is going on in the country and it is coming to a head on January 8th 2015, the 7th president is to be chosen (note the numbers 7 and 8).

The country needs a president who can unite the country not separate it and give parts of the lands to any race but unite them together to co-exist peacefully as part of one unit, a multi-cultural county.

The people's choice is at hand but already negative aliens are working with certain politicians and parties to create chaos for the country as they want to bring the war and separation back to the people. Many politicians do not understand this but are manipulated through their desire for power and greed to separate the country and bring back hatred, anger and war.

Point of Infiltration in Galactic Yugas.

We are also figuring out a point of Negative Alien infiltration to the 12 Tree Grid/Kathara grid.

Galactic Yuga (Like Time ships that are stored in the time cycles). It looks like the Yuga are set up to heal each level of DNA all the way from lowest level to the highest level of distortion that happens on Adamkadaman (Asura) level at the 11 Dimension. Infiltration of the Divine blue print occurred in the 11D where the Adamkadamn blue print was stored.

If we look at the story of the Adam and Eve (Male and Female) the snake (Reptile) did infiltrate this level of the DNA through trickery and entered its poison of reptilian virus to the 12 Tree Grid (Kathara Grid/ 12 Dimensional Tree of life) and started inserting its distorted blue print and artificial monads and many levels of down stepping along the timeline and created many levels of distortions to the 11D and then it down stepped to the 10D and all the way down creating Belikadaman( Kumbanda), Black sun and many other distortions to the human multidimensional blueprint causing it to be used by the
negative aliens for their dark purposes as part of the hybridization Agenda.

If we look at the Yugas, this is same as the distorted blue prints that need to be cleared and each Yuga gives the Galactic race line the ability to heal its respected blue print and move along the time line to reach the 12D diamond sun level and also to be free from these cycles. On the way the Negatives infiltrated the incarnation cycle for their own use so we are stuck in a cycle that is difficult to escape.

Reptilian Time Wave
When the infiltration is inserted into the 11D the reptilians are using concepts (stories) to infiltrate the consciousness field. These stories are repeating over and over again, and the story is the same but the players are different. This is how the Reptilian time wave is sustained. Creating cycles upon cycles of stories and events to keep the time wave ( the inception of the infiltration ) going to continue the infiltration on the Galactic Yuga cycles.

Planet events, countries, wars, politicians and many situations are controlled to support this time wave. Any war on a country or any event that is manipulated is to keep this time wave going, dropping another event on to the wave to expand it.
That is why we see re-making of movies, memorials of war and events, fashions coming back, etc. Cycles repeating to keep the stories, history, the memories in the minds of the people going, so this can continue as long as they want.

So far that is what we are figuring out as we go further down the rabbit hole.

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