Within You Without You
Written on August 7, 2014
Written by Joe Machney @ starcrystalportal.com

How you feel about yourself defines your energy signature and is your presence in the world. When a person gets up in the morning and takes the time to awaken, and by this I mean slowly opening their eyes and letting the mind switch on, they will notice that there is a space behind them, in the silence before the mind turns on. Note this place, because this is where you put on your mask for the your day. If you have a spouse or partner than that is the mask that you are putting on and you must play that part, or do you? What are you afraid of? What will you lose if you set the mask aside and be authentic?

There is a stillness within you that when you agree to tune into your spirit and let it shine through, cracking the mask so that its multiple colors are no longer distinguishable, you become who you were truly meant to be. The world needs more people who are real and are not afraid of what other people think of them. How many of these people really matter to you? Why do you feel that you need love from them? What do you gain by gaining their approval? If there is something that you do gain then are you using manipulation to get what you want, are you using people for ego gratification?

How long do you think you can lie to yourself and be someone that you are not? When you start on your spiritual path, the first person you must face is yourself and this can be one of the hardest things that one can do. People who are walking this path and continue to live a life of lies will be haunted the most and for the longest. People in the west are often the most separated from their spirit and as it cries to be heard through the many lifetimes of neglect, it will always show itself in the eyes of the person who is suppose to awaken to a life of spirituality and service. The mind and voice can deny this as much as they want to but what is within you will always show itself outside, without, you.

As you begin to become real to yourself you will become real to the outside world, and as this becomes more and more who you really are, then your inner and outer world will harmonize more and more with each other and you will become authentic. When you are authentic, you are at peace with yourself. The lightness you feel from this will show itself in your energy signature and your presence in the world will be one of stillness and a vessel for your God Self to work through you for this planet with all its many expressions. You can help the world find peace and harmony by being peace and harmony for the world.
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