Work on yourself more than your job

Written in May 2014

Written by Joe Machney @

In the western world and by this I mean the USA and Canada, the lifestyle for the majority of people is extremely busy. I say majority because there are always exceptions to the rule. Much time is devoted to work and getting ahead in the rat race, or simply trying to survive, or so folk will tell you that to justify their day to day habits and behaviors. Self-policing is also a big thing in the form of ‘keeping up with the Jones’”. I have seen much self-centeredness within people as well as social groups that support this way of living. The advancements in technology and gadgetry have done little to release this hold on people. Now before I go too far with that last statement I do agree with those that feel that some of the technology is most useful, and to that I say they are all tools and it is the intention and consciousness that directs these tools and gadgets that determines whether they are helping you to evolve or keeping you locked in your self-made prisons and environments. Everything in moderation is a fair approach to this all.

I have had the fortunate opportunity to live in Europe for 2 years and 2 months as well as spending time there every year for 8 years straight. This was a gift to me and taught me that it is possible to live a quieter life, one where time is taken out to ‘smell the roses’ and get in touch with nature and yourself. This allowed the people in Europe, from what I observed, to shine brighter, because their soul was more at peace. I noticed quite clearly how this influenced their work and how much more efficient they were on the job. There was a gracefulness to them and smoothness to their constructive work methods and relationships; a harmony. I believe that the reason for that was because of the time they took to work on themselves through a peaceful lifestyle with worthwhile and caring friendships that nurture each other and promote growth and expansion. This gave them a heart behind their smiles. Through working more on themselves they achieved so much more during their working hours at their jobs. The peace that they felt created an ambiance in their work community which was contagious and spread into their work creations, whatever they were. This is why I feel the company I worked with did so well and was so successful. This is why I feel people in Europe are more content; they figured something out that the Western folk have not yet fully grasped.

I have also spent some time in Asia and have seen how, on the surface, how poor they seem to be. The more time I spent there the more I understood that being technologically poor and financially poor does not mean spiritually poor. The fact is that the spirit lives on after death, so the work you do for a job can hurt or help your spirit, you have that choice. The more you invest in your spirit the more you invest in yourself. You have lived a thousand lives and have had a thousand different occupations. Behind all the jobs, what was there with you? Your spirit, your God self, love. It is the only permanent thing in this world. Look back at your life, no matter what your age is. Your first car, how long did you have it for? Eventually, kaput, right? Your first house? Same deal, gone or sold. Toys from when you were a kid? Gone or broken. The only thing that really lasts is God, is Love. So it would make sense to me to cultivate that aspect of yourself and then focus on everything else. Take however much time, invest a year, or two, however long you feel guided to take. Or you could spend more time during your daily activities in working on your spirit and its presence on this plain. When you return to the world you will be a gift for it. Then you can get a job that works for you and your spirit.

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